How did Ross McCuaig die? Former Dumbarton player cause of death Explained


How did Ross McCuaig die? Former Dumbarton player cause of death Explained


Former Dumbarton FC player Ross McCuaig Passed away after a long battle Let’s see about his illness and Ross McCuaig cause of death in detail

What happened to Ross McCuaig?

We discovered with great regret that Ross McCuaig, a former Dumbarton player from 1997 to 1998, had gone away at the age of 43.

Ross had just bravely struggled with illness. In February 1997, away to Queen of the South, he made his club debut. He eventually played in 18 games for Sons, recording one goal.

The only goal of the game came in a Scottish Cup match between Dumbarton and Lossiemouth in January 1998, and it advanced the team to a third-round match against Motherwell at Boghead Park. Ross participated in the Motherwell match, which finished in a 1-1 tie before Dumbarton lost the subsequent game.

After that season, Ross quit the team and continued playing amateur football in his community. Ross’s family and friends are in everyone’s thoughts at Dumbarton FC during this incredibly sad moment.

Ross McCuaig cause of death

Ross McCuaig’s long-term battle with aggressive esophageal cancer was made public, and he has already outlived his initial survival prognosis of two to twelve months.

Ross McCuaig’s illness story explained

In August of last year, Ross Mccuaig received a diagnosis of severe oesophageal cancer. In a last-ditch effort to see his newborn son grow up, a father from Scotland has resolved to fight his fatal cancer. Ross Mccuaig experienced excruciating heartburn before receiving the grim oesophageal cancer diagnosis in August of last year.

Rose’s lifespan runs from two months to two years

Ross was then devastated and informed by the doctors that he only has two months to two years left to live. The 41-year-old admitted to the Record that his nine-year-old son Robbie’s question to his wife Lesley, 50, “Is dad going to die?” crushes his heart and drives him to continue fighting for his family.


The courageous Dumbarton father, who now resides in Paisley, is making the most of his last time with his family while living under lockdown constraints. “I could cry any time I think of my little son struggling with this,” Ross added. “I need to make an effort to stay here as long as I can for him and watch him develop.

“My cancer is the kind that, once discovered, is typically incurable since it is too late. Doctors estimated that I only have two months to two years remaining, but I’m presently fighting for additional time with my family.

“It is terrible because this is when you want to be spending time with family, doing things, and creating memories, but due to lockdown, we can’t do that. We go on walks and go places frequently, but that’s about it; all I want to do is be there for him and my family.

‘Is daddy going to die?’ Rose’s son’s heartbreaking question

How do you respond when Robbie starts asking heartbreaking questions like, “Is dad going to die?”

Dad-of-three- Just before the lockdown in 2020, Ross started experiencing excruciating heartburn, and on March 3, he was prescribed acid-reducing medicine. The struggling father went back to the physicians, nevertheless, after the medication had little effect, and was given scans. At the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley on August 11, he received the devastating news that he had stage 3 oesophageal cancer, an untreatable form of cancer.

Two tumors were found in his liver and one in his lymph nodes during a CT scan, which revealed that the disease was attacking his gullet. To give him the best chance of living as long as possible, he is currently undergoing chemotherapy. He was delighted to learn that his tumors had slightly decreased before Christmas, but tragically, more recent results on February 10 of this year revealed that they had then grown once more.

GoFundMe page

Since then, Ross has created a GoFundMe page to aid in sustaining his family while he battles for his life. After his wife was fired from her job, he was forced to stop working as a cleaner to undergo chemotherapy. Now that Ross’s wife Lesley works as a cleaner and receives Universal Credit, he is concerned about how he will pay the expenses.

I had to stop working, but I still receive certain benefits, Ross remarked. “During this period, my wife has been paid off and is trying to help us by working occasional cleaning hours, but we have now reached a point where the money coming in just cannot cover the money going out. “Depending on my findings, we might also look into cannabis oil. “But right now, worrying about bills and my mortgage should be the last thing on my mind.

People have been urging us to start a GoFundMe for the past few months, but we have been reluctant to since it would make us feel bad. However, the time has come when we must act. I simply want to be able to focus on battling cancer rather than having to endure daily struggles from my wife as she tries to work, maintain the home, and care for my nine-year-old son.

RIP tweets and messages to Ross McCuaig 

Norah tweeted,

RIP Ross so sad❤️ Thoughts with all the McCuaig family at this difficult time. Sincere condolences xxx

Gillie said,

Oh no I’m shocked to hear this, thinking of his friends and family

David tweeted,

I knew Ross when he played with Dumbarton Academy FP. What a talent he was. Taken too soon. My condolences to all the McCuaig family.

Lawrence said,

I remember his winner vs Lossiemouth in the Scottish Cup.RIP Ross and condolences to the family.


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