What happened to Jeff and Fiona Rothmeier? Family seeking help for the medical expenses

Jeff and Fiona Rothmeier
Milwaukee firefighter Jeff Rothmeier hospitalized after falling from roof


The family of a Milwaukee firefighter was in grief after two of its members were hospitalized. Let’s see what happened to Jeff and Fiona Rothmeier in detail.

What happened to Jeff Rothmeier? 

A Milwaukee firefighter is recovering at Froedtert Hospital after being severely injured while extinguishing a fire Saturday night near 80th Street and Oklahoma Avenue. 

On Saturday, March 18, a Milwaukee firefighter was severely injured when he fell two stories from the roof while battling a fire at an apartment complex near 80th and Oklahoma. 

To assist with the growing medical expenses, their family is requesting prayers and donations. Jeff’s wife, Stephanie Gumieny Rothmeier requested prayers and described her sad condition, saying,

“Prayers desperately needed! Jeff was on a house fire call this evening and fell off the roof, 2 stories. He has a concussion. 10 broken ribs, a bruised lung and bruised bowels. So thankful he’s alive.

Fiona is set to have her kidney removed Monday so it looks as though I will be taking care of 2 patients now!( I joke because the constant crying/anxiety is killing me)”

Firefighter Jeff Rothmeier
Firefighter Jeff Rothmeier


The firefighters’ union reported that Rothmeier was stable, conscious, and able to speak. “He’s in rough shape,” stated Eric Daun, Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters.

“The road to recovery is going to be a little long and strenuous for him, but he needs prayers and support from everyone.”

The family has created a GoFundMe account. Please help the family in this difficult situation.

What happened to Fiona Rothmeier?

The young daughter of the Milwaukee fireman is undergoing kidney surgery at Mayo Clinic as she battles her health issues. 

Rothmeier family suffers another grief as both daughter and father were hospitalized at the same time.

The firefighter’s daughter, Fiona, has kidney failure, according to the GoFundMe.com account, and they have been making the monthly journey to the Mayo Clinic. 

The family decided to have the kidney removed in February in Minnesota, and according to the fundraising website, they are still moving forward with that plan because Fiona is in so much pain.

Fire accident explained:

Jeff Rothmeier, a firefighter with Rescue 1 Blue Shift fell from the roof and suffered serious injuries.

While working on the vertical ventilation on the roof at an apartment fire, he slipped and plummeted two stories to the concrete ground due to debris and slippery conditions.

He lost consciousness for a while and had a serious injury. He is now awake and recovering at Froedtert Medical Center. Jeff has a long path to recovery and is in terrible pain. 

Jeff Rothmeier fire accident

A neighbor reported seeing Rothmeier fall from the roof. “He’s probably got family, with all due respect, I hope his equipment kind of saved some bones or organs or important things that will keep him from doing this because this is crazy man. 

T. Harris Bey, a witness, said, “I don’t wish this on anybody. “I pray that guy is okay. We offer prayers for that brother’s family.

Gofundme page:

A Gofundme campaign was established to support the Rothmeier family. Father and his 10-year-old daughter will consequently be treated in different hospitals in different states. 

Support his family, Daun urged. “The husbands and wives really have a stressful job when we go to work because they don’t know what’s going to happen. What happened to Jeff could happen to any of us. The inherent dangers of firefighting are always going to be there.”

Jeff and Fiona Rothmeier
Jeff and Fiona Rothmeier Gofundme


He’s an exceptional firefighter, He likes to train people, and educate them on the fire service in general. Just a nice guy.”, union president Daun stated.

Rothmeier worked for the Minnesota St. Paul Fire Department before moving to Milwaukee.

In the podcast, Rothmeier said, “For me, I had tears in my eyes the day they called me and asked me to be part of the St. Paul Fire Department.”

“Honestly, I didn’t think I had it dialed in enough to be such a servant. Like, it’s such an honor; right? “We come to these callings because we’re seeking something. I think we’re seeking brotherhood. I think we’re seeking acceptance, and I think we’re seeking something greater than us.”

Family asking for prayers and donations:

The family is asking for prayers and donations for two family members who will be in separate hospitals in different states.

Donate and pray for Jeff and Fiona Rothmeier. A gofundme campaign has been established by AJ Fink for supporting Jeff’s family for their medical expenses. Support and help Jeff’s family by donating.

You can also donate on Jeff Rothmeier fundraiser. Wishing them a speedy recovery.

An assistant chief with the Milwaukee Fire Department said they are still looking into what started the fire on Saturday. The Red Cross said it was assisting ten people who resided in the apartment. 


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