Who is Katie Jane Taylor? Australian designer won lawsuit against Katy Perry over trademark


_Who is Katie Jane Taylor Australian designer won lawsuit against Katy Perry over trademark

US singer Katy Perry was sued for trademark infringement by Australian fashion designer Katie Taylor. (Source: Katie Perry’s Facebook page)

Australian designer prevails in a lawsuit against Katy Perry: For 17 years, Australian woman Katie Taylor has been the brand’s owner. She and pop artist Katy Perry have been engaged in a legal back-and-forth regarding the name since 2009.

In 2019, Ms. Taylor filed a lawsuit alleging trademark infringement, and the Federal Court found in her favor. Keep scrolling to learn more details about the Designer Katie Jane Taylor and what happened between the pop superstar Katy Perry and the designer.

What happened between Katie Jane Taylor and Singer Katy Perry?

Since 2007, after being inspired by a trip to Italy, Katie Jane Taylor (née Perry) has sold and produced her own clothesline under the Katie Perry brand.

Katy Perry, a singer better known by her stage name Katheryn Hudson, initially opposed the Australian registration of the Katie Perry trademark. However, she eventually withdrew her opposition, and the mark was registered.

A trademark fight

Following a protracted trademark fight, an Australian fashion designer has prevailed in court against pop sensation Katy Perry. The Federal Court of Australia’s case was finished last Friday, but the judge didn’t announce the verdict until today.

Several legal actions were originally brought about in June 2009 over a trademark owned by Katie Jane Taylor, who designs and markets clothing under the name Katie Perry.

Katie Jane Taylor uses her birth name in these actions. Ms. Taylor and the US pop artist have been at odds over who will receive the rights and financial gain from the homophone moniker.

Justice Brigitte Markovic began a lengthy written judgment by stating, “This is a tale of two women, two teenage dreams, and one name,”

Court Judgement

The judge determined that Ms. Hudson had violated Twitter before her 2014 Prism tour of Australia. Due to the singer’s “good faith” use of the Katy Perry trademark, the judge determined that she was not obligated to pay the designer any money.

Due to the items being purchased during the tour, in pop-up shops, and on the Bravado website, only her business, Kitty Purry, is now responsible for any damages.

Further allegations that the mark was violated by apparel sold at Target, Myer, and online retailers including Amazon and eBay during the Prism Tour or before the Witness Tour, which visited Australia in 2018, were denied by Justice Markovic.

The Federal Court also rejected the pop star’s and her firms’ request to have the Katie Perry trademark canceled. Ms. Taylor told AAP that she will “have a champagne” to toast the victory in court.

“I’m absolutely over the moon,” she exclaimed. It has involved defending small businesses, an Australian law, as well as justice and the truth.

The protracted court procedure for Ms. Taylor was made worse by internet harassment and abuse, including alleged death threats conveyed to her and her family by the singer’s followers.

“Having to deal with intimidation tactics has been extremely stressful within the court… and even outside the court,” she said. When asked how much in damages would be given at a subsequent hearing, Ms. Taylor said she would leave that up to the attorneys.

Who is Katie Jane Taylor?

As per Katie’s website

She worked as a stylist, manager, and buyer for labels and stores such as Brown’s, South Molton St in London, as well as Jag, Oroton, and David Jones in Sydney.

After gaining valuable insight into the business and commercial side of the fashion world she decided to follow her dream of creating her fashion label.

_Who is Katie Jane Taylor

She described herself as STYLE EXPERT, JERSEY DESIGNER, AND MUM TO TWO LITTLE ONES (Source: Katie’s website)

Katie Jane Perry, an Australian fashion designer of English descent, was born on December 30, 1980. Her brand started in Sydney’s Paddington Markets and continued there.

Perry was born in the London neighborhood of Camden. She spent her early years living on four continents (Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia) with her mother and her mother’s lover after her parents divorced.

She is presently a Sydney resident. Before starting her own business in the 1970s, her mother closely collaborated with the Benetton brothers and dressed celebrities like Paul McCartney and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Perry attended FBI Fashion College in Sydney’s Glebe neighborhood. Late in 2006, she introduced her label. She decided to use Australian jersey fabric and have the collection manufactured there.

Perry filed a trademark application in September 2008 for her label, and on January 29, 2009, the Australian Official Journal of Trademarks legally accepted it as trademark number 1264761. She opened the Katie Perry Studio in Mosman, New South Wales, in June 2009.


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