Who is Mwanaidy Shishi? What is her Networth? Meet Hassan Mugambi’s fiancé

Who is Mwanaidy Shishi? What is her Networth? Meet Hassan Mugambi’s fiancé

Who is Mwanaidy Shishi? What is her Networth? Meet Hassan Mugambi's fiancé

Hassan Mugambi, a reporter for Citizen TV, has been in the news recently for more than just his superb reporting abilities.

Photos of the couple have been hitting sensations on social media since Mugambi recently revealed Mwanaidy Shishi as his fiancée, creating a buzz among their followers.

Mwanaidy Shishi was first introduced by Hassan Mugambi at the Eid celebrations before being legally acknowledged as his partner. Mugambi has a daughter, while Shishi has two kids from a previous relationship.

Their blended family gets along well. Shishi is an excellent entrepreneur and manages multiple enterprises, including an elegant Swahili restaurant. Keep scrolling to know about Shishi’s Background and her Net Worth.

Citizen TV’s Hassan Mugambi is trending

Hassan Mugambi, an award-winning investigative journalist for Citizen TV, is presently trending on Twitter. Kenyans on Twitter awoke to the news that Mugambi was trending after infamous blogger Edgar Obare accused him of being a cheater and a deadbeat.

Unconfirmed reports were shared with Obare by people who claimed to know the Journalist personally, and as a result of the reports’ popularity, Mugambi became a trending topic.

The rumors surfaced only a few hours after Mugambi wrote a heartfelt letter to his fiancée Mwanaidy Shishi, who is celebrating her one-year birthday.

“If I took time to enumerate why this special day lands so much joy in my heart, I’d Write an endless essay… like a candle in the dark you light up my heart. From that fateful meeting up the connection has grown in leaps and bounds, my point of bliss, my answered prayer, and my all-time treasure. Alhamdullilah for connecting us. Happy Birthday, @mwanaidy_shishi ❤️❤️❤️,” Mugambi shared. 

She replied; “Thank you my chani…. I’m truly blessed to have you in my life and you are my answered prayer🫶🏻♥️🙏🏻 I love you 🫶🏻🥲🥲🥲,”.

Hassan Mugambi opened up about his relationship

Hassan Mugambi, a presenter for Citizen TV, has openly acknowledged his girlfriend on Instagram under the name Mwanaidy Shishi.

While introducing the beauty to his audience, the reporter acknowledged that she made him happy. According to the writer, Shishi brought him much delight and lit up his heart like a torch in the dark. He thanked God for bringing them together as well.

“From that fateful meet up, the connection has grown in leaps and bounds, my point of bliss, my answered prayer, my all-time treasure,” he wrote.

Mwanaidy Shishi, Mugambi’s boyfriend, released a touching video of their love journey and all the wonderful experiences they had made together on Sunday night.

This writer’s cross-check shows Mwanaidy flashing an engagement ring as she cuddles up to her man. The act makes it very evident that the two have taken their relationship to a new level after Hassan proposed to the famous  “Will You Marry Me” question, which appeared to be met with a resounding “Yes.”

According to reliable sources who spoke with Dennis Milimo of Kiss Fm, the couple plans to get married soon after getting engaged.

Who is Mwanaidy Shishi?

Who is Mwanaidy Shishi(Source: Facebook)

The fiance of Mugambi claims herself an entrepreneur. Shishi is the owner and proprietor of Mama Nilishe, a restaurant serving Swahili food in Kilimani, Nairobi County.

Top performers like Eddy Kenzo have been drawn to eat at Swahili eateries because of the delicacy there. Mwanaidy was once invited to Citizen’s “Day Break Show” because of her talent as a chef, where she demonstrated live how to make some of her delicacies.

She is also the creator of two businesses, one that sells jewels and the other skincare items. Swahili cuisine is Mama Nilishe’s area of expertise.

The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Customers may view the preparation of their preferred meal thanks to the open kitchen design. Her two sons make her a proud mommy. Iqbal, the oldest, is frequently featured on her Instagram page.

“Being a mum is something I’m absolutely not perfect at, but it perfects me anyway,” she previously proclaimed.

She released a video of her sons singing Mugambi a birthday song, demonstrating how well-adjusted they are to one another. Mugambi has a daughter.

The businesswoman enjoys traveling and posts pictures of her adventures online. She recently traveled to Dubai, where she saw famous structures including the Museum of the Future.


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