Who is Matilda and Samuli Eriksson? Meet the step siblings who got married

Matilda and Samuli

By marrying her stepbrother, a 23-year-old Finnish woman is keeping it in the family, and their parents are okay with the marriage. In this article, we will discuss about the story of step-siblings, Matilda and Samuli Eriksson. Let’s see about the siblings who got married in Finland.

What is Matilda- Samuli’s story?

A PAIR of newlyweds admit it was “strange” when they first met because they are stepbrother and stepsister. At first, Matilda and Samuli Eriksson battled their attraction out of concern that a relationship would even be against the law.

As stepsiblings, Matilda and Samuli Eriksson became close and began a passionate relationship. Along with their own “mixed” feelings, they also had to deal with the criticism of their friends.

However, according to Matilda, 23, their parents were “very happy for us from the start.” “I believe Samuli’s father even had a small hope that this might occur.”

After a brief courtship, Matilda and Samuli, both 27 years old, became engaged in October of last year. They later wed in a small Finnish town close to Helsinki, Finland. At the outdoor ceremony, members of the uncommon blended family could be seen beaming. This happened three years after their parents’ wedding in 2019.

Who are Matilda and Samuli?

Matilda and Samuli are step-siblings. Their parents got married in 2019. In 2018, the two first met at Matilda’s mother’s 50th birthday celebration. They grew close friends and had “excellent chemistry,” but nothing more until this spring, when a spark was lit.

She told the media that each time they spoke, they felt a connection. “We began socializing frequently in 2021, although at first as pals or step-siblings.”

They ended up only seeing each other on weekends while they were out with friends, according to her, despite having a “kind of magnetic attraction.” She said, “I responded immediately with passion.”

Matilda and Samuli’s relationship:

Matilda said, “We simply could not deny the feelings and affection we had for each other.” Matilda admitted that “We started dating in May 2021 and moved in together right away. To be completely honest, it felt very strange, and wrong at first. I was confused and in love at the same time, and honestly, I really didn’t know what to do.”

“I was thinking about the fact that he is still my stepbrother, and I also thought about other people’s opinions. I think it was because of the confusion that someone I had been calling my stepbrother has to now be called my boyfriend.”

Just “Follow your heart”

She initially became troubled by her friends’ opinions and began to have second thoughts. Her mother then assisted her in getting my thoughts in order. Matilda continued: “She advised me to set all other considerations aside and do whatever felt right at the time. This inspired me to marry Samuli.”

“We’ve both been in a number of committed relationships in the past, but we’ve never felt this way with anyone.”

In October, they became engaged. “We even proposed to each other at the same moment and cried,” they recalled.

But they were unsure whether it would be lawful for them to marry and have children in Finland. She uttered: “First, we discovered some outdated, inaccurate material that suggested it is illegal. Fortunately, one of my sister’s closest friends is a law student, and she assured us that getting married would not be an issue.”

Despite their initial confusion, they haven’t lost any friends either because they quickly realized the couple was a “100% match made in heaven.”

What was people’s reaction to the step-sibling’s decision?

According to her, Matilda and Samuli have documented their strange love journey in a number of TikTok videos, which is where they have encountered the most criticism.

She admits in one video that rude comments like “straight to jail” and “I’d rather die” had been made. However, a lot of people praised it as a “real love story”.

“Guys cool out, they aren’t even related,” one added.

Another said: “Like honestly that is so cute your mom marrying his dad and you marrying him.”

Another said: “This genuinely makes me so happy!! I love this so much.”

They are not the first step-siblings to grow close. Many such incidents have already happened.


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