What happened to Jeff Mwathi? Is DJ Fatxo related to his death? Everything we know so far

DJ Fatxo has been in the news for several weeks as a result of the passing of his friend Jeff Mwathi, who fell to his death while at the DJ’s home after a night of partying. Let’s see Whether DJ Fatxo has any connection to his friend Jeff Mwathi’s death and what happened to Jeff Mwathi in detail.


What happened to Jeff Mwathi?

Inooro TV reported that DJ Fatxo contacted Jeff Mwathi, 23, for some interior decorating work in his shop. Delighted Jeff called his mother, who lives abroad, to tell her the good news and ask for some cash. He promised to send pictures after he met up with the musician and asked his mother to wire him Sh200 via WhatsApp voice notes to help him move around.

He said,

“Mum, please send me KSh 200, I have just talked with DJ Fatxo, and we are meeting at Ruiru, but I don’t have any money. I look really good, and I will make sure to take a photo with him and I will send you so that you can see.”

After spending the entire day together, Jeff and DJ Fatxo headed out to drink in four different clubs. The two travelled to Fatxo’s home in Safari Park Estate in the early morning with a group of women.

CCTV footage revealed that two men left the residence about 4 am and proceeded down to the parking lot to look around. Then Jeff tumbled out of the window, and Fatxo’s cousin was also observed making a call. He apparently had pants that reached his knees when his body was discovered.

The incident took place on February 22, 2023. DJ Fatxo’s statement claims that the young man killed himself in secret, unaware of anyone else in the house. His family strongly denies the allegations that he committed suicide.

On Friday, March 10, 2023, Interior CS Kithure Kindiki directed the DCI to look into the death of Jeff Mwathi, a 23-year-old interior designer, who passed away at the home of Kikuyu entertainer Lawrence Njuguna aka DJ Fatxo. After allegations of cooperation that put investigations in danger, Kindiki urged for a swift probe to determine the truth.

He said,

“On the matter of the late Jeff Mwathi, I have spoken to the DCI Mr. Amin this morning and instructed him to send a homicide team from the DCI headquarters to thoroughly investigate the incident and take the necessary action.

“I thank the DCI for his quick action on this matter. The homicide team from the DCI headquarters is dispassionate, and this will help resolve the claims of collusion at Kasarani Police Station where the matter was reported.”

A few minutes later, DCI swiftly released a statement assuring the public that those responsible for Mwathi’s death will be held accountable and announcing that investigators from the Homicide Section had taken over the case.

DCI wrote,

“The public is assured that no stone shall be left unturned in the investigation of this case and any person found to have been involved in the death shall face the full force of the law.”

Anybody with information that could help us in this investigation is urged to call our toll-free number at 0800 722 203 or forward it to the head of homicide at DCI headquarters.

Now, the DCI has determined that Jeff Mwathi was murdered, not committed suicide. According to reports, Jeff had already passed away inside DJ Fatxo’s home before what was initially described as “dropping” from the structure.


Simon Muthiora shared information on Jeff Mwathi a little more than a week ago when he said the young man passed away on February 22, 2023, at the home of Kikuyu star DJ Fatxo. Now, the blogger leading the battle for justice in the 23-year-killing old’s posted sneak peeks of the CCTV footage from the tragic day Jeff died on his Facebook page.

The blogger said,

“We are now going to the next phase. CCTV footage time stamps can clearly show Driver and Cousin were in the house when Jeff fell down.”

In his article, Muthiora claimed that time stamps from the Video showed that the two men who had been left with DJ Fatxo were inside the home by the time Jeff fell from the 10th-floor apartment.

DJ Fatxo’s cousin and driver have been referenced several times since it is believed that they were left with Jeff when the musician left the house with three women an hour or so before his enigmatic demise.


Is DJ Fatxo related to his death?

A statement was released on Sunday by Lawrence Njuguna Wagura, popularly known as DJ Fatxo, and his attorney, Ndegwa Njiru, to address the rumours surrounding the death of Jeff Mwathi, a local businessman who was discovered dead at his house last month.

Assuring the public that he was the first to alert the police about “Mwathi’s disappearance,” DJ Fatxo denied any participation in Mwathi’s death during the press conference at Greenspot Gardens.

The Mugithi artist claimed that Mwathi was a good buddy who he had known since 2021, that he had bought many pairs of shoes from his sneaker store, and that he wanted to employ him for interior design work.

He broke down in tears, explaining how he had left his house with three women and had gone back a short while later to discover Mwathi missing. He then reported Mwathi’s absence by going to the police station with the two men he had left at his residence with Mwathi.

DJ Fatxo said,

“I want to assure you that, yes, as my lawyer said, it’s me who went and reported,”

“We went with Jeff to my house, and then I immediately left with three ladies. Then later, coming back after a few hours, I found that Jeff is not in the house and the others were there. I am the one who actually went with them to the police station to report that Jeff is missing.”

In response to criticism that he didn’t grieve Jeff’s passing or offer any support, DJ Fatxo said during the press conference that he had expressed compassion for Mwathi’s family and friends and had pledged to do everything in his power to help them.

Fatxo said,

“There is this other issue that is going on in that I didn’t mourn the demise of Jeff. I reached out to the family. I actually contacted them and told them I would have supported them wazike mtoto wao na tushikanie na wao.”

But he did note that despite reaching out, he wasn’t getting any positive responses and that his mother had tried unsuccessfully to get in touch with Jeff’s family. DJ Fatxo urged his supporters to continue praying for him and expressed faith in his ability to win.

His attorney Njiru continued by assuring the public that DJ Fatxo has cooperated with authorities since the start of the investigation and is prepared to do all it takes to help detectives solve the case.

Njiru said,

“We are here because we have cooperated with the institutions that entail doing the investigations surrounding the demise of Jeff,”  “And we’re here to tell the world that our client has nothing to hide from the day the matter began, and he’s going to speak to that. He’s actually the person who made the first initial report to the police.”

“We therefore wish to rest the question of regarding the investigation to that level, but just to make sure that the world knows that we are ready to cooperate with any institution,” Njiru said. “We also feel strongly that there ought to be justice for Jeff.”

The media and many others are in shock with the passing of DJ Fatxo’s designer Jeff Mwathi. The circumstances of Jeff’s death have sparked a lot of interest, and the authorities are still looking into them. Those who knew and loved Jeff will always have a particular place in their hearts for him since he was a wonderful person. The circumstances surrounding Jeff’s death are still unknown, despite the ongoing investigation.


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