Who is Tosin Ojutalayo? UK based Nigerian man & Andrew Odong have tied the knot, meet the gay couple


 Who is Tosin Ojutalayo? UK based Nigerian man & Andrew Odong have tied the knot, meet the gay couple

In France, a Nigerian guy marries a man. At Castle Bay in Hyères, France, the pair exchanged vows in a private ceremony. Keep reading if you want to learn more about the viral wedding of Tosin Ojutalayo and Andrew Odong that is now spreading online. Let’s see who is Tosin Ojutalayo and how the couple become a social media sensation.

Couple trending online: Who is Tosin Ojutalayo?

Check out Andrew Odong & Oluwatosin Ojutalayo’s wedding website here


A Nigerian guy living in the UK named Tosin Ojutalayo and his partner were married in Hyères, France’s Castle Bay. Tosin explained how they met ten years ago while also posting pictures from their wedding on his Twitter profile.

On May 23, 2023, Tosin shared pictures from their wedding and explained how they initially connected on Twitter. He revealed that their love tale started ten years ago when Andrew snuck into his DM while he was dating someone.

Tosin, who takes great satisfaction in being a devoted partner, claimed he quickly rejected the advances. However, destiny had other ideas. They suddenly ran into each other at a dinner gathering two months later, reigniting their romance.

He posted on the platform, sharing their special love story, “He sneaked into my DMs while I was in a relationship, and of course, I shut it down because #YorubaMenDontCheat.

Then, 2 months later, I entered a dinner party and he was present (I was now by myself). We are getting married in two weeks after ten years.

On May 23, he declared that they were now wed in a different message on his Twitter account. He posted pictures of their nuptials with the message, “Update: We got married.”

In a tweet on April 12, he wrote,

“He slid into my DMs, whilst I was in a relationship and I shut it down of course #YorubaMenDontCheat. Then two months later (now single) – I walked into a dinner party and he was there. 10 years later, we’re getting married in 2 weeks.”


Watch the wedding film of Tosin Ojutlayo and Andrew Odong here:

How do people react to Tosin Ojutalayo and Andrew Odong’s marriage?

People began to voice their opinions with varied emotions after hearing this news, including some favorable and some negative ones. Read some of them below:

Amahibe Douglas Emeka

Can Nigerian Newspapers stop dignifying this decadent behavior by always publishing them, this is totally against our culture and religion, it’s an aberration to our way of life.

Walshak Kos

Sometimes I wonder what attracts a man to his fellow man. With all the beautiful ladies with soft bodies, we have on this planet, na man nyash wey strong like igneous rock you dey find?

Okereke Chris Emeka

In this life wey male and female union dey sweet pass choco milo na him my fellow man dey do him fellow man strong thing. Let me pretend that women and woman’s own is understandable base on saying them going see part of the body to touch but for these umu ekwensu is what I can never understand.

Ben Ukoh

Wow! That’s great news. I’m so happy for you, Tosin. Wishing you and your Love a blissful married life.

Great Bobby

With the current wave of homosexual weddings and its news filling the media space lately, I will advise the federal government of Nigeria to ban media houses and blogs from publishing gay marriage news as it is against our general culture, tradition, and religion.


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