Why did Bugoy na Koykoy and Samsara 304 Break Up? Explained

Bugoy na Koykoy & Samsara 304 Break Up
Bugoy na Koykoy and Samsara 304 were separated.


Bugoy na Koykoy and his Second Wife, Samsara, have Confirmed the Divorce. Let’s see more about the Bugoy na Koykoy and Samsara 304 Break Up story in this article.

Bugoy na Koykoy and Samsara 304 Break Up:

After dating for two years, Filipino rapper Bugoy na Koykoy and his second wife Samsara revealed that they were finally separated.

After dating for two years and four months, the rapper and his second wife ended their relationship, according to the Facebook group PILLS.

According to a reliable source, Bugoy and his second wife Samsara have officially divorced. Samsara is the second of her three girlfriends, according to the story.

The rapper’s relationship with his three girlfriends was one of the most intriguing love teams that the internet had ever seen.

Bugoy enhanced Samsara’s career over the course of their two and a half years and four months together. Their fans loved their hit songs including “Holding Hands,” which had 7 million YouTube views, and their most recent track, “Insomnia.”

(Source: YouTube)

Their transition from a modest condo flat to a mansion also captures the attention of many followers. (Source: PILLS)

Why did Bugoy na Koykoy and Samsara 304 Break Up?

Fans are disappointed to find that their romance has ended despite the fact that it is obvious that their pairing works.

Bugoy, meantime, is still dating his two girlfriends, La Bruha and Lyka Diamon. Although he still has two women in his life, there are rumors that Bugoy has added a third to his girlfriend list.

Bugoy is a famous Filipino rapper and musical artist. The rapper raps on his childhood memories of Sorrento, and Cavite, and how they resonated with him. Bugoy is a member of the 2 Joint Enterprise, and he performs Hip Hop and Rap music.

He often shares the hidden faces of his girlfriends on many posts in his Instagram.

Some of his popular albums are Yelo, Game4sale, and Legendary Sht. The popular video blogger Bugoy posts weekly music videos and vlogs. In the past year, he has released four mixtapes. Koykoy is renowned for being honest and upfront.


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