Is Chuck Clark dead or alive? Who is the Baltimore Ravens fan died by Suicide? confusion Explained

Chuck Clark
Chuck Clark, a fan of Baltimore Ravens died


After the death of a Baltimore Ravens fan, social media posts stating that New York Jets safety Chuck Clark had passed away had gone viral. Here’s what we know about the death of a Baltimore Ravens fan.

What happened to Chuck Clark?

According to rumors circulating on social media, Charles Edward Clark Jr., a National Football League strong safety for the New York Jets has passed away. However, it was only a fake news.

The death of Chuck Clark perplexed everyone, and many assumed that the NFL player Charles had perished.

Chuck Clark who died was a huge Baltimore Ravens fan who adored the Charles Edward Clark Jr, aka Chuck Clark, an American football strong safety for the New York Jets of the NFL.

However, it’s claimed that a die-hard Ravens fan committed suicide, which led some to believe that the NFL player had died.

Is Chuck Clark alive?

Chuck Clark is receiving several condolence messages and tributes on social media in the wake of his death, which has gone viral online.

However, confusion has persisted in social media, as Chuck also tweeted, “Sorry gang. I hope the Ravens do well, but this will be my last tweet from me. Thanks for all the debates and laughs, lol.”

Chuck Clark’s death
People commented RIP after seeing Chuck Clark’s tweet (Source: Twitter)


While the NFL player’s death was only fake news as netizens confused Raven’s fan death with the NFL player’s death.

The person who actually died after committing suicide was a fan of Raven’s. Instagram user @Hotboychuckie is the person who died by suicide. Before committing suicide, he posted a series of stories about his life.

Death of Chuck Clark:

Before allegedly committing suicide, a Baltimore Ravens fan uploaded a series of Instagram stories. He also discussed his family and friends. He stated in his story, “This is my last post for. And don’t be sad. I had fun life nah fr lol I knew I lived a great life. Bye, y’all.”

Chuck Clark of the Baltimore Ravens is still alive, despite rumors to the contrary that he had passed away following the passing of a Ravens fan. People were confused after seeing one of the Chuck’s recent tweet.


Is Chuck Clark dead or alive?
Social media users highlighting Chuck Clark’s latest twitter post after the death of Ravens fan (Source: Twitter)


Similarly, the man who committed suicide posted videos that obviously revealed that he had been hurt by someone.

Hotboychuckie’s Instagram stories that he posted 7 hours ago were still visible at this time. Everyone is shocked to hear the news of his sudden passing, and online tributes start flooding in.

His name according to his bio was Onyx Dad and he had 15.8K followers on his Instagram handle. Additionally, he was a father of two kids.

Chuck Clark death
Baltimore Ravens fan’s Instagram story that he posted before claiming his own life (Source: Instagram)


On Twitter, a lot of people are claiming that he shot himself. Someone posted a query on his Instagram, and another user replied, “I saw on Twitter a story screenshot from a friend who found him, and he had a gunshot wound.”

The fact was that NFL player, Charles Edward Clark Jr. is still alive and healthy.


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