Who will be traded for Dennis Schroder? Should the Celtics trade or keep him?

Who will be traded for Dennis Schroder Bucks and Bulls are on the line


If the question is Who will be traded for Dennis Schroder? Then we’ve got the answer down here.

The Boston Celtics are one club to keep an eye on ahead of the NBA trade deadline on February 10th. They might be seeking to make a move before Thursday, with a 30-25 record and the need to save money.

Guard Dennis Schroder, according to Matt Moore of The Action Network, is one player they might try to deal with.

According to Moore, Boston’s first aim is to clear salaries to avoid the luxury tax, and Schroder is a viable method to do it. He claims the veteran guard has two offers on the table, one from the Milwaukee Bucks and the other from the Chicago Bulls.

Both the Bucks and the Bulls are among the top teams in the Eastern Conference, and each could use a scoring boost to bolster their respective bench groups.

Schroder is averaging 14.4 points, 4.3 assists, and 3.3 rebounds per game this season. It would be intriguing to see what Boston may acquire in exchange for the veteran point guard, who is a microwave scorer.



Will the Celtics trade Dennis Schroder soon?

I haven’t watched many Celtics games, but Schroder appears to be coming off the bench in the ones I have seen.

With the Celtics, he generally plays the role of 6th man. That, in my opinion, is the incorrect way to use him. He should start at point guard, and the offense should begin with him.

It’s a terrific fit for Schroder to crank up the tempo with Tatum. However, rather than having him play off the bench, they should trade him if they can get someone better.

If they choose to give him a greater role, they should keep him.


One of my friends thought:

I’d say keep Schroder if he was constantly using his quickness to create pressure on opposing defenses by both pushing the tempo and getting to the basket. However, games in which he is that player are significantly overshadowed by games in which he is rolling the ball up the floor and pounding it for half the shot clock before making a horrible decision.

We didn’t get him for anything, so we’re not likely to lose him for nothing this summer. It’s because he aggressively opposes the basketball style that we want to play. Hopefully, he’ll be able to find a better match somewhere. It’s plausible since he was truly good in OKC.


How good is Dennis Schroder?

Generally speaking, Schroder can pass, which is a rare skill in today’s NBA. Schroder will do a fantastic job for the Celtics if he can bring the ball up and lead the team by passing to the open person. He can also score quite well, although scoring will not be as vital on this Celtics squad.


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Should the Celtics trade Damian Lillard in exchange for Jaylen Brown?

This does not appear to be entirely favorable to the Celtics. 

Damian Lillard is an intriguing point guard who can be one of the greatest offensive players in the league when he’s on his game, but replacing a youthful All-Star wing with a 31-year-old All-Star point guard isn’t going to make much of a difference.

Instead, the Celtics should look into the market now to see what they can get for guys like Dennis Schroder, who are on expiring contracts and will take greater salaries elsewhere when free agency rolls around.

The Celtics should also look at what big guys are or will be available in free agency. I like Al Horford, but his best days are behind him, and the Celtics could use a big man who can defend the paint, collect rebounds in plenty, and spread the floor.

The Celtics also need a playmaker. Tatum and Brown play a lot of isolation defense, which restricts the Celtics’ offensive options. The Celtics want a point guard who can not just run the floor but also shoot and defend (Marcus Smart is NOT the answer). The core is still there; the front office only needs to appropriately develop around it.


Should the Celtics trade or keep Dennis Schroder?

Let’s see What are the possibilities and Who will be traded for Dennis Schroder?

To be honest, it depends on if other teams only want to give scraps, like the Bucks, whose offer is likely to consist of George Hill, Hood, and one of Nwora, Semi, or someone else who never plays, and trading Shröder for that isn’t what I consider to be a good trade because we’d have to make another trade or cut some people because we don’t have enough roster spots, and we’d make the Bucks better while we get their ass players!

Now, if we receive a reasonable or okay return, like Troy Brown Jr., or if the Bucks really want Schröder and offer Donte or Pat, I would definitely do it!

So I’d move him, but only if we got trash guys in return; I’d rather have a loan player who contributes and helps this team for half a season than a garbage man who does nothing for a year!

PS: Trading him to the Bucks or Bulls would not get us out of the tax bracket, so we’d have to make some other moves!


I hope I answered the question Who will be traded for Dennis Schroder? and Should the Celtics trade or keep him? Let me see your thoughts.


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