Watch Video: Van Van aka Savannah McConneaughey, 4 YO rapper’s concert going viral

Savannah Van Van McConneaughey
Meet Savannah Van Van McConneaughey, a 4-year-old famous internet star.


The 4-year-old Savannah McConneaughey has gone viral on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, thanks to her on-the-spot freestyling and little dance routines that have captured the attention of millions of people. Let’s see more about the cute 4-year-old rapper in this article.

Who is Savannah Van Van McConneaughey?

The world of viral online sensations is often unexpected and astonishing. Savannah ‘VanVan’ McConneaughey, a sweet 4-year-old, is the newest star of this thrill ride. Playing Outside every day, a wonderful song she wrote, has gone viral online.

Savannah Van Van McConneaughey is a toddler rapper who was famous for her rapping styles. She presently has millions of views on her videos and 144,000 followers on Instagram and 130,000 on TikTok.

While VanVan is the star, her father, Reggie McConneaughey, and mother, Tikenjna McConneaughey, are the masterminds behind her.

They recorded those events on camera so that everyone could witness their daughter’s keen brains and amusing personality. The little child’s primary source of inspiration is his family’s love of music.

Savannah McConneaughey Bio:

Name: Savannah Van Van McConneaughey

Age: 4 years (D.O.B: 2019)

Parents: Her father is Reggie McConneaughey, and her mother is Tikenjna.

Place: America

Social media sites: She is active in Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

Followers: She has 144,000 followers on Instagram and 130,000 on TikTok

Songs: Playing Outside Everyday, Film: Crossover: The Revenge

Known as: #brownskingirl and #blackgirlmagic.

Favorite show: ThatgirlLayLay

Musical career:

One of her first viral videos showed her boldly singing in church, while her most recent ones show her coming up with age-appropriate raps while her father plays her a beat.

Before ever setting foot in a school, she demonstrated her exceptional abilities by delivering captivating bars alongside her father, Reggie.

The internet community has been swept up by this dynamic combination, leaving viewers clamoring for more mesmerizing performances from the 4-year-old prodigy.

The little rapper, whose name is VanVan, raps, “My name is VanVan / Ain’t no time to play / Playing outside, every day,” published a number of videos prior to the “smash hit” that showed the child star DJing from behind the DJ booth and exhibiting her bars in other freestyle videos.

Savannah McConneaughey got her start in music at a very young age like many other rap stars, by watching Frozen. Reggie, her father, was amazed at how rapidly she learned music. Soon after, he began sharing her singing videos on TikTok.

Source: Sauga Lyfe

The older McConneaughey told NPR’s Morning Edition, “I was like, ‘Yo, this little girl’s amazing. His daughter raps about a variety of topics, including playing with him and what she is studying in class.

Savannah stated, “I like to rap about my ABCs and my 123s. “It makes me happy.” Savannah, also known as “therealvanvan” on social media, may be seen in dozens of videos on TikTok and Instagram freestyle rapping with the help of her father. Some of the videos have been viewed by millions of people.

Playing Outside every day:

Savannah also has a new movie and her debut single, “Play Outside Every Day,” on the way. In “Playing Outside Everyday,” she dances to the music while rhyming, “My name is VanVan / Ain’t no time to play / Playing outside, every day.”

Source: (Bellanaijaonline)

With over three million views, it is her viral TikTok post. McConneaughey claimed that his daughter chooses her own beats as the accompaniment to her singing.

Savannah wrote the lyrics, according to McConneaughey, who claims her father did not write them on her behalf. She likes to listen to Lay Lay and Beyoncé.

Van Van is a talented young artist, and lots of people online believe she will soon become a star. Van Van performs her rhymes while simultaneously performing dance moves and making faces that lead many to question her age.

VanVan has partnered up with the fried chicken franchise Bojangles to play at the Cheerwine Festival in Salisbury, North Carolina.

She aspires to collaborate with Disney, Nickelodeon, and renowned American director Tyler Perry in the future.


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