Who did Lahore market Terrorist attack? – Reason behind the Bomb Blast

Terrorist attack in famous market of Pakistan:Blast in Lahore's Anarkali Market, 4 killed, bomb was planted in bike

Lahore market Terrorist attack: A massive explosion in the Lahore market, at least 3 killed, 20 injured. 

There is news of a powerful bomb blast in the market of Lahore city of Pakistan. According to news agency PTI, at least three people have died in the incident while 20 people have been injured. According to the police, the blast took place in the Paan Mandi of Lahore’s famous Anarkali Market where Indian goods are sold. Lahore Police spokesperson Rana Arif has confirmed the death of three people in the blast. According to the report of Dawn News Paper, the glass of nearby shops and buildings was shattered due to the explosion. (Lahore Terrorist attack)

How did the Lahore Terrorist attack Happen?

Deputy Inspector General (Police Operations) Dr. Mohammad Abid said, “We are trying to ascertain the nature of the blast. More than 20 people have been injured who have been taken to the hospital. Abid did not rule out the possibility of a motorcycle or a time device being implanted at any place in the market. He said, “The crater at the blast indicated the use of a time device. However, we cannot confirm this as of now. The Counter-Terrorism Department and Bomb Disposal Officer have reached the spot and are probing the nature of the blast. 

What is the Condition in Lahore?

According to Rescue 1122, the injured were shifted to Mayo Hospital where three died due to injuries. 

Mayo Hospital Medical Superintendent Dr. Iftikhar said that three people, including a child, have died. The condition of four people brought to the hospital is critical. A large number of motorcycle stalls and vendors have also been damaged due to the blast. The police have cordoned off the area. The entire Anarkali market has been closed after the blast.


Who did the Lahore market Terrorist attack?

The fact is so far no group has claimed responsibility for the blast. However, since December, when a cease-fire between the government and Pakistan’s Taliban expired, there have been a series of bombings and attacks against police.

Who did the Lahore market Terrorist attack?


The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a homegrown organization with ties to the Afghan Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the majority of the attacks. “We’re trying to figure out what caused the blast.” (70% sure).

It’s still early in the morning. We don’t have all of the information. However, it appears that Babbar Khalsa International, a Khalistani terrorist organization, was the perpetrator, working in collusion with other Lahore-based Khalistan gangsters like Harvinder Singh a.k.a. Rinda and Kulwinder Singh a.k.a. Khanpuriya, whom BKI chief Wadhwa Singh had helped escape from police custody some time before.

Who did the Lahore market Terrorist attack

At this point, the most credible scenario is that one of the two deceased was a Khalistan terrorist who was taking the bomb to the bathroom, where it exploded owing to his mishandling, killing him and one other person and wounding five others.

According to police sources, such a large number of explosives could not have been prepared locally. As a result, the logistics must have been handled from afar. Drones were utilized to transfer the bomb across the Pakistani border, and local criminals moved it via their prison network and with the support of Pakistan-based terror groups.

According to the police, these Khalistan terrorists may have additional bombings planned.

People are raising the specter of “Intelligence Failure,” as is customary in these situations.

If you don’t know anything about s8it, please don’t say anything.

As far back as May, the federal government and intelligence services had been sounding the alarm. On December 14, there was an internal notice regarding it.

“We received precise information that local gangs were hired and radicalized in order to reignite the Khalistan cause, which was sponsored by Pakistan’s ISI.” We shared these details with local cops as part of a statewide operation to compile a list of convicts on bail or absconding. “The recent finds were simply the tip of the iceberg,” a senior police official stated.

They further claimed that the Punjab administration has been disregarding terror and extremism alerts and standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the state.

So they got intelligence, but what can Intelligence Agencies do if the Punjab government refuses to act on it?

NIA is expected to take up the case in any scenario. A team from the National Security Group is also on the scene, as is a team from the National Bomb Data Center.


Is this taking place as a result of votes?

No. However, it is taking place as a result of the upcoming elections.

Neither Khalistanis nor terrorist groups believe in elections. To be true, many Indians do not, but these people are adamantly opposed to it. As a result, they usually attempt to create a nuisance of themselves during election seasons.

We must also verify that it occurred in a courtroom. By definition, a court is unaffected by electoral politics.

It does, however, ensure that elections are free and fair. As a result, it has symbolic importance. An institution that is intended to preserve democracy is being attacked.

Most likely, and in terms of practicality, it may be a judge or some police officers who are hearing a case involving a Khalistani issue.


Has it tainted Punjab’s atmosphere?

It’s already been given away. And with the full backing of the state government, which is governed by Khangress.

They had backed the unconstitutional, alleged ‘farmers protest’ which was started by Left-Wing anti-National unions and later fully infiltrated by pro-Khalistani elements in their heinous attempts to play petty politics to stop BJP in state and central government when the Khangress democratically and legally couldn’t win elections.

Actually, the word “infiltrated” is incorrect. Anti-national Khalistan organizations had openly partnered with the so-called farmers, who welcomed their help. They had encouraged and let bandits like Lakha Sidhana pose as farmers. And this bombing is carried out with the assistance of a mobster like him. So, by backing such a campaign, Khangress not only abdicated their responsibility to safeguard the fundamental rights of ordinary residents, but they also openly helped terrorist groups to strengthen their network. Then the Khangress objected to the BSF expanding its authority from 15 to 50 kilometers, which the federal government must have done on intelligence signals for incidents similar to the Ludhiana bomb.

Khangress turned the unlawful siege of the capital into a Hindu-Sikh conflict.

The outcomes are right in front of us.

  • In the Golden Temple, a man was lynched to death.
  • Another one is at Kapurthala.
  • At this claimed ‘Farmers’ protest,’ the Nihangs hacked to death a man just behind their prized platform, where a poster of Bhindranwale was visible.
  • They’d previously burnt a man alive.
  • Then there’s the rape.
  • Republic Day Riots on January 26, 2021.


I mean what else are you expecting?

  • You’ve pushed the cops to the brink of their already meager efficiency.
  • You’ve been harassing police enforcement for a year.
  • You’ve put the cops to the test and learned how they may react in a variety of situations.
  • You were familiar with their patrol routes, numbers, procedures, and even who they were as individuals.
  • You’ve ensured that, under the pretext of being ‘farmers,’ your gang may move freely throughout Punjab without fear of being stopped and interrogated by authorities.
  • You’ve also ensured that once you’ve arrived at your destination, you’ll be able to radicalize Sikh youngsters in the name of a new Bogey known as “Hindutva, Hindu terrorism, Hindu majoritarianism,” and who knows what else! And this time, it’s all the more justifiable since intellectuals in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and even India are busy comparing Hindus with the Taliban, ISIS, and Boko Haram. Hindus have become a serious menace to everyone. Islamists are already rejoicing at the prospect of receiving Left-Liberal Intellectual support in order to find a legitimate justification for slaughtering “Hindutva stooges,” and given that all Khalistani terrorist organizations are in bed with Pakistan and the ISI, it’s not hard to see how they’d use this new lease on intellectual life to eradicating the “Hindu Problem,” as Bhindranwale explained in his radicalizing sermons when he said “Each Sikh

So no, the climate in Punjab has already been tainted by nasty, depraved, and unscrupulous opportunists seeking monetary gain.

These are all the things I’ve got for Lahore Terrorist attack.


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