Why did Tom Brady retire from the NFL now? Here’s the reason what we know

Why did Tom Brady retire from the NFL now


Why did Tom Brady retire: Tom Brady, who rose from late-round selection pick underdog to NFL hero in 22 seasons, 365 games, and seven Super Bowls, is retiring after 22 seasons, 365 games, and seven Super Bowls. Let’s see Why did Tom Brady retire from the NFL now?

According to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington and Adam Schefter, the future Hall of Fame quarterback will retire from the NFL.



Tom Brady achievements

Among his many achievements, he is a three-time league MVP, five-time Super Bowl MVP, two-time NFL Offensive Player of the Year, three-time All-Pro, and 15-time Pro Bowl selection. His name appears in every NFL record book. He has the most regular-season throwing yards (84,520), passes attempted (11,317), passes completed (7,263), and touchdowns (84,520). (624).

All of those numbers are bolstered by a phenomenal playoff record in which he not only leads in Super Bowl triumphs (35), throwing touchdowns (86), passing yards (13,049), and other categories. Many of Brady’s postseason records, which he takes great pleasure in, are nearly double those of the nearest challenger.

Proving critics wrong has been a driving force in Brady’s career. He was a backup on the freshman squad at Serra High School in San Mateo, California, and never attempted a pass before going on to become a Division I prospect.

He was the seventh-string quarterback at the University of Michigan when he came. After his first collegiate throw was intercepted and he got minimal playing time in his second season in Ann Arbor, he considered transferring. Instead, Brady was pushed to remain and compete by head coach Lloyd Carr, who told Brady that quitting would be “something you’ll regret for the rest of your life.”

Brady stayed, but in his final two seasons, he had to compete for playing time with Drew Henson, a brilliant local recruit who went on to play in the NFL and MLB. Brady just became the full-time starter in the second part of his senior year. It’s why, despite a great senior season that included wins against Ohio State, Penn State, and Alabama, NFL teams focused on his lack of athleticism and issues with the depth chart leading into the 2000 draught.


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Why did Tom Brady retire now?

Why did Tom Brady retire from the NFL now? Heres the reason what we know


The specific reason why Tom Brady announced his retirement has yet to be revealed. However, one of the reasons listed below might be one of them.

In 2017, Brady told ESPN that he planned to play until he was in his mid-40s. In June, Brady told USA TODAY Sports, “I’ve always stated 45 was the age I wanted to reach and that was my goal.” “I’ll be 44 this year, and 45 the next year. I’ve been offered a two-year contract.”

Aside from that, most NFL players retire at an early age for these two reasons.

Football is a tough, body-destroying sport, especially at the NFL level. On every play, players do irreversible damage (in some cases). This does not take into consideration the few occurrences in which the risk of long-term harm is increased.

When you consider that people tend to peak (physically) at a certain age, the NFL is all about having the greatest players, and the older players tend to dwindle as newer, younger, and less expensive players replace them.

As a result, many NFL players come in, make their money, and then retire while they are still healthy enough to enjoy their post-NFL life.


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Tom Brady led Patriots to multiple Super Bowl wins

Tom Brady has guided the New England Patriots to many Super Bowl victories.
Despite having three quarterbacks on the roster, including Drew Bledsoe, the New England Patriots had him labeled as a third-round potential and leaped to choose him when he became available in the sixth round, at the 199th place.

Brady, on the other hand, seemed unfazed. He’d overcome similar obstacles previously, and he was determined to show that every team who passed him over was incorrect. He confidently declared that he would be “the finest choice your club ever made” when he first met Patriots owner Robert Kraft at his rookie training camp.

By his second season, 2001, he’d risen from fourth on the depth chart to replace an injured Bledsoe and lead the Patriots to their first Super Bowl win, defeating the strongly fancied St. Louis Rams.

In the next three seasons, the Patriots would win two more Super Bowls as Brady evolved from a game manager to a formidable force who, in 2007, established an NFL record by passing for 50 touchdowns while guiding the Pats to a 16-0 regular season.

New England’s winning machine was built by Brady and head coach Bill Belichick. They combined for 17 seasons with 10 or more victories, 17 AFC East titles, nine AFC titles, and six Vince Lombardi Trophies. They made it to the AFC title game at least once in a row from 2011 to 2018.

Brady was arguably most recognized for his ability to perform at his best in the most crucial moments of the game. He has 35 postseason wins, including 42 fourth-quarter comebacks and 53 game-winning drives, which is an NFL record. In his first Super Bowl, he led a thrilling game-winning drive against St. Louis, among other notable comebacks. Later, he overcame a double-digit fourth-quarter deficit to defeat Seattle and win another Super Bowl, as well as a 28-3 deficit versus Atlanta.

Brady signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as a free agency in 2020, after two decades in New England and becoming tired with Belichick. He guided the Bucs to their seventh Super Bowl triumph in his first season, defying detractors who said he was merely a product of Belichick’s “Patriot Way.”

Last season, he guided Tampa Bay to a 13-win season and a trip to the NFC divisional round, when the Bucs were defeated 27-3 after Brady managed a spectacular comeback. He completed 67.5 percent of his throws for 5,316 yards, 43 touchdowns, and only six interceptions in his mid-40s.

He had the NFL’s Iron Man quarterback streak at the time of his announced retirement, having not missed a game since 2016 and none due to injury since 2009. (In 2016, he was punished for four games for his participation in the “DeflateGate” controversy.)

His rigorous health and anti-aging regimen, termed the TB12 technique, had turned into a side business at that point.

He declared in 2016 at the age of 40 that he planned to play until he was 45, which was laughed at the time. Brady, on the other hand, merely needed to start the following season to make that a reality. He was obviously talented on both a physical and cerebral level.

However, after all those years and all many games, the desire to compete had dwindled to the point that I needed to take a break.

According to reports, the greatest quarterback in history will retire.

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