Tornado at Wynne: Aryana Williams and Ofa Deelow died tragically

According to local officials speaking to ABC News, a tornado outbreak that hit the Midwest and South on Friday night resulted in at least 11 deaths across four states and hundreds of hospitalisations. The identities of the two people who sadly died in the storm, Aryana Williams and Ofa Deelow, have been confirmed by a family member on Facebook. Let’s see about it in detail.


Aryana Williams and Ofa Deelow died tragically:

Tragically, the tornado claimed the lives of Aryana Williams and Ofa Deelow. Their cousin posted the heartbreaking information on Facebook and paid them homage, saying,

“Mann Mann MANNNNN! I HATEEE the hour that damn tornado hit wynne 😭😭😭😭😭 it took the life of my little cousin &’ her boyfriend 😭😭😭 THE FAMILY GONE TRULY MISS YALL!!! whenever y’all see one you definitely seen the other ‼️ y’all left this earth together 💔💔💔💔 REST IN PEACE MY LITTLE COUSINS ❤️‍🩹🥺🥺😭😭😭😭 Aryana Williams Ofa Deelow We will NEVER forget the both of you ‼️😘


Tornado at Wynne:

Although dozens of tornadoes were recorded in the states of Arkansas, Mississippi, Iowa, Tennessee, Illinois, and Wisconsin, the precise number of tornadoes that were confirmed has not yet been determined. According to the National Weather Service, a tornado watch covered more than 28 million people in the South and Midwest as of Friday night.

According to authorities, of the 10 persons that passed away, five died in Arkansas, three in Indiana, one in Illinois, one in Alabama, and one in Mississippi. Within the previous 24 hours, 57 tornado reports had been received over a sizable region covering seven states. As of Saturday morning, there have been more reports of tornadoes as the storm danger remains high.

According to Madeline Roberts, a spokesman for the county’s emergency management organization, at least one person died and more than 50 people have been hospitalized in Pulaski County, Arkansas, with more people anticipated to be admitted, according to ABC News. She was unaware of the circumstances surrounding those folks.


The interior of the shop after a tornado hit Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 31, 2023. (AP/ Andrew Demillo)

Moreover, four individuals have been confirmed dead in Wynne, a community in northern Arkansas that was directly slammed by a tornado tonight. The death toll was confirmed to ABC News by Miles Kimble, the coroner of nearby St. Francis County, who was assisting in Wynne.

Due to the possibility of a devastating tornado and hail the size of a quarter, a tornado emergency has been declared for metro Little Rock, Arkansas, on Friday afternoon.

On March 31, 2023, a tornado ripped through Little Rock, Arkansas, damaging a home and uprooting trees.

(AP/ Andrew Demillo)

24 persons have been admitted to hospitals, according to Little Rock Mayor Frank Scott Jr. He also stated that he is “not aware of any deaths in Little Rock at this time.”

He tweeted,

“Property damage is extensive and we are still responding.”

Update by a Hospital:

A local hospital informed ABC News that it is prepared for a potential “influx of patients,” but that it has not yet admitted any of those patients.

The Little Rock Fire Department’s Capt. Jacob Lear-Sadowsky previously told ABC News that the storm had caused a “substantial” number of injuries.

According to Lear-Sadowsky, most of the damage is in West Little Rock, where “several structures,” including both residential and commercial ones, have been damaged. The storm has also caused felled trees and power wires, as well as automobiles that have rolled over. Residents should “stay in their houses,” the mayor of Little Rock requested on Twitter so that emergency officials can begin their job.


Power Outrage:

According to tracker, more than 450,000 energy users are without power early Saturday morning across 10 states after severe storms devastated large sections of the central US on Friday and into the night. Over 99,000 homes and businesses in Indiana are without power, followed by more than 84,000 in Minnesota.

Here is the current progress:

  • Indiana: 99,063 customers without power

  • Minnesota: 84,092

  • Ohio: 59,446

  • Arkansas: 55,633

  • Illinois: 55,731

  • Tennessee: 48,323

  • Michigan: 17,629

  • Wisconsin: 13,177

  • Kentucky: 13,282

  • Iowa: 12,880



Donation Center:

According to the city’s Facebook page, a donation center has been set up in Wynne at 187 Murray Ave. At 8:00 am, they will begin making contributions.

Richard Dennis, the chief of police in Wynne, claims that the entire town has been destroyed. He also mentioned that several individuals are stranded. He is requesting that everyone unharmed by the storm remain in their current location until help can reach those who need it.

Call (870) 238-5700 if you are one of the residents of Cross County in need of assistance. If you have been affected by the damage, calling this number will direct your numerous resources.

According to Emerson Ambulance Service, units have been dispatched to aid with rescue operations. Three of their troops, according to Medic One, are also travelling there.



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