Brendalicious death: A Kenyan Instagram influencer dies after a drug trafficking accident

Brenda Akinyi Ochola, also known as Brendalicious, died
Brendalicious Kenyan influencer died


Brenda Akinyi Ochola, also known as Brendalicious, a Kenyan “Instagram influencer” passed away. Let’s see how did Brendalicious die and her cause of death in detail.

How did Brendalicious die?

Brendalicious, the Kenyan influencer passed away in a fatal drug trafficking accident.

She was supposedly trafficking drugs, but the cocaine package burst in her stomach and she overdosed immediately. Later, she died in Malaysia.

Brenda started acting weirdly when she landed at a Malaysian airport, which caught the notice of security personnel. She was taken to a hospital in Malaysia and passed away while receiving care.

About 34 cocaine capsules were discovered in her stomach when forensic medical professionals examined the remains. 

Who was Brendalicious?

Brendalicious aka Brenda Akinyi Ochola was a famous Kenyan influencer. She has 6,038 followers on her Instagram handle. She was a law graduate.

Brenda used to have a lavish Instagram life, but few people were aware that she was a drug dealer. She frequently traveled the world and took luxurious vacations.

According to her Instagram bio, she strongly believed in living a good life: She wrote, “One thing about me, I will live my best life.”



She upheld her slogan in her posts, but in light of the circumstances surrounding her passing, it is now open to public debate.

Brenda allegedly had a boyfriend from Nigeria who turned her into a drug mule, and some people have attacked “Nigerian” males for this. They are accused of using emotional blackmail, such as “love bombing,” to lure and exploit women, particularly in dangerous situations. 

Brendalicious cause of death:

Brenda died while trafficking drugs for her Nigerian boyfriend. The cocaine package burst into her stomach and she fell to the ground at the airport and started shaking and foaming at the mouth. She died as the result of drug overdose.

The Instigator tweeted about her passing on Twitter saying,

Allegedly : Kenyan “Instagram influencer” Brenda has died.She was allegedly trafficking drugs but the cocaine bag exploded in her stomach and she overdosed immediately , may her soul rest in peace !

She has been traversing the world while encouraging young ladies that the only secret to a lavish lifestyle is hard work and prayers. But her drug trafficking incident had made her followers in complete shock.

Her friends and family members will miss her. Tributes flooded social media after her demise news broke out.

Tributes to Brenda:

Porcia Mutunzi posted,

Fly high counsel.
Kenyan “Instagram influencer” Brenda Akinyi Ochola aka Brendalicious.has died.She was allegedly trafficking drugs but the cocaine bag exploded in her stomach and she overdosed immediately, she died in Malaysia
May she RIP

Innocent Tino posted,

Kenyan “Instagram influencer” di*es while trafficking dr*ugs. The cocaine bag exploded in her stomach and she overdosed immediately. May her soul rest in peace.

Matthew Gabriel commented,

People hustle in different ways, legit one is the In peace.

Kwamboka Jones Nana commented,

Prayers indeed. Ni God manze. May her family find comfort.


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