How did Francis Rochungnunga die? Mizoram Lineman Cause of death Explained

Lineman Francis Rochungnunga, a Lawngtlai College Veng, was electrocuted while repairing a power line in a sad accident in the Lawngtlai district of Mizoram Power & Electricity Department, Lawngtlai Division. Let’s see how did lineman Francis Rochungnunga die and his cause of death in detail.


How did lineman Francis Rochungnunga die?

Francis Rochungnunga, a 30-year-old lineman, was electrocuted on Thursday while repairing electric cables. The event happened at Lawngtlai town in the southern region of the state at around 4 o’clock.

People with knowledge of the incident said that the victim was mending a high-voltage power line when a worker on duty abruptly turned the power line on from a control room.

The victim passed away in the hospital from his wound.

The event aroused outrage, leading to a demonstration on Thursday night by the Young Lai Association (YLA), the main Lai civil organisation in the Lawngtlai area, calling for the officials involved for the incident to be held accountable.


Power minister R. Lalzirliana’s Statement

In the same district in October, at least three linemen who assisted power and electric authorities in repairing power lines perished from electrocution.

The on-duty employee in the control room, if he or she is a muster roll employee, will be fired, according to power minister R. Lalzirliana. He told reporters that the incident was under-investigated and that the officers in question will face disciplinary action.


Sub-Divisional officer suspended

According to sources, he was on top of the electric pole when the main power line was turned on.
There may have been human error.

The SDO in the Lawngtlai Power-Sub Division has been halted with immediate effect, according to a government order issued by the power and electricity department commissioner and secretary H. Lalengmawia on Friday.

Lawngtlai, the official in charge of the P&E department, was suspended on November 4. Lalnghakliani, SDO, an officer, was suspended indefinitely.

During her suspension, she will be eligible for a subsistence stipend equal to her leave income, according to the order.


NGO’s demand

NGOs in that area released a statement in which they sought the resignation of SDO and JE, as well as financial support for Francis’ wife and children and employment for Francis’ wife in the department so that she could support her family.



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