Kashmir Terrorist Attack: Terrorists killed a police officer in Anantnag? Who did the attack?

Kashmir Terrorist Attack Terrorists killed a police officer in Anantnag Who did the attack

Kashmir Terrorist Attack: On Saturday, a police constable was killed by terrorists in the Bijbehara region of the Anantnag district of Jammu and Kashmir. The dead police officer has been named as head constable Ali Muhammad, according to numerous news outlets.

He was transported to a nearby hospital, where he died as a result of his injuries.

Police have filed a report under the relevant parts of the law. “Investigation is ongoing, and investigators are working to determine the complete facts surrounding this terror crime,” police added.

Meanwhile, security personnel has cordoned off the area, and a search operation in Hassan Pora is ongoing to apprehend the attackers. More information on the event is pending. (Kashmir Terrorist Attack – SEE MORE DOWN)

Three terrorists were slain in a nocturnal operation in Anantnag’s Nowgam Dooru region on December 29, while three more were gunned down in Kulgam’s Mirhama hamlet.

According to the authorities, all of the terrorists, two of whom were foreign nationals, were linked to the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terror outfit. Three of them were part of the attack on a police bus in Zewan on December 13, which resulted in the deaths of three officers. (Kashmir Terrorist Attack – SEE MORE DOWN)


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Why is there such a large number of terrorists in Kashmir?

Why is there such a large number of terrorists in Kashmir

When the Pulwama attack happened, I heard a lot of people say that the army is to blame for the teenagers picking up guns.

I have a response for them, and for those who are unfamiliar with the history of “bhatke hue yuva,” please read this post.

So I’ll tell you what happened before the Army arrived.

  • When a terrorist assault occurs, the media attempts to divert attention away from the underlying cause. AFSPA was enacted in J&K in September 1990; so, if Kashmir was so quiet before ARMY control, why was the army installed in J&K? If peace necessitates the deployment of an army, why not the entire country of India?
  • Kashmiri pandits were evicted from their land beginning in 1989, one year before the army arrived, and from the Masjid they screamed KASHMIR MEIN REHNA HAI TO ALLAH-HO-AKBAR kehna hoga.
  • In an interview, Yasin Malik smiled as he admitted to killing four IAF officers.
  • In 1966, Maqbool Bhatt murdered CID officer AMAR CHAND. In 1974, Farooq Abdullah and Amanullah Khan (founder of JKLF) were observed dining with him in Mirpur, Pakistan.
  • SARDAR PATEL mentioned this in a speech on January 3, 1948. CALCUTTA — Many Muslims supported the split and formation of Pakistan, so I’m not sure how their hearts have changed in one night.
  • Hasim Quershi hijacked an Indian Airlines flight in 1971, much before Masood Azhar did Qandhar.
  • When Nehru died, a number of people marched to the streets and carried a procession, but the YAKUB MENON parade in MUMBAI was calm. Unfortunately, Rahul Gandhi backed the same JNU tukde tukde gang.
    SHAFI BHATT, the lawyer of that HC, later handed him a ticket and he won elections.
  • MAHATMA GANDHI was recommended to be put in SRINAGAR HIGH COURT, but it was blocked by MOH.
  • When Rajiv Gandhi visited J&K in 1990, he was greeted by chants of “INDIAN DOGS GO BACK.” Regardless of which political party I or you support, he was the Prime Minister, and this insult was directed at INDIA.
  • During a 1983 encounter between INDIA and WI, Pakistani slogans were heard, and KAPIL DEV said in 1986 that his teammates felt they were going to be slaughtered.
  • In 1986, the ANANTNAG riots occurred, with temples being demolished. When the CM at the time was GHULAM MOH. SHAH, announced that a mosque named SHAH MOSQUE will be erected inside the temple. He was unable to demolish and rebuild temples in the same way as Akbar and Aurangzeb did with RAM mandir and Kashi madir, respectively. Later, he enraged the populace by declaring, “ISLAM KHATRE ME HAIN.”
  • According to government records, 170 temples were demolished, 5 lakh Kashmiri pandits were displaced, yet SECULAR FABRIC was not damaged. ARE Kashmiri pandits and temples not covered in SECULAR FABRIC? Is the cloth just available in green?
  • Btw, now that ANANTNAG is known as ISLAMABAD and SHANKARACHARYA HILLS is known as THRONE OF SOLOMON, there is no public uproar in INDIA, but when true city names are returned, such as Allahabad to Prayagraj, there is a lot of controversies. 
  • ARMY soldier MIRJHA HASAN KHAN was the first Kashmiri to become sidetracked; he was assigned by RAJA HARI SINGH to stop PAK forces in GILJIT, but instead assassinated the governor and let Pak forces enter. 
  • According to reports, BURHAN WANI was suppressed by the army, therefore he took up arms. WTF. He may have practiced YOGA. Sorry, it’s a shared space. Why haven’t any Kashmiri pandits been expelled from J&K, why haven’t any Parsis from Iran or Buddhists from Tibet picked up an AK47, and why haven’t any BURHAN WANI type Kashmiris? I’m not sure if they’re human or white phosphorous on the verge of exploding.
  • Has anyone picked up firearms after the army slaughtered 30 followers of RAM RAHIM?
  • When the government intended to donate 99 acres of land to the AMARNATH shrine in 2007, 5 lakh people protested on the road. The PDP withdrew its support, forcing the government to abandon the plan. You’ll be surprised to learn that WAKF BOARD, behind INDIAN DEFENSE and RAILWAYS, is India’s largest landowner, with around 6 lakh acres. They refused to give up even 99 acres.
  • THE RELIGIOUS INSTITUTIONS (PREVENTION OF MISUSE) ACT, 1988 was approved, however, this Act did not apply to J&K, where it was most needed due to ART 370. In J&K, an AK47 was discovered during the reconstruction of a mosque. A cache of AK47 rifles was discovered at a mosque in Germany. In France, 300 war grenades were discovered in three mosques. Rocket launchers and their pads were discovered in GHAZA. So, if you’re wondering how 300kg of RDX was utilized in PULWAMA, you’re not alone. It wasn’t so much an intelligence failure as a LEGAL FAILURE.

PATEL SAID NEHRU WILL CRY OVER 370; I’m not sure who NEHRU is, but INDIA is clearly sobbing.

We have one state with an Islamic majority, and we are unable to apply our CONSTITUTION there as well. (Kashmir Terrorist Attack – SEE MORE DOWN)

They’re on their way to GHAZWA-E-HIND, but the INDIAN ARMY is causing them problems.


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What is a terrorist solution in Kashmir?

What is a terrorist solution in Kashmir

With almost 600,000 soldiers stationed in Kashmir, it is one of the most militarised regions on the planet (It may be more or less). Jammu and Kashmir have a population of 14,000,000 people. That implies there is a soldier for every 23 people, which is the highest amount in the world. Not to mention the tens of thousands of more police, special forces, and intelligence personnel stationed there.

So, could someone kindly explain how it is feasible to tie up hundreds of pounds of explosives in his automobile and drive against a military convoy in broad daylight?

That no one has heard of this youngster, that no one has noticed that he was kidnapped and trained by a terrorist gang? How many thousands of individuals are still able to cross the border? Because no Indians from other states who truly support the Indian army are present in Kashmir, the number is actually 14000000 vs 600000.

“Let us strike Pakistan,” will not solve the problem. We can execute some surgical attacks, but they’ll recruit a few more adolescents, and another bomb detonation will occur in a few months. It’s like a death spiral, which we’ve been playing without a true plan for years. That is precisely what terrorists desire.

Pakistan has struggled to manage terrorists in its own nation for years; how can Pakistan clean up after a few assaults the next day?

The actual issue here is Article 370 of our Constitution, which prohibits non-Indians from purchasing property in Jammu and Kashmir. We know who put it in place, and THAT is the source of all issues. Outsiders haven’t been able to create industries or anything else that would have provided locals with plenty of work options. After Independence, Goa and Hyderabad were combined with India, yet they assimilated successfully because there was no such regulation in existence for these republics. Because of Article 370, Kashmiris have been unable to merge with the rest of India, resulting in a hole that has been filled by terrorism.

Furthermore, the armed forces rely largely on local labor, which might provide intelligence to terrorists. Some residents sympathize with the terrorists, hiding them in their houses and even attacking security officers when a confrontation occurs. This is the outcome of years of severe indoctrination.

The trouble regions in the Valley are restricted to a few districts; the remaining portions of Jammu, Kargil, and Ladakh, on the other hand, are quite tranquil. 

Pakistan may or may not have been directly engaged in this incident (I believe it was), but it has undoubtedly had a role in the methodical building of the separatist movement.

The problem is significantly more complicated than most people realize, and no solution will work until Article 370 is repealed and Indians from other states are permitted to visit Kashmir. Let’s push the Modi government to repeal Article 370 and begin occupying Kashmir in the manner of Israel.

Hope one day everything will be set down and here no Kashmir terrorist attack anymore.


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