How did Dablixx Osha die? Nigerian rapper cause of death Explained

How did Dablixx Osha die Nigerian rapper cause of death Explained

The Nigerian rapper Dablixx Osha, whose real name is Oniyide Azeez reportedly dead. Several social media platforms have claimed Dablixx’s passing without any official confirmation. Everyone is eager to discover whether the news is trustworthy or just a rumor spread to cause a sensation. Let’s look into what happened to Dablixx Osha and his cause of death in detail.


Confirmed by singer Mohbad

Many fans of Nigerian musician Mohbad’s colleague Dablixx were right to be concerned.

People were skeptical when word of Dablixx’s death spread on social media since some claimed to have seen a message from him hours earlier.

Mohbad shared the photo of the rapper on his official Instagram page as a story and added a heartbreak emoji to it.

How did Dablixx Osha die Nigerian rapper cause of death Explained (1)

On Tuesday, Nov. 8, a story appeared on Dablixx Osha’s Instagram account, seemingly from his family. It reads, “We the family of Dablixx would like to thank everyone who has reached out. He is in a better place now. We hope the public would let us mourn him privately and peacefully. He is forever loved.”

How did Dablixx Osha die Nigerian rapper cause of death Explained (1)


How did Dablixx Osha die?

Many reports on Twitter and Facebook are claiming that Dablixx has passed away. However, there has yet to be an official statement or confirmation of Dablixx’s passing. We must wait for the Dablixx team’s formal declaration. Until then, we are unsure if he is still alive or has passed away. If Dablixx’s Team issues a formal statement, we will update this post.

Oloriebiblog reported on Facebook that,

Breaking news popular musician dablixx_oshaa is dead. The family disclosed to Oloriebiblog details later

One of fellow artists Vado. Jr posted on Twitter that,

Breaking news Dablixx OSHA reportedly Dead.

A few of his fans are sharing his lyrics from No Love In The Street and pouring tributes online,

There is no loveNo love in the streetEverybody go show loveWhen you are no moreStreet full of mystery

Despite the fact that online reports about the rapper’s death are exploding, there is no information available on how and where the rapper died.


Who was Dablixx Osha?

Dablixx Osha is a Nigerian trap rapper and composer who was born in Lagos State. He became well-known online after publishing many Instagram freestyle videos in which he showcased his Yoruba language skills. Since signing with MMG Records, his lyrical flow has helped him gain new fans every day. He is yet another recently found gold in the industry.

The Nigerian rapper, whose real name is Oniyide Azeez. He is 27 years old.

Some of Dablixx’s songs are listed below;

  • Too Thug
  • Hating On A Young Nigga
  • No Feelings
  • Outside
  • Tonny Montanna
  • Wanna Laugh
  • Blocklist
  • Gone and Dead


Music career

Nigerian trap rapper DaBlixx Osha crosses over to Afrobeats and Afropop with ease.

Dablixx Osha, a talented rapper and musician from Nigeria, just dropped the amazing new song “Gone & Dead.”

Real-world issues like betrayal, street smarts, trust, pain, and others are highlighted in his rap songs. Though he is doing well with WJS Records, his tattoos add to his “rap life.”

The controversies,

According to reports, DJ Ruff Lemon criticized the well-known performer, who is 26 years old at the time. The musician manager and music distributor claimed to have trained “Ikorodu Lil Wayne.” He claimed to have mentored Dablixx Osha at the beginning of his career, introduced him to influential figures in the field, and made introductions for him. When Dablixx Osha became well-known in the music world, he hoped to get paid. DJ Ruff Lemon posted pictures of his involvement in the career of the young artist.

He is currently the most well-known native trap musician in Nigeria, as seen by his personal Instagram profile. Dablixx Osha, an artist from Lagos State, has released various songs as well as the EPs “50” and “Moller.”

Dablixx Osha estimated net worth is $25,000 – $90,000. He mostly made it through his main source of income, music.


Dablixx Osha cause of death

Fast-circulating stories on social media claim that the musician passed away at the hospital where he was transported after complaining of severe stomach ache. Social media users doubt whether he was poisoned. However, the news has not been confirmed yet.

Although his family and close friends have not yet confirmed or denied these rumors, well-known singer Mohbad has uploaded a photo of himself with a heartbreak emoji added.

So far no official information Dablixx Osha cause of death has been made public. As per the records, Dablixx Osha had no deteriorating condition or chronic illness, that could possibly be a cause.

A few lyrics on his song Pray We Live Long had the fans into tears, as news of his passing took over the media. In the song he said, his mother dreamt of him dying and he don’t want to die young. Follow the lyrics and the song down here.

My mother dreamt about me dying
But I told her she lying
She said, she saw my niggas on that bad that night
I don’t wanna die young
I just wanna live long (under the street o boy)
I don’t wanna die young

Beyond these online reports, Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Dablixx Osha will be added soon.


Tributes pouring in for Dablixx Osha

Ehin Moore disappointedly said,

Mmm, I now believe Dablixx Osha, the industry never cares about him and his music even though he makes one of the best rap in the history of the Nigerian music industry, Rip brother. I’m disappointed in our celebrities non of them really care about him even after death.

Omomayowa🇳🇬 tweeted,

So many pain and struggles for a life that can end at any time. Rest in peace Dablixx osha

Agbeniga Bayonle Olayemi posted,


DABLIXX OSHA said to have passed on.

Report claimed he had stomach ache before his heart stopped

And it was said that , he was poisoned , he died after releasing song where he said his mother dreamt that he died.

Abena said,

R.I.P Dablixx Osha Rest in peace Nigerian version of the juice world. Unfortunately, you both r gone.

Md cash said,

What a sad story Dablixx king of the new school keeps resting Osha.

Blazee said,

Humans keep on dying every day, even celebrities/famous ones are dying… May God Keep on protecting us to fulfill our destiny… What a sad world .. Rest on champ .. Really sadden my heart.



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