Who is Joe Fournier? Fights & Boxing records of the KSI’s next potential opponent

Joe Fournier profile

Joe Fournier is rumored to fight with KSI. Let’s discuss the Fights & Boxing records of the KSI’s next potential opponent. After a two-year break, YouTube star KSI is returning to the boxing ring to resume his combat sports ambitions.

Who is Joe Fournier?

Joe Fournier is a former English businessman from Hounslow, London, United Kingdom. Joe Fournier was born on January 23, 1983. He runs a fitness business, before selling it. He also moved into the nightclub industry. Joe Fournier is also a professional Boxer. Fournier started fighting professionally in 2015. He is represented by Hayemaker Promotions.

Joe Fournier Records:

His current record reads: nine victories, one no-contest, and every victory was a knockout. In the Dominican Republic, he faced Jorge Burgos in his light heavyweight debut. Before competing on the undercard of David Haye-Arnold Gjergjaj on May 21, 2016, at the O2 Arena in London, he overcame Manuel Regalado and Pedro Sencion. Bela Juhasz was defeated by Fournier in just two rounds.

The following fight saw Fournier defeat Mustapha Stini in Belgium. Fournier defeated Stini with “no significant issues.” In the eighth round of a fight in the Dominican Republic, Fournier defeated Wilmer Mejia to claim the vacant WBA international light heavyweight title.

With this triumph over his first southpaw foe, Fournier rose to the 11th spot in the rankings. Using the victory as motivation to challenge fellow countryman Callum Smith, Fournier declared, “I will buy him a jet plane or a house if he fights me!”

On April 17, 2021, Fournier defeated Reykon on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren. During the initial press conference, Fournier drew criticism for making a crude remark regarding Colombians and kidnappings.

Fournier lost to David Haye, a friend, and former two-division world champion, by unanimous decision on September 11, 2021.

Joe Fournier Stats:

Total fights10
KO wins9
Title defense0


With 10 fights under his belt and 9 victories, 0 defeats, and 1 no contest, Joe Fournier has competed professionally for 5 years and 5 months.

Fournier’s boxing record is 9-0 as of November 2022. (9 KOs). He has competed in ten professional boxing matches, totaling 20 rounds.

Beef between KSI & Joe Fournier

A photograph purportedly from DAZN’s social media pages at the beginning of October showed a fight flyer advertising a contest between KSI and unbeaten professional boxer Joe Fournier. The ad stated that their match would occur on January 14, 2023, which coincided with when fans anticipated that the YouTuber would reveal his “PRIME” card.

Fresh off victories against Mexican professional boxer Luis Pineda and British rapper “Swarmz” in his “two fights, one-night” event on August 27, KSI is eagerly anticipating his upcoming match and there’s a chance that he fights Joe Fournier, according to the news that was leaked beforehand.

Is KSI vs. Joe Fournier battle gonna happen?

Olajide Olayinka, better known publicly as KSI, has a promising future in the boxing ring. KSI presently has a 3-0 streak and is undefeated, which is extremely uncommon for newbies. He punches fairly hard and boasts an astounding 67% knockout ratio.

KSI has demonstrated that he is a worthy opponent in the ring because of his inherent talents and dedication.
Fans are always anticipating his bouts for this reason. Mams Taylor, the manager of KSI, responded to a fan’s post from his official Twitter account on October 7. If the rumors were real and if KSI was actually going to face Joe, the fan had inquired.

KSI Vs Joe Fournier

Mams responded, “If the people wanted it, why not,” implying that there is a chance the matchup will actually take place if there is enough support for it. However, KSI may anticipate some challenging times in the future if there is even a remote chance that this fight will actually take place.

Joe Fournier, who could be his rival, is not an easy opponent. Joe has established a solid reputation for himself by triumphing in all nine with Knockout. However, KSI is not lightweight. He fought Swarmz this year and won with a round-two technical knockout. Even a skilled fighter like Joe may find it difficult to overcome his undefeated record and innate talent.

Joe Fournier challenges KSI

Fournier actually called out KSI in an Instagram video shortly after rumors of their brawl began to circulate, boldly challenging the YouTuber to a fight.

“And then KSI fights two people in one night. But KSI, you just needed me, man. Because you wouldn’t get past the first round and it would be over for you. So what I don’t understand is, if you wanna fight real guys, just come. I’m ready.”, says, Fournier.

This information comes after KSI made a hint about his forthcoming match by saying that his opponent will be a “challenge” for him. Although it’s still unclear whether these two will ever square off in the ring.

KSI Vs Joe Fournier

Who wins the battle? Odd analysis:

Joe Fournier’s boxing record stands out as 9-0 and he was a tough fighter. However, Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, better known online as KSI has a 3-0 boxing record with two knockouts and is a well-known young boxer.

In his career, KSI has only faced off in three bouts of boxing. In the first two matches against YouTubers, he took part as an amateur. He fought Joe Weller in the opening round, defeating him via TKO in the third. Although, Fournier is a challenging opponent for KSI.

Logan Paul was the opponent in KSI’s second career bout, which resulted in a majority draw. On November 9, 2019, at the Staples Center, KSI fought Paul once more in his first professional match. Like the first bout, the second one reached the distance, but KSI won the rematch by a split decision. He also won his third match. His next fight will take place in January.

KSI will win the match against Joe if the fight takes place. According to the fans, KSI is unbeatable and he has strong records, as it is predicted KSI has a high chance to win the match against Fournier.

Fan’s Comments:

The House Call Podcast tweeted,

Ksi vs Joe Fournier is a good fight, 9-0 pro boxer that’s definitely a great fight for KSI to prove he’s the real deal.

Prab Sandhu tweeted,

KSI vs Tommy Fury has to happen man Perfect fight before Jake Paul, if KSI wins that, the Jake fight just got much more competitive Fuck Joe Fournier, no history with that dude, no story no anything PUSH FOR KSI VS TOMMY FURY


If ksi beats joe fournier an actual pro boxer who would give ksi a hard fight then that changes this whole jake beats ksi story it would now be the other way around ksi beats jake

HBRTOZ commented,

JOE would beat Jake right now. KSI is an idiot if he picks Joe. He is way way tougher than woodley as a boxing opponent. Man this match should be mid next year after 1 more. Joe went the distance with a retired world champ boxer. Not b baller or retired old smaller wrestler.

SouthFujii commented,

Jake Paul vsed people who never boxed before why is it a problem if Joe Fournier fight someone with 4 wins and 6 losses Joe Fournier got a good record better than Jake Paul so ksi is good fight

qo1o4262UYA commented,

Joe Fournier’s NINE opponents have a combined losses of 116 LOL The guy has literally been fighting a bunch of Pineda’s. The guy fights for fun on the side. What a joke.


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