How did Alice Davis die? Disney Legend cause of death Explained


How did Alice Davis die? Disney Legend cause of death Explained


Disney Legend Alice Davis Passes Away at 93. Let’s find out what happened to her and what was Alice Davis cause of death

How did Alice Davis die?

We are devastated to announce the passing of 93-year-old Disney legend Alice Estes Davis. Her most notable work was designing clothes for It’s a Small World and Pirates of the Caribbean audio-animatronic characters at Disney Parks all around the world.

Christopher Merritt, an author, show designer, and art director, initially announced Alice’s loss in a LinkedIn post.

Davis once recalled, “Overnight, I went from sweet tiny toddlers to nasty old men.” Being a legendary woman, Davis also spent her life designing outstanding costumes for The Walt Disney Company.

Neither The Walt Disney Company nor Alice Davis’ family has released any information about her passing as of yet. When the family and Disney provide us with further updates, Daps Magic will let you know.


Alice Davis cause of death

Alice Davis is thought to have passed away naturally given her age and other considerations. Alice Davis died from natural causes, according to the announcement. Her exact ailment or current medical status is unknown.

Medico Topics has gotten in touch with the family and other close acquaintances to gather their feedback on the occurrence. So far, no responses have been provided. When there is enough data, we’ll update this page. More information regarding Alice Davis cause of death will be posted soon.

Alice David: Who was she?

Costume designer Alice Estes Davis was an American who lived from March 26, 1929, until November 4, 2022. Her work with Walt Disney, who hired her to create costumes for movies, television shows, and theme parks, is what made her most famous. Marc Davis, an animator, and Imagineer for Disney was her husband. In 2004, Alice was recognized as a Disney Legend.

Alice’s Early life 

In Escalon, California, Alice Estes was given the name Alice Davis. She won a scholarship from the Long Beach Art Association to study at the esteemed Chouinard Art Institute since she was a gifted artist in high school.

There was a two-year waiting list to enroll in the animation program at Chouinard Art Institute because of the time (the end of World War II and the GI Bill). Since costume design was the only opening for the following semester, Chouinard herself was able to enroll her there.

While he was instructing an animation class at night, she met Marc Davis, the man who would become her husband and a fellow Disney Legend. Chouinard informed her that even though the class was full, she may still attend provided she “called the roll” and brought chalk to class. At this point, they had not yet begun dating, but they had grown to appreciate one another.

After receiving her degree, Alice started working as a lingerie designer for Beverly Vogue & Lingerie House in Los Angeles. She soon ascended the ranks to lead designer due to her talent. She created two stylish lingerie brands on her own. Alice developed a reputation in the fashion industry for her proficiency in creating patterns and working with many exotic fabrics kinds.


Alice Davis’s Disney world Journey

She created Briar Rose’s reference live-action outfit for the upcoming animated picture Sleeping Beauty, which was her first project for Disney. She was recalled as a student by her future husband Marc, who was animating Briar Rose, and he requested that she make a certain design.

After that, Alice worked on additional live-action Disney films before Walt hired her to join the Imagineering team, which was developing the It’s a Small World ride for the 1964 World’s Fair.

For “it’s a small world,” Davis is renowned for creating costume sketches and cutting fabric patterns. She also had a key role in the creation of the costumes for the life-size animatronics from “Pirates of the Caribbean.”

It was a fresh art form with many difficulties. Imagine having to dress a figure whose feet are anchored to the ground. You should look into the incident wherein one of the pirates Davis was about to complete dressing for the auction scene in Pirates of the Caribbean as Walt Disney was going through a replica of the scenario on Google.

it's a small world sketch Alice Davis

The protocols and processes that would guarantee show-quality costumes at all the Disney parks were developed with Davis’ assistance while she was employed by WDI. For Davis, other women at Imagineering needed to be given credit for their abilities and given opportunities to participate in projects.

Marc Davis, an Imagineer, and animator, and Alice Davis were wed for 44 years. Their shared artwork and other travel-related memorabilia made their home look like a museum, according to close acquaintances who claim that their marriage was the stuff of wonderful stories.

Mary Blair Alice Davis it's a small world costume

In May 2012, after considerable pleading from both internal and external admirers, Alice was eventually granted a window on Main Street at Disneyland, right next to her husband’s. A trailblazer in the fields of film and theme parks with great skill and a heart of gold. Alice Davis’s admirers will always treasure and adore her.

Tributes paid to Alice David

Conve tweeted,

I’m so sorry. I loved her interviews, sharing her and Marc’s stories. Rest In Peace

Lianna tweeted,

yes it was so sweet how she would wave goodbye and say toodles. My sister Sandee used to say that too

Bobby tweeted,

You know Cinde was just thinking ,I never met her at one of your events, I saw her at different events and at Matt’s party .she was a grand Lady we enjoyed her company. Rest in Peace and Godspeed

Steve mabry tweeted,

I’m so very sorry, Cinde. Thank you for allowing me to meet and spend some time with this wonderful person.

Hasta tweeted,

I’m forever grateful to you Cinde Fortino you placed me at Alice’s table for a Be our Guest dinner – it was so wonderful to hear her stories ❤️RIP Alice

One great tidbit he mentioned about Alice was:

She even had a list of various magazines she used for research to ensure the Small World costumes, although miniature, were authentic to each of the countries. The detail was so important, and I remember her telling me that she even had to consider the color of the background behind the dolls when choosing colors for the costumes.

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