Joe Fournier roasted Dillon Danis on Twitter live, Dillion runs when Anthony Taylor showed up

In order to defeat FaZe Temperr, KSI was able to recruit a replacement opponent on short notice. On May 13, Joe Fournier will be the opponent as the well-known YouTuber KSI resumes his boxing career. Dillon Danis hasn’t yet returned to the ring, but he has returned to social media to criticize more fighters. Recently Dillon Danis was trolled by Joe Fournier on Twitter live when he tried to troll other fighters. Let’s see about it in detail.


KSI vs Joe Fournier :

Olajide William Olatunji, better known as KSI, is a rapper and YouTuber from the United Kingdom. He has a sizable social media following, and his prior boxing contests were well-publicized affairs. Joe Fournier, his rival, is a successful businessman and entrepreneur who is also well-known on social media.

The next weekend, KSI will return to the ring for his greatest battle to yet against Joe Fournier, a veteran boxer. Following his first-round knockout victory over FaZe Temperrr in January, the YouTuber and 4-0 boxer is prepared to make a quick comeback to the sport.

Jake Paul’s pristine record was broken when he met Tommy Fury earlier this year, and KSI, who has made it obvious that his long-term objective is to defeat him, is attempting to gain the upper hand by defeating a professional. Fournier, 39, owns a professional record of 9-0 but is primarily remembered for his exhibition showdown with former cruiserweight and heavyweight world champion David Haye last September.

The fight, which lasted eight rounds, went without incident. Haye defeated his friend by unanimous decision, and Fournier earned $6 million for the ridiculous contest.

Joe Fournier is fu**ed, KSI tweeted in advance of the match, sending a clear warning to his adversary.

“Joe Fournier is fu**ed. I’m taking my anger out on that big head of his kmt.”

Fans responded to this post in a variety of ways. Some made fun of KSI’s loyalty to Arsenal FC, while others complimented his commitment to his boxing training and his will to triumph in the next battle.

For those who don’t know, KSI has always been a devoted supporter of Arsenal and has never been afraid to show it, even in the face of criticism from supporters of other teams. Because of Arsenal’s recent performance, supporters are making fun of him.


Joe Fournier roasted Dillon Danis on live!

Danis was expected to dispel the sceptics and engage in combat for the first time in more than three and a half years earlier this year.

The battle between “El Jefe” and popular YouTuber KSI had been set to take place for several months before the former Bellator fighter withdrew for unknown reasons.

A few months after the fight was called off, Danis re-posted a video showing himself removing KSI’s hat during a faceoff with the caption:

“Collateral headshot 🎯”

Fans and renowned jiu-jitsu fighter Gordon Ryan were stunned that Danis would insult KSI after pulling out of their match. There were several rude comments on Instagram, some of which read:

Only thing you miss is the adcc podium every time you compete” – Gordon Ryan

says the guy who ran from jj 😭

You flexing a fight u backed out of?

You dropped the bag on that though didn’t ya dip sh*t🤡


Following this, there has been rivalry between KSI and Dillon Danis on Twitter. When Taylor went outside and hit Dylan several times in the parking lot, KSI questioned whether Dylan wanted to exact revenge. Dylan declined Anthony’s offer to fight him in Bellator. Dillon Danis and Joe Fournier engaged in verbal sparring. Dylan attempted to disparage KSI and Joe live. So, the Fans are now mocking Dillon Danis for attempting to tromp KSI once more.

Dillon Danis has a history of calling out competitors and making uncertain promises. In Bellator, Dillon Danis won two consecutive first-round submissions to begin his professional MMA career. Fans are unsure if the 29-year-old would ever fight again because he hasn’t competed since June 2019.

British boxer Conor Benn Prediction:

The promising British boxer Conor Benn recently predicted the outcome of the match. He thinks that KSI will win the fight. With a record of 21-0-0, Benn has been making waves in the boxing world and is gradually emerging as a major player. Since he has a keen eye for talent and has demonstrated his skill in the ring, his prediction carries a lot of weight.


Where to watch KSI  vs Joe Fournier fight?

On May 13, DAZN Boxing will have a tremendous night with the much-awaited fight between KSI and Joe Fournier. Both spectators and boxing fanatics alike have been talking a lot about the match. The outcome of this contest between the two well-known social media stars is eagerly anticipated by everyone.

It will be broadcast live on DAZN PPV, but the cost has not yet been determined. As an alternative, supporters may subscribe to DAZN for only £9.99 per month to view the preliminary matches. Here are more details. The DAZN app and both provide streaming options for it. You can sign up to watch the fight on DAZN 1 HD on Sky channel 429 if you are a DAZN member and have an HD-capable Sky box here.

Both competitors have a lot to show in their bout against KSI and Fournier, so it should be a tight one. For the battle, KSI has been working out diligently and showcasing his outstanding talents in the gym. While Fournier is aware that the fight may go the distance, he has been focusing on improving his stamina and endurance.

Let us know your predictions in the comments section!


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