Who was the Cried Utah State Cheerleader? Her Emotional Video Sends Shockwaves Across Social Media


 Who was the Cried Utah State Cheerleader? Her Emotional Video Sends Shockwaves Across Social Media

A Utah State cheerleader’s tearful response to the Aggies’ elimination from the first round went viral. Keep reading this article to know who is Cried Utah State Cheerleader in this article.

Utah State cheerleader’s crying video went viral

A Utah State cheerleader’s terrible reaction to the Aggies’ first-round loss to the seventh-seeded Missouri Tigers on Thursday night has become part of tournament lore, which is unfortunate for her.

Utah State was upset by Missouri on Thursday in the NCAA Tournament’s first round.  Many want to know who the cheerleader is after seeing her heartfelt video go viral online.

The commentators have come under fire from sports fans and Americans after it was discovered that they were laughing live at a Utah State cheerleader who was visibly upset during Thursday’s play between Missouri and Utah State. 

In the first round of the NCAA Tournament on Thursday, Mizzou defeated Utah State.  Utah State supporters, especially the cheerleader, were devastated as a consequence.

Despite the obvious emotions on the floor, it was a cheerleader from Utah State who made headlines when the commentators were seen smiling as she was sobbing.

Nobody anticipated the outcome to be very different from what it was given that the Aggies were the No. 10 seed and the Aggies were the No. 7 seed going into this game.

The camera turned to the sobbing Aggies cheerleader with 1:19 left and the Aggies trailing the Missouri Tigers 73-61 (they ultimately lost 76-65).

During the game, a video of a girl crying got popular on social media and quickly spread like wildfire. Folks actually began to inquire and look up the Utah State cheerleader.


Who is Ashlyn Whimpey?

We looked for personal information about the Utah State cheerleader and her identity, but we were unable to uncover much about the young woman who sobbed after watching her team lose. However, as of right now, we have gathered the following data.

Crying Utah State cheerleader is revealed as ‘player’s girlfriend’.

A cheerleader from Utah State who gained fame during March Madness has been identified as a player’s boyfriend. As Utah State was on its way to losing in the NCAA Tournament, Ashlyn Whimpey was seen sobbing.

In a viral video, TV cameras captured the cheerleader wincing her lip and wiping a tear from her eye. Then it was made known that she is a teammate of one of the Utah State players who lost to Missouri.

Ashlyn is in a relationship with guard Sean Bairstow. He was born in Brisbane, Australia, and before migrating to the US, he was a senior in college.

He also posted a touching letter to his fiancée along with the popular event on his Instagram account. As encouraging as they come, congratulations on such a fruitful 20 years of cheer, wrote Bairstow.

The cheerleader’s video from Twitter and some of the top responses from the public are given below:

A user wrote, “I can now confirm the Utah State cheerleader is a senior and that Sean Bairstow is her boyfriend. Tough ending to a college career for both!”

One said: “Bruh why does TNT keep showing the crying Utah State cheerleader?? Chill.”

Another user wrote, “TNT broadcast zooms in on the crying Utah State cheerleader, brutal”

The third user commented Utah State cheerleaders getting made fun of is fucked up tbh. Love the passion. It’s so “cool” to not care. Friends who “don’t care” suck. People who feel that way and that emotional in big moments are the people you want beside you. That’s a ride-or-die right there.

And a fourth tweeted: “Felt bad when the camera kept showing her, probably her last game as a cheerleader.”


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