Who is the Woman Accused Conor McGregor for Raping At NBA Finals Game?

Conor McGregor . (Source: Sportskeeda.com)

Following Game 4 of the 2023 NBA Finals on June 9, newly leaked video evidence allegedly depicting Conor McGregor leading his rape accuser into a toilet at the Kaseya Centre in Miami is now circulating online. In reaction to claims of sexual assault against the UFC star, Conor McGregor’s management has issued a statement. Keep reading to know more about it in detail.


What happened?

Former UFC champion McGregor is accused of “violently” raping a woman after team and league security “physically forced” her into the bathroom.

Conor McGregor is a professional mixed martial artist from Ireland. He was a former Featherweight and Lightweight champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, making him the first UFC competitor to simultaneously hold titles in two weight divisions.

Following Game 4 of the 2023 NBA Finals on June 9, newly released video footage acquired by TMZ seems to show Conor McGregor leading his rape accuser into a lavatory inside the Kaseya Centre in Miami.

(Video Credit : TMZ)

In the video, McGregor, who is dressed in a black T-shirt, can be seen leaving a bathroom. He then approaches a woman who is wearing a white T-shirt and they appear to have a brief conversation.

Then, while individuals who appeared to be security personnel helped clear a route to the lavatory, McGregor guides the woman through the mob. Once inside, it seemed as though three males were obstructing access to the bathroom by standing in front of the door. A short while later, the loo door closed, and the video ends.

McGregor was heavily involved in the game’s entertainment; he sat courtside and even took part in a halftime skit when he repeatedly hit a Heat mascot to promote his Tidl Sport recovery spray.


Who is the Woman Accused Conor McGregor for Raping At NBA Finals Game?

The footage was captured at around midnight on June 10 following the Nuggets’ 108-95 victory over the Heat, but the woman’s identity is unknown and her face is hidden.

The woman who claimed Conor McGregor assaulted her sexually during Game 4 of the 2023 NBA Finals is represented by Ariel Mitchell. According to her LinkedIn page, Mitchell is based in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area. The Law Office of Ariel E Mitchell was established by her.

After Game 4 of the NBA Finals, Mitchell prepared demand letters on behalf of her client and submitted them to McGregor, the Heat, and the UFC.


What was written in the ‘Demand letter’?

Mitchell claimed in a letter obtained by TMZ Sports that security from the NBA and the Miami Heat helped to separate the alleged victim from her friend and “forced” her into a bathroom where McGregor and his security team were. According to the lawyer, “security refused to let [the woman] exit or allow anyone else, including her friend, inside the bathroom.” McGregor allegedly came out of a bathroom and violently kissed the victim, sticking his ‘tongue in the victim’s lips’.

The letters claim that after informing McGregor she had to urinate, the woman was able to move him off of her. However, McGregor allegedly compelled her to have oral sex with him after that. The woman was then allegedly grabbed by McGregor, 34, who then tried to sodomise her while holding her against the wall.

According to Mitchell, the woman was able to repeatedly elbow McGregor, which provided her a chance to flee. She apparently left her pocketbook behind as she escaped, which Mitchell claims McGregor’s security officers “held hostage” until she begged them to give it back. The letters claim that the victim eventually managed to flee the situation and then, on Sunday morning, she reported the attack to the police.

According to Mitchell, an officer then encouraged the woman to consult a lawyer. Mitchell claimed that the woman is requesting settlements with the NBA, the Heat, and McGregor instead of filing a lawsuit in the letters, which were sent after the woman’s encounter with the police.

After the alleged attack during an NBA Finals game in Miami, a woman accusing Conor McGregor of raping her handed police a bag of clothes she claims to have his DNA on them. (Source: nypost.com)

Police confirmed to TMZ Sports on Thursday that they have been investigating into the allegations since June 11 and that their investigation is still underway.

After the news surfaced on Thursday, the NBA and the Miami Heat both issued statements.

The Heat told Fox News Digital in a statement, “We are aware of the allegations and are conducting a full investigation. Pending the outcome of the investigation, we will withhold further comment.”

NBA spokesman Mike Bass told Fox News Digital: “We are aware of the allegations and are working with the team to gather more information.”


Allegations Denied:

Following the release of the footage, McGregor’s managers issued a statement in which they strongly denied the allegations made against him to TMZ and described them as “no more than a shakedown.”

McGregor’s defenders claimed in a statement on Friday that when a demand for money was turned down, the woman’s attorney used media pressure.

McGregor’s reps said in the statement,

“After the video was released by TMZ, the claimant’s lawyer now has changed her story,

Mr. McGregor welcomes the investigation, which he firmly believes will show the claims against him are false.

After not responding to the demand for money made by the claimant’s counsel, she turned to the media to apply pressure. This is no more than a shakedown.”

According to the woman’s lawyer, Ariel Mitchell, her client was out having fun with McGregor at a club within the Heat’s arena shortly before the video of the area around the bathroom was recorded.

Mitchell claimed that her client recorded a selfie video with McGregor at one point during the celebrations, and TMZ also got a hold of it. Mitchell claims that McGregor informed her client that he had to use the bathroom and that immediately after getting up, a man wearing a Denver Nuggets jersey approached her and stated, “Conor told me to come get you.”

Mitchell said in a statement,

“My client was under the belief they were leaving and going to the Four Seasons Hotel, as Conor had previously asked her to join him at his hotel room,” 

“The man with the braids then stopped at the door of the bathroom, when Conor grabbed my client (as seen in the video). My client believed they were leaving, but instead, Conor took her into the restroom.

“My client remembers having no less than six drinks that night and has admitted the parts she recalls. My client did not even recall who led her into the restroom until seeing this video.”

The alleged conflict happened after McGregor allegedly struck the Heat mascot earlier that evening in an attempt to ruin a planned skit by sending the person to the hospital. The allegations surfaced the day after McGregor revealed that he and his fiancée, Dee Devlin, are expecting their fourth child together.

During the break in Game 4 of the NBA Finals in Miami on Friday, Conor McGregor hits Burnie, the mascot of the Miami Heat. (Source: foxnews.com)

A video of the incident during a third-quarter timeout shows McGregor squaring off with the mascot and punching him twice: once in the head and once again after he fell to the ground.

The Heat personnel then took Burnie off the field by his legs after McGregor drenched the mascot with his spray. Burnie was indeed harmed in the confrontation, but it wasn’t known until after the game.

The man wearing the mascot outfit was transported to a local hospital, given pain medicine, and then given permission to return home.

McGregor told TMZ on Tuesday,

“The mascot is good. It was a skit, and all is well,” 

“I spent a lot of time with him afterward, we talked it out, everything is great. It was all part of the show.”


Conor McGregor has already faced rape allegations:

An Irish lady accused McGregor of raping her in a penthouse in 2018 and filed a lawsuit against him in 2021. They had grown up in the same Irish region.

The two reportedly exchanged “flirtatious” Instagram messages in December 2018. The woman and her buddy were then allegedly picked up by McGregor’s driver after this. They were transported to a hotel in Dublin along with the fighter’s pal. The woman said she was excited to go out with Conor, but instead, she was given a bag of cocaine, which she ingested.

Later, the woman reported that McGregor had taken her to his bedroom and requested her to engage in obscene actions on him. After stripping off her clothing, the former UFC champion allegedly started kissing the Irish woman. She then bit and hit the famous person as a result.

Then, according to reports, McGregor allegedly grabbed her by the neck and repeatedly lifted her until she stopped. The lady said that Conor then started raping her.

The lawsuit claimed that the two awoke in the same bed the following morning. She reported the incident to the authorities in 2019 and stated that she was unable to work as a result of her trauma. Regarding McGregor, an investigation was conducted, but there have been no more updates on the case.


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