Primarily we publish Breaking News, the Latest News, Daily News interesting content, behind the scene stories of events happening all over the world. You will definitely find info that no other websites have given you before. We do meticulous analysis before publishing any content on our website. We always publish news with sources. There won’t be any misleading or wrong information are shared here. Everything we do is evidence-based.

But as like you, we are humans sometimes a few errors can happen, if you find any misleading or wrong data let us know at contact@medicotopics.com

Apart from News content as we are Medical students we would like to create something especially medical students want.

medico topics about

Howdy, medicos, and others this is Nawin a medical student from the southern part of India. I along with my boys here post blogs related to medicine, productivity, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. We also update information’s about ICMR and medicinal research since we are very interested in medical innovations, researchers, and publications.

In addition, we are now working on a project to create a whole mock exam series for Medical exams like NExT Exam 2023, PLAB, and USMLE. There will be a large number of practical questions from all 19 MBBS subjects. The best thing is that it will be available for free.

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We stab people to keep them alive, We take exams without sleep, We have no life and yet here we are, They call us the Med students


We’ve begun a project to create a Mock series for Medical exams like NExT Exam 2023, PLAB, and USMLE with all 19 subjects and would want to make it available to all medics for free. In December of 2022, we planned to make it feasible.


Our main focusĀ is to give a useful piece of knowledge about medical life to those who are just starting out in the field,

as well as some professional information for those who are already practicing medicine.