How did Fito Olivares die? Mexican music legend cause of death Explained


 How did Fito Olivares die? Mexican music legend cause of death Explained

Fito Olivares, the creator of ‘Juana the Cuban’, died: This Friday, the Mexican composer and saxophonist Fito Olivares, creator of ‘Juana la Cubana passed away. Keep reading this article to know what happened to him and Fito Olivares cause of death.

What happened to Fito Olivares?

The world of music is mourning the sad news of the death of the famous singer and saxophonist from Tamaulipas, Fito Olivares. He was known for hits like ” Juana la cubana” and “El colesterol ,” Olivares left a legacy in Latin music that will always be remembered.

The news was released through an interview between the singer’s wife and the renowned journalist Raúl Brindi s, who mourned the loss of the talented musician.

The news spread quickly on social media, where Olivares’ fans and colleagues expressed their sorrow and sent messages of condolence to the family.

With more than four decades in the music industry, Fito Olivares is remembered for his great skill as a saxophonist and his unique style that mixed tropical rhythms and cumbias with other genres such as jazz and rock.

His music was always a success at parties and events, making thousands of people around the world dance.

Who was Fito Olivares? 

Fito Olivares was born on March 15, 1954 in Ciudad Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico . From a young age, he showed great interest in music and began playing the saxophone at the age of 13. At 18, he moved to Houston, Texas, where he began his musical career.

With his unique style that mixed tropical rhythms with jazz, rock, and other genres, Fito Olivares became one of the great exponents of cumbia in Mexico and the world.


In 1983, he released his first album titled “La cobra”, which included songs like “La gallina” and “La negra Catalina”. However, his great success came in 1987 with the song “Juana la cubana”, which became a cumbia anthem and catapulted him to worldwide fame.

Throughout his career, Fito Olivares recorded more than 20 albums and achieved hits such as “La cobra”, “El Colesterol”, “El chicle se me pego”, “La guera salomé” and “El paso del kangaroo”, among others.

In addition, he collaborated with other great artists such as Los Tigres del Norte, Alicia Villarreal, and Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

Fito Olivares received multiple recognitions throughout his career, including gold and platinum records, as well as awards such as the Latin Grammy and the Lo Nuestro Award.

His music was always very popular at parties and events, and his unmistakable style made him one of the most beloved and respected musicians in Latin music.

Fito Olivares cause of death

A legend of the cumbia, FITO OLIVARES has passed away after a battle with cancer at the age of 75.

Fito Olivares’s Wife Statement

The musician was a victim of terminal cancer that was diagnosed eight months ago, and he had a very bad time last night.

“Unfortunately this happened an hour ago, he had a very bad night and I was here with him all this time. I knew it was very close and unfortunately, it happened a moment ago”, Gris Olivares pointed out to the communicator Raúl Brindis.

“He never knew, nor did I, nor did anyone imagine that he could have cancer. He was diagnosed about eight months ago and we didn’t imagine how serious it was going to be.

The doctors gave him a while, they told him so many months, and thank God it lasted a little longer than the doctors told us and his cancer was already very advanced. It is cancer called multiple myeloma ”, she explained in the interview.

Read some Social Media Tributes :

Jessica Flores Musician wrote,

I’m so very sad to hear that one of my biggest influences as a Latina saxophone player has passed away. The one and only Fito Olivares I’ll never forget that one time in the town of Lordsburg, NM, I was invited to join him onstage and jam out to his unforgettable cumbias! It was one of the best experiences I ever had and I was so honored to share that moment with him and his band I always play my favorite song of his “Juana La Cubana” and I will be playing that all weekend starting tonight in honor of him. Muchas gracias Fito Olivares por dejarnos tu legado de gran musica, que tu recuerdo viva por siempre! RIP.

Joey Cavada wrote,

Very sad News. In 2001, I had join one of the greatest bands I ever played with Fito Olivares y su grupo and his brothers Javier and Jaime Olivares. thank you for all the great amazing memories.RIP

German Hernandez  posted,

Dies Fito Olivares and as a dj the time he has been in this music industry the music of his is a very powerful weapon to Asher dance people when we give All like DJs at a party but you put music from fito olivares las People run wing Hint… the cumbia of the cobra Cholesterol and thousands more are never missing and we touch.. He really left a great from the cumbia rest in peace fito olivares.

Jay Cantu wrote,

El Senor Fito Olivares passed away at the age of 75 after a battle with cancer. Fito is part of our culture and will be for many years to come. He had over 58 years in the business with hits like Juana La Cubana, El Colesterol, Cumbia De La Cobra, Cumbia Caliente, Aguita de Melon, and many many more. RIP Senor Olivares


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