Felipe Colares Cause of death: Details of the Involvement in the Fatal Bus Accident

Felipe Colares Cause of death: Details of the Involvement in the Fatal Bus Accident

MMA fighter Felipe “Cabocão” Colares died on the morning of this Monday, May 1st, in Rio de Janeiro, at the age of 29. Let’s see How did Felipe Colares die and his bus accident involvement in detail.


How did Felipe Colares die?

On Monday, Felipe Colares, a former UFC fighter known as “Cabocão,” passed away at the age of 29 in a tragic bus accident in Guaratiba, a neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to Globo Esporte, Colares had just finished a training session when he was hit by the bus. Christian Stein, a Sherdog reporter, was informed of the unfortunate news by Colares’ teammate, Kleydson Rodrigues, later that day.


Felipe Colares Bus Accident

Felipe Colares Cause of death: Details of the Involvement in the Fatal Bus Accident

According to Rodrigo Babi, Cabocão’s trainer, the fighter was promptly attended to by the Fire Department and transported to Rocha Faria Hospital, in Campo Grande. However, he was in serious condition and could not resist the injuries, dying on the way to the hospital.

Colares, nicknamed Cabocao, tragically leaves behind his wife Jaqueline and 10-month-old son.

At this juncture, we only gathered this much information about in involvement of Felipe Colares in the Bus Accident. We have been trying to reach out to the family members and so far no replies from their side once we get adequate answers we will update this post.


He prevents the robbery suspect from escaping

According to Ge Globo Felipe Cabocão, who was preparing to fight in February at ARES FC, prevented the escape of an assailant using jiu-jitsu techniques, near the post 12 of Recreio dos Bandeirantes beach, in Rio de Janeiro, back on Jan 25. The athlete thought it was a couple fighting and arrived to intervene. Upon discovering that the woman had been the victim of a robbery, he went after the robber.

He said,

I was coming back from training with my friends. We were talking on the way and I saw this guy sort of arguing with the girl. He gave a tug and took the cell phone from her hand. She sat on the floor crying and he got on his bike and left. I thought I had attacked and went back to flag the Maria da Penha law. I went after him. The woman said that he had assaulted her and I found him already running. We tripped him and pinned him on a kimura. I stayed with him with a rear naked choke and waiting. Guys wanted to hit him, but I warned them not to because he was in my custody. If something happens to him, he could say it was me. We waited for the police to arrive and the girl recognized him and retrieved his cell phone. She said he wasn’t a boyfriend, he really assaulted her.

The suspect was taken by the military police to a nearby police station to provide further clarification.


Felipe Colares Bio

Colares was originally from Ampa, a state in the north of Brazil, but had relocated to Rio with his wife Jaqueline and 10-month-old son. He began his MMA career in 2013, winning his first eight fights and eventually becoming the Jungle Fight featherweight champion in 2017.

In 2019, he entered the UFC but suffered a loss in his debut match against Geraldo de Freitas. Despite this setback, Colares continued to fight in the promotion until he was released in 2022, following consecutive losses to Chris Gutierrez and Chase Hooper. His last bout was a victory against Alioune Nahaye in Paris earlier this year.

Overall, Colares held a professional record of 11 victories and four defeats.


Condolences pouring in for Felipe Colares

Selma Cunha (cousin of Felipe Colares) said,

OMG, such tragic news!!! Till now I don’t believe it! My cousin, Felipe Cabocao, young fighter with a promising career. He left early in pursuit of his dreams, built a beautiful family, and on Labor Day leaves that plan tragically and prematurely. WITH A SORRY! My hug of comfort to my aunt Nayara Colares, my uncle Junior, my cousins Lauro Colares and Graciete Dias, and too many family, and friends.

Magno Alves said,

Only God to explain. I will miss you a lot my brother, you were the guy that when I thought I was alone, God went and put you to support me and travel with me from my struggle in South Africa Felipe Colares, Thank you very much for everything, Brother. You are an example of a Human being who left his Legacy here on Earth! You will always be in my heart, I will never forget what you told me WE ARE TOGETHER IN VICTORY OR DEFEAT BROTHER!

Anaice Willian said,

Maybe this print will show you the extent of pain I feel at this very moment… I’ll be back later, to write and talk a little about this brother that life gave me… For now, I only ask that each friend, take a minute of your time, to pray for my friend/brother and his family.



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