Why was MoneySign Suede stabbed to death? Motive & Cause of death Explained

MoneySign Suede died How did the Rapper die Cause of death Explained

Numerous sources on social media confirmed on Wednesday (April 26) that MoneySign Suede, a Los Angeles rapper, was found dead inside a local prison. The 22-year-old L.A. native was set to be released soon, but no other details have been released about his death. Let’s see what was MoneySign Suede cause of death in detail.


What happened MoneySign Suede?

Jaime Brugada Valdez, a well-liked young rapper from Los Angeles who went by the stage name “MoneySign Suede,” was killed by being stabbed in the neck while showering in California on Tuesday night. His attorney, Nicholas Rosenberg, confirmed his death and said that Valdez had been previously attacked in prison.

Also, this is confirmed by a tweet by 44VibeNews on Twitter, MoneySign Suede, a 22-year-old Los Angeles rapper, has passed away while in a California prison.

How did MoneySign Suede die?

Valdez’s fans and acquaintances are shocked and saddened by his unexpected and untimely death. The Monterey County coroner’s office and the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation have acknowledged Valdez’s death but have not yet released any further information about how it happened.

Taking to the musician’s Instagram, his family wrote: “We appreciate the condolences, our family has not set up a Gofundme, don’t fall for any scams, thank you!”

Although the rapper’s family has yet to release any information on how or when he passed away, you can scroll down to learn more about the cause of death for Moneysign $uede.

MoneySign Suede Birthday party shootout

During an underground warehouse party in Boyle Heights overnight, a shooting occurred resulting in the deaths of three individuals. This event is being labeled as the “worst shooting incident of the year regarding fatalities” by one LAPD detective. The incident occurred just after midnight in the 1400 block of S. Lorena Street near Grande Vista. Witnesses informed FOX 11’s Travis Rice that they were celebrating the birthday of rapper MoneySign Suede when the shooting took place.

MoneySign Suede posted a message on his Instagram account expressing his condolences for those who were injured or lost their lives in the shooting. He added that he had learned of the incident after he returned home from the paid show and that he would halt all shows for the time being. The police believed that there were multiple shooters involved. The motive for the shooting is also under investigation, and it is not known whether the incident was gang-related.

The Los Angeles County coroner’s office identified Randy Tyson, 25, and Daniel Dunbar, 27, both from Los Angeles, as two of the deceased. The identity of the third victim, who passed away in a hospital, had not been made public.

On Instagram, he posted a heartfelt message to his fans, apologizing for the tragic incident. The message read:

Sorry To all the families, I have nothing to do with what happened I was long gone, not my show not my party It was a paid performance”.

“Just wanna get on here real quick to send my condolences to what happened after this paid show yesterday. I pray for all the people who were injured and died last night. My condolences and heart goes out to all the families of this hurt. Didn’t want none of that to happened. I was getting home already when I got the call.. Sorry to everyone im good off shows for a minute … to those who still supporting me thru it all,I love you!”

Source from Fox 11 Los Angeles

MoneySign Suede’s last interview

MoneySign Suede released a new album in 2022, Parkside Baby, which reflects his most vulnerable state as he wears his heart on his sleeve with each record.

In an interview with AllHipHop, MoneySign Suede stated that he is not a typical rapper and is different from others, but he finds it hard to explain what sets him apart. He fell in love with music when he was 16 and was influenced by rappers like Madeintyo.

MoneySign Suede’s name comes from his days of tagging, and he used to tag “Suede” on walls, which eventually became his rap name. He wants to be big, make history, and be legendary, and he is not a typical rapper.

He has collaborated with several famous rappers like Ty Dolla $ign, Remble, Fenix Flexin, and more. MoneySign Suede’s debut project, Parkside Baby, is the first project that he worked on and put together. He recorded the tape after coming out of jail, where he was motivated to make the best music possible.

Source from All Hip Hop.

MoneySign Suede Cause of death

According to a Facebook post by Pinky Rozey, also known as Miss Lady Pinks, a Mexican female rapper, and owner of Pink Chelada Products, she stated that she received information that the rapper had been stabbed to death.

Word is that this kid “Money Sign Suede”, a rapper from Cali, was stabbed to death and passed away in LAC jail or prison. Earlier, not sure yet where he was – condolences to his family. I don’t know him or of him much. I don’t know why he got hit or any info, but from what they told me about him, is that he had that new generation stilo, said N** word, and carried himself differently than most original Chicano rappers’ stilo. But the youngster had a following and lots of music, and now he is gone. Whatever it was, it will come out. Prayers 🙏 to all his fans in case you didn’t know about the news.

The attorney of Jaime Brugada Valdez, a well-liked young rapper from Los Angeles who performed under the name MoneySign Suede, reported that he was killed by being stabbed in the neck while showering at a California prison on Tuesday night. Valdez had previously been assaulted while incarcerated, and his death has caused shock among those who knew him. The details of the incident are currently under investigation, and prison officials have not yet released any information. The Monterey County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Valdez’s death at around 10:20 p.m.

MoneySign Suede’s come back

Moneysign $uede, one of the newest rising stars in Los Angeles, emerged onto the scene following a ten-month prison sentence in 2021. The Huntington Park native voluntarily surrendered himself to authorities in the autumn of the previous year, just before his viral single “Back to the Bag” took off.

Despite his growing fame, Suede patiently waited behind bars, tuning out the whispers of his success and focusing on improving his mental and physical health in preparation for his eventual release.

Just a few days after being freed from prison, $uede made a comeback with a new song and music video aptly titled “I’m Back,” which was produced by Laudiano and directed by Kevin Mora.


Condolences pouring for the rapper

Otto Von Biz Markie said,

RIP MoneySign Suede, much more than L.A.’s own Mexican-American Kodak, but who also channeled that same pain, indomitability & sense of struggle. A young regional hero embodying the hopes & aspirations of the unsung and overlooked. Killed in jail far too young. Devastating.

GTX Uno made a tweet,

Damn, RIParadise to MoneySignSuede .. one of the most promising young talented artists from LA in recent years. And from all accounts a very solid guy. ‘She Gon Choose’ was one of my most played songs these past couple of years. My prayers are with his family and loved ones.

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