Terrorist attack in famous market of Pakistan: Blast in Lahore Anarkali Market , 4 killed, bomb was planted in bike

Terrorist attack in famous market of Pakistan:Blast in Lahore's Anarkali Market, 4 killed, bomb was planted in bike


Terrorist attack Lahore

Terrorist attack Lahore: Another terrorist attack happened in Pakistan. A bomb blast took place in the historic and famous Anarkali market of Lahore on Thursday afternoon. Four people were killed and 20 were injured in this. The condition of most of the injured is stated to be serious. According to initial reports, this market is very crowded and there is no parking facility here. Here a bike was parked in the midst of random traffic. An improvised Explosive Device (IED) was installed in it.


The death toll may increase,

Lahore Police spokesman Rana Arif told ‘Dawn News’ – the incident happened on Thursday afternoon. There was a lot of crowd in the Anarkali market here at that time. Here people usually park their vehicles anywhere. A bike was parked on the same path from where the main road was for people to pass. IED plant was done in it. There was an explosion in it. Police put the death toll at 3, while some reports said that four people died on the spot. 20 people are injured. Most of them are in critical condition. All have been admitted to the hospital.

Order of Inquiry

Lahore is a city in Punjab province. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar has ordered an inquiry into the incident. The investigation has been handed over to the National Anti Terror Department. Buzdar has called for a report from the police in this matter within 24 hours. It is believed that similar attacks could happen in some other parts of the city as well. Therefore, the Bomb Disposal Squad of the army has been deployed. (Terrorist attack Lahore)

No one has taken responsibility for

In this incident so far, no terrorist group has claimed responsibility, but the direct and first suspicion is on Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan i.e. TTP. The ceasefire agreement between the Pakistan government and the TTP expired last month. Then TTP had threatened that it would now show the mirror to the Pakistan government that how it is cheating the people in the name of Islam.

Most of the TTP leaders and terrorists are in Afghanistan these days. Recently, Pakistan had killed a former TTP spokesperson in military action. After this, the terrorist organization threatened to take revenge. The Afghan Taliban had asked the Pakistan government to resolve the issues through talks with the TTP. The Afghan Taliban refused to interfere or mediate, calling the matter an internal dispute of Pakistan.


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