Denis Blair kalanzi death: How did the UBC news anchor die? Cause of death explained

 Denis Blair kalanzi death: How did the UBC news anchor die? Cause of death explained

PPU attached journalist Denis Blair Kalanzi has died. ‘Denis was dedicated, professional, ethical, patriotic, and loved his job more than anything.

Kalanzi initially worked with UBC as a Luganda news Anchor before he joined the Presidential Press Unit- PPU. In this article, let’s see what happened to him and Denis Blair Kalanzi cause of death.

What happened to Denis Blair Kalanzi?

UBC UGANDA announced the demise news to everyone by posting the following statement on the Official Twitter Handle of the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC). 

JUST IN – With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Denis Blair Kalanzi, a colleague at UBC & PPU. We deepest sympathize with his family and loved ones during this trying time. Denis was a respected professional who made valuable contributions to UBC & PPU.

Denis Blair Kalanzi


Who was Denis Blair kalanzi?

On 8 December 2019 birthday, he described his early life through a Facebook post and the message reads the following,

On this day of 08th, December in 1985 my beautiful Mother Prossy Nabakooza brought me into this world at Nsyambya Hospital in Kampala. From a very humble background, I have since seen and watched myself grow from Nothing to Something, from Nobody to Somebody, from Zero to now becoming a Hero.

I thank God for this far he has brought me so far, It has not been by my power but by his grace, thank you, lord! am grateful. To you FAMILY, FRIENDS, and COMRADES who have played a part in my growth I can’t thank you enough, am who I am because of you! thank you so much and may the good lord reward your efforts and contribution.

Since my childhood, I have seen and received love and encouragement from so many people from around the world, this has kept my hope alive and a smile on my face even when things were not good. I have shared this love and continue to share it with people because it is priceless.

This new year of my age and many more to come, I set out to share my experience with you fellow Ugandans, and the world at large. Thank you once again for your kind & best wishes May God bless you and may God bless the Republic of Uganda and the World. I thank you and wish you good luck.

Cause of death

As per the official reports, it was revealed that he passed away this afternoon at Mulago hospital. The particular cause of death has not yet been made public.

Up to this point, neither Kalanzi’s family members nor any web publications have mentioned any illnesses or chronic conditions.  The precise cause of Stevie Allen’s passing is still unknown.  When more information becomes available, we’ll update this article.

 Denis Blair kalanzi death Announcement

Read some heartfelt tributes posted online

John SENTAMU wrote,

Dennis Blair Kalanzi nsaba mukama akulamuze ekisa kyoyoleseza mukaseera komazze kunsi eno. Rest well, dear colleague. I remember the day we worked together at Kololo when the President met the Olympics team. My ever smart Denis Blair Kalanzi wumula mirembe

Kigongo Issa said,

 Sad news; our brother Denis Blair Kalanzi has breathed his last, at Mulago Hospital! He has been working with UBC/PPU.

Robert2026 said,

You have left a humble & welcoming life. May God rest your soul well.#RIP Blair Kalanzi.


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