How did Laney Chantal die? Face off star cause of death Revealed

Makeup artist Laney Chantal Parkhurst was discovered dead on October 31 following an “accidental drug overdose,” according to her family. Parkhurst initially rose to fame in 2013 after participating in the program. Let’s see how did makeup artist Laney Chantal die and Laney Chantal cause of death in detail.

Laney Chantal Cause of death

An accidental overdose killed Laney Chantal’s life. The 33-year-old makeup artist was found dead on October 31, and her family released a public obituary to confirm the terrible news.

Many people relied on this prodigy’s display and abilities, and they will miss her. We regret to inform you that Laney Chantal, a legend who spent years making the world a better place, has passed away. However, her legacy will be preserved. Please include in your prayers that Laney Chantal’s family has the fortitude to endure losing her.

Who is Laney Chantal?

Thomas and Linda Parkhurst welcomed Alaina Chantal, also known as Laney Chantal Parkhurst, into the world on February 20, 1989, in Adrian, Michigan. With her parents, two older sisters, Shanna (Eric) Navarre of Tecumseh, Michigan, and Laurel Parkhurst of Manitou Beach, Michigan, Alaina was raised in Manitou Beach, Michigan.

Before graduating from Hudson High School in 2007, she attended Saint Joseph’s Academy during her elementary and junior high years, where she competed in Lenawee County 4-H, soccer, and basketball tournaments.

Laney Chantal enjoyed spending time at lakes in the summer, going skating with her friends, and going to concerts when she was a teen. She relocated to Los Angeles, California, after finishing high school. She enrolled at Cinema Makeup School in 2008, where she graduated with a diploma that will help her succeed as a special effects makeup artist.

Adult life of Laney Chantal

Laney Chantal started making animals, makeup styles, and special effects for movies and music videos. She also made makeup for Shia LaBeouf and Evan Rachel Wood in addition to making horror masks for other metal artists.

Due to her participation in the 2013 season of the SyFy network’s makeup competition series FaceOff , Laney was well-known in the entertainment business.

She also served as the primary makeup artist for the Video of the Year at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards. She has worked with artists like Bella Thorne, Marilyn Manson, and Lil Nas X.

No matter how difficult the work, Alaina gave it her complete attention: body, mind, and spirit. Her portfolio blossomed right away as a result of how quickly her artistic talent and vision set her apart from other artists in her community.

Laney Chantal’s Family Request

Alaina’s luncheon will be held on (likely) Saturday, November 12, and the family cordially invites you to attend. The venue has not been chosen yet , but it will probably be made public later and shared on social media.

All throughout her adult life, Alaina battled a variety of mental illnesses. The family asks that you consider offering to The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation in light of the fact that she has struggled with mental illness.

By offering them support, care, and therapy, this organization is committed to assisting those who struggle with mental illnesses. We’re hoping you’ll join us in paying tribute to Alaina by supporting people going through similar difficulties as she did. I appreciate your time and kindness.

Friends mourning the loss

Social media users instantly shared their condolences and memories of Laney Chantal as news of her passing spread. On social media, the Missouri native’s friends also shared their grief.

Gabriella Accarino, a fellow makeup artist devoted a whole homage to her:

“Laney was more than a close friend. She was my sister and soulmate. She was a genuine, compassionate, creative, and beautiful soul, We communicated with each other without saying a word. It was the most profound connection I have felt with someone.”

“Laney’s art and her spirit are irreplaceable, and she made the world a better place. ”She concluded: “You were a gift in my life, and I will cherish every moment I spent with you. I will carry you in my heart forever, Laney. I know that we will meet again.”

She accompanied her remembrance with some images of the two of them together and some of Laney’s artwork.

Drummer Jeordie, Laney’s ex-husband, used the chance to express his sorrow and leave a moving statement:

“There are no words to describe the grief I’m experiencing and far too many to describe the joy that you’ve brought into a dark world.

“I am mourning your sudden loss, but if grief is the price we pay for the love and happiness we once shared, this pain is worth it.

“We grew and lived so much together, that, even though the shape of our love changed and we parted ways, it never, ever faded.”

He said how she bought “love, purity and beauty to the world, and that she “did not die in vain” because her memory is a “blessing”.

Tributes to Laney Chantal


Nate Thomson tweets,

This is horribly devastating. RIP Laney Chantal. Your energy is irreplaceable. The saddest Makeup FX artist you ever saw,and so much more!

Ken Clark tweets,

Dear Laney Chantal Kandy Korn wouldn’t exist without your killer sculpting skillz. Miss your face. RIP. Gone to soon You had so much talent 😢.

Larry bones tweets,

I’ve lost one of my HHN freaky family members. RIP Laney Chantal. See you on the other side…

RIP Laney 🙁

Iron Raiden tweets,

I must say goodbye to Laney Chantal. She was a SFX makeup artist and contestant on SyFy’s ‘Face Off’ years ago. Had the great pleasure of meeting her and she was nothing but a sweetheart. She faced some struggles over the years, but always tried to remain true to herself. R.I.P.

Louise Keay Bell tweets,

I’m sad to hear of Laney Chantal‘s passing. I only met her one time backstage at a Marilyn Manson show, and she was super sweet. I followed her on Instagram for many years and she seemed like a super talented makeup artist and all round cool person.


Linda Strawberry tweets,

RIP my darling Laney Chantal. I am devastated to lose my beautiful creative partner. We had so many more things still to create. This is a deep loss. I love you Laney #laneychantal

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