Lori Smyth, co-founder of Show Your Soft Side died after battling Cancer


 Lori Smyth, co-founder of Show Your Soft Side died after battling Cancer

Lori Ann Smyth passed away today after a brave, tough, two-year battle with cancer. (Source: Facebook/Lori Smyth)

Following the passing news of the co-founder of Show Your Soft Side and pure-hearted Lori Smyth, people are enquiring about her condition and how she passed away.

Lori had a great affection for both humans and animals. Her dedication to work was amazing. Lori was a powerful force who left a lovely legacy. We are sad to announce that Lori Ann Smyth passed away this morning after her 2 yr battle with cancer.

People have expressed their condolences and prayed for Lori’s family. The news of her passing has devastated many of them. Keep scrolling for more information about Lori’s passing and her legacy.

Lori Smyth died after a brave fight with cancer

Lori was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer known as Cholangiocarcinoma and had a brave fight for nearly 2 years.

After one of the most courageous and bravely fought battles with cancer, We learned today that a wonderful human being will now be resting comfortably in the care of hospice. 

Many people had the good fortune to witness Lori Ann Smyth’s compassion, love, generosity, perseverance, and courage. She battled cancer like the fierce fighter she was, but now that she has conquered it, she is pain-free and flying.

Read the following statement released by Show Your Soft Side Team following Lori Smyth’s death

To be successful, an organization has to have a heart. This morning at 6:02 am, we lost ours. For those who didn’t know her personally, her name was Lori Smyth and she was not only one of the Co-Founders of Show Your Soft Side but also an integral part of its growth. She leaves behind a wife, 5 dogs, 6 cats, and a gaping hole in all of our lives.

For the next few days, we won’t be posting, but instead taking some time to get our thoughts together on ways to honor her memory. Thank you for understanding and, in the meantime, we hope you’ll hug a dog, cuddle a cat and raise a glass of red wine in her honor.

GOFUNDME page for Lori Ann Smyth reads the following message,

Hi everyone! My name is Tanya and on behalf of the Show Your Soft Side board, we are raising money to help one of our own kick cancer’s butt!

Many of you know Lori Smyth as a founding member and rockstar in the animal rescue community. Lori is currently battling a very rare and aggressive form of cancer known as Cholangiocarcinoma (Bile Duct Cancer) and in Lori’s own words, she is currently working full-time to kick cancer’s ass!

After all that Lori has done to fundraise for the many programs of Show Your Soft Side and dozens of local rescues, we would like to raise as much as we can to help offset the costs of Lori’s treatments (not covered by insurance) and defray the lost income of her time off work so that she can wholly focus on getting healthy. Any contribution to help Lori is greatly appreciated.

Smyth About her Cancer Diagnosis

Smyth received a bile duct cancer diagnosis, and after undergoing therapy, she advanced to the following stage. Smyth, a patient care assistant at Mercy Hospital in Baltimore, stated that she couldn’t go because she would be radioactive.

“Y90 procedure is the subsequent treatment. Your biliary duct was filled with radioactive substances. I’m fortunate to have had symptoms because it appears that I caught them early. When people are diagnosed with it, their livers have failed. The early discovery that I had was a blessing.

“I have great doctors who have said cure, so that’s what I’m focused on. I’m very sad I have to miss the 10th anniversary, but it’ll be OK if I’m around for the 20th anniversary.

I’m lucky that I have great people around me, and my job has been great. I’m not worried about work, they have been fantastic and that’s a huge relief.

I’m just focused on getting better.” Smyth has everything she needs at the hospital, and more importantly, she has everything she needs at home.

Show Your Soft Side: Co-founder and board member Lori Smyth  

You don’t work in the rock radio industry for 24 years without developing some significant contacts, and Lori made use of each and every one of them to launch the Soft Side campaign.

In addition to acquiring new Softies, helping with shoots, and managing The Phoenix Fund, Lori is the mother to six cats and seven rescue animals, including Regis, Chewy, Dreyfuss, Beaker, Einstein, Benson, and Leo.

Despite being the first to admit she’s a serial foster failure (hello Chewy, Dreyfuss, Beaker, and Leo), Lori has fostered 10 additional dogs and 1 cat successfully, all of which went on to find loving, permanent homes.

 Lori Smyth

The Show Your Soft Side team | Bottom row, on the floor: Tanya Cohoon, board member Second row: Katie Welsh, volunteer; Sande Riesett, co-founder; Leo Howard Lubow, a photographer with his rescue pup, Archie Top row, standing: Lori Smyth, co-founder; Robin Boyle, board member; Caroline Griffin, co-founder; Genny Resch, board member; Virgil Ocampo,  Credit: (baltimorestyle.com)

About Show Your Soft Side

A public service program called “Show Your Soft Side” aims to improve the perception of young people who all too frequently think that torturing and mutilating helpless animals is a sign of “toughness” or “manhood.”

The campaign’s message—that showing sympathy for animals is a sign of strength, not weakness—struck a chord with people of all ages overnight.

Presently, Show Your Soft Side, Inc. makes use of its resources and network to create a better environment for animals and, in doing so, better humans.

How did it start?

The connections belonged to Lori Smyth. The dream belonged to Sande Riesett. Caroline Gryphon also understood what they could accomplish. The three women have worked together for ten years to improve how animals are treated all across the world.

Together, they established Show Your Soft Side, a public awareness campaign that tries to influence young people’s perceptions of what it means to be “tough” or “manly” by torturing and mutilating helpless animals.

“We at MedicoTopics send our deepest condolences to Lori Smyth’s friends, family members, and loved ones during this difficult time”


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