Who was Grayson Boggs, 6? Boy struck by lightning died after long battle


 Who was Grayson Boggs, 6? Boy struck by lightning died after long battle

Heartbreaking news: The Central Texas youngster struck by lightning has passed after a protracted struggle in the hospital. “As you can probably understand, this has been an emotional roller coaster for the family.

Please keep praying for calm and solace as well as for God to reveal his plan to us soon. Pray for comfort and serenity for everyone who knew this incredible young child.

We can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a child. The family and friends will need more support now more than ever. Here’s what we know everything about Grayson Boggs.

Who was Grayson Boggs?

Grayson Boggs, 6, of Valley Mills, lost his struggle with the injuries he endured after being struck by lightning last month and died early on Friday.

Grayson Boggs

Texas boy, Grayson Boggs, 6 struck by lightning 

Grayson went to be with our Lord and his father at 5:05 am today, according to a message posted by his family on a GoFundMe page.

Grayson went to be with our Lord and his father at 5:05am today. Please pray for the family at this time. Fly high, sweet boy. #graysonstrong

Following the death of his father, Matthew, 34, from injuries sustained in the same lightning strike in mid-May, Grayson also passed away. Since being admitted to the hospital, the youngster had been in a coma.

He was able to breathe on his own earlier this week after being taken off a ventilator, but his prognosis for survival was bleak.

Doctors warned the family that Grayson had brain damage and would probably never be the same again even if he survived.

“Car Meet for the Boggs (Rally in the Valley),” an event to collect money for the Boggs Family, is being organized by Jason Hodges, a local of Central Texas. Hodges believes the fundraising will assist the family in covering the costs of the funeral, burial, and medical care.

What happened to Grayson?

As per Grayson Boggs’s GoFundMe page.,

After getting off the bus at around 5:10 on Monday, May 15, 2023, Matthew, Grayson, and Elijah started to go down the driveway. Suddenly, lightning sprang out of nowhere, struck Matthew in the body, then moved to Grayson because they were holding hands.

Grayson’s father, Matthew Boggs, 34, of Valley Mills, Texas, passed away. At the Children’s Hospital in Temple, Texas, a 6-year-old boy named Grayson is currently battling for his life. He’s on a vent right now because he’s having seizures.

Grayson Boggs

 Grayson Boggs, 6, a Central Texas boy critically injured after being struck by lightning, on a feeding tube.

The physicians have informed us that because of the lightning strike, their primary worries are the damage to his heart, lungs, and kidneys.

The key period begins now and lasts for 72 hours. If you can’t donate right now, please, please, please share! I appreciate your prayers, kind deeds, and generosity.

“Grayson Boggs Brave Fight”

(JUNE 15, 2023)

The family of 6-year-old Grayson Boggs is requesting that people “pray for peace and comfort” now that the child has begun to breathe on his own, weeks after he and his father were struck by lightning in May.

After suffering significant injuries from the same Texas lightning strike that killed his father, Matthew Boggs, 34, Boggs was taken off a ventilator on Tuesday afternoon.

An update on Boggs’ GoFundMe page stated, “He has proven everyone wrong and is still holding on, he is breathing on his own and so far has been able to protect his airway.”

“He is no longer a donation candidate because he continued to breathe for more than 90 minutes. He has not experienced any “neuro-storming” events, as predicted by the experts.

“As you can probably understand, this has been an emotional roller coaster for the family. Please keep praying for calm and solace as well as for God to reveal his plan to us soon.

About the tragedy

According to the campaign, the tragedy happened as Boggs and his father were strolling down their driveway when “lightning came out of the sky without warning.”

As per Matthew’s obituary, the kid was holding his father’s hand when the bolt hit. According to CBS affiliate KWTX, Angela Boggs, the mother of Matthew, said that in their final exchange, Matthew told his son, “I love you, buddy.”

First responders found the father and boy “were not responsive” at the site, according to a statement made by Sheriff Trace Hendricks on the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. His father was discovered “unresponsive, but breathing” and was later declared dead.

This is God’s will. What happens next is entirely up to God. Still, we have hope. The boy’s grandmother, Angela Boggs, recently told KWTX, “We’re hoping for full, total body healing.

Since his father passed away, Matthew has been residing at the Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Centre in Temple. According to his grandma, he has brain damage, and doctors have informed the family that he is not expected to survive.

“We don’t want Grayson to be in the state he is right now. Particularly for a 6-year-old, that would be a terrible life. We pray for his peaceful passing if he passes away, his aunt Rhonda Lawrence told KWTX.

“The doctors said he wouldn’t have it for maybe an hour after they removed the vent, yet here it is 24 hours later. So who knows,” added Lawrence.

“Last-minute prayers for Grayson

The family is experiencing “some frustration and some heartache,” according to Boggs, but there is still “hope until he takes his last breath.”

Grayson had several convulsions following the event and was put on a ventilator to help him breathe, according to the fundraiser’s niece Stephanie Burris. Grayson’s frontal lobe and optic nerve were determined to be damaged by an MRI.

“When asked today if Grayson would awaken, the doctor replied, “I don’t know. The family member had earlier written, “She stated we have to wait till we can lessen the sedating drugs he is taking to see if he will wake up.

The organizer stated that it is unclear how Grayson will recuperate at this time. However, the family continues to have trust in God’s ability to cure our dear boy.

Matthew was regarded as a “faithful member of the Bosque County Cowboy Church” who “loved watching wrestling and being with his family,” according to his obituary. As of Thursday, the Grayson GoFundMe effort has raised more than $80,000 of its current $100,000 target.


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