How did Scott Bremner die? Former WSEE Anchor cause of death Explained


 How did Scott Bremner die? Former WSEE Anchor cause of death Explained

Scott Bremner, a former WSEE anchor, and reporter, has died. (Source:

Scott Bremner, an Erie TV and radio broadcaster, passed away as per official statements. Throughout his 40-year career, Scott has worked for both WSEE TV and WJET TV/JET RADIO 1400. Learn more about his passing and Scott Bremner cause of death here.

The official statements confirmed that Bremner passed away on Monday at his home in Erie at 63. Read the following statement released by YourErie,

Scott has been our station’s assignment editor for the past seven years. We’ve relied daily on his familiarity with Erie and his skill as a reporter. Scott is a talented writer who has received four Emmy nominations. Scott worked for WSEE for almost 30 years before joining our team. In recent years, he became well-known for his morning chat radio program.

Scott Bremner cause of death

The cause of death for Scott Bremner has not yet been released. Regarding Scott Bremner’s cause of death, nothing is known. We’ve been attempting to get in touch with the family and close friends to get their thoughts on the situation.

There have been no answers as of yet. Once we get enough data, we’ll update this page. Soon, more details about Scott Bremner will be provided. Also, we should keep in mind that family privacy should be respected during this difficult time.

Who was Scott Bremner?

Scott spent more than 30 years in television and was a three-time Emmy winner, book author, and national award-winning columnist. As Director of Marketing and Development for the Home Instead Senior Care Erie franchise, he assists seniors in aging at home in his second chapter.


Scott Bremner prevails over Erie’s airways on radio and television. A well-known name and voice have taken over the Jet Radio morning show following the demise of longtime Erie radio host Jim LeCorchick.

The morning show on Jet Radio 1400 airs from 6 to 8 in the morning and is hosted by Scott Bremner, who spent more than 30 years in the Erie television industry. Bremner, who worked in radio in college but primarily in television his entire life, said the change excites him.

Instead of calling political figures and asking how things are doing, Bremner said, “You get to interact with the callers and listen to what they say and learn what they feel on the street type of thing.” At Action News, Bremner serves as the assignment editor when he is not on camera.

Tributes posted online for Scott Bremner

Craig Smylie said,

Such a crappy bit of news today. Scott did things his way….and he and I got along well during our three-plus years working together….and several more knowing each other in Erie. He could dish it out and take the crap I’d throw back at him. Scott loved his daughters, his golf league buddies and his walks up and down Sesame Street (Not the one with Big Bird). I’ll never forget spending Christmas Eve having a few drinks with him at the One Way Inn after a long day at work. He knew everyone….and everyone knew him. We’ll miss you, Scott. Keep ‘em in the fairway up there.

Bill Page commented,

Sad News to pass along Erie TV & Radio Broadcaster, Scott Bremner passed away today. Scott has worked for both WSEE TV & WJET TV / JET RADIO 1400 over his 40-year career. I worked with Scott at the Boston Store Radio Stations for a number of years. He was professional, knowledgeable, & just a great guy. Scott was one of the key local resources that national TV shows utilized in the Pizza Bomber Case & TV specials. He was an award-winning writer & journalist that was well-known and respected throughout the Erie community… RIP Scott, you will be missed

Lou Baxter said,

My 40-year friend and work colleague Scott Bremner died today. Scott was an intern at JET 24 back in the 80s when I was on the weekend anchor desk. He then became a part-time reporter at JET for a few years before he went to WSEE full-time for about 30 years. Over the years he won 3 Emmy awards for his writing. I was delighted to invite him back into our newsroom about 7 years ago so he could once again share his talents as a tremendous writer, reporter, historical resource, and mentor to our young staffers. He will be missed by everyone in the newsroom, his two daughters, and those who know him, especially me.


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