Why did Rebel Wilson choose to have baby via surrogacy? Explained

When Rebel Wilson revealed last week that she had discreetly given birth to a girl through surrogacy, her admirers were taken aback. The new mother shared a photo of her baby on Instagram along with the information that she had given the child the name Roycie Lillian. Let’s see Why actor Rebel Wilson choose to have baby via surrogacy in detail.


Why did Rebel Wilson choose to have baby via Surrogacy?

Rebel Wilson didn’t reveal the reason for choosing surrogacy to have a baby. But she has revealed about her fertility journey and surrogacy journey to her fans.


Wilson Fertility Journey

Rebel has polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which increases the likelihood that her ovaries won’t function regularly due to possible enlargement and the presence of follicles around her eggs. It influences your fertility, as stated.

She went to a fertility specialist in 2019, who advised her that losing weight would increase her chances of collecting and preserving eggs, according to what she told People.

She remarked at the time, “I almost feel like I didn’t think of my own needs.” “My motivation to get healthier came from considering the requirements of a future child.” For this reason, she made 2020 her “year of health.”


Surrogacy Journey

She said the following when discussing surrogacy and other comparable methods:

“If I meet the right person, great, and then they can fit in with whatever happens. It’s great that the technology exists. You have so many options with surrogacy and sperm donors.”

The actress-comedian also disclosed that she began considering getting pregnant when she was 39, citing Janet Jackson’s experience as a mother as her inspiration.


Strength to all the women

Wilson wrote on an Instagram post disclosing her fertility issues in May 2021 ““To all the women out there struggling with fertility, I feel ya. The universe works in mysterious ways and sometimes it all doesn’t make sense…but I hope there’s light about to shine through all the dark clouds.”

In July 2021, she also discussed her journey on Instagram Live, according to Page Six. She added that “if I lost some excess weight that it would give me a better chance for freezing eggs and having the eggs be a better quality,” she explained. “It was more thinking of a future mini-me.”


Baby Name

Rebel Wilson had a unique explanation for choosing the name she did for her baby.

“I wanted an original name starting with the letter R and so eventually landed on that one,” she said to People.

“Lillian and Elizabeth are both family names carried by women in my family who I admire. Elizabeth, which is also my middle name, after the late Queen.”


Baby shower for Wilson

A baby shower was organized for Wilson by her partner Ramona Agruma, according to Wilson.

Wilson described the baby shower as “the most beautiful with friends from all over the world,” adding that Agruma is “so amazing and such a great partner.”


“Beautiful miracle”

On Monday, actress Rebel Wilson shared a photo of her newborn baby Royce Lillian on Instagram.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Rebel Wilson (@rebelwilson)

The 42-year-old actress was overjoyed to inform her fans of the birth of her daughter via surrogacy on social media.

The infant is shown in the photo holding gloves and unicorn shoes while dressed in a pink onesie. Wilson called her first kid a “beautiful miracle” and said she was “honored” to announce her birth.

Wilson Thanks Everyone

The actress expressed gratitude to everyone who helped bring her daughter into the world and singled out her “beautiful surrogate” in particular.

Rebel Wilson spoke about her ambitions and decision to become a surrogate mother in a 2019 interview with People, albeit she did not elaborate on her motivation for doing so.

Shutting down rumors

Wilson’s personal life has recently made headlines for more reasons than just the birth of a new child. Wilson dispelled reports that she and Agruma, with whom she made their romance public in June, aren’t getting married earlier this month.

Wilson stated in an Instagram Story she posted over the weekend that has since vanished, “Thanks for the well-wishes, but we are NOT engaged.”

About Surrogacy

A woman accepts to bear and give birth to a child on behalf of another person or couple (the intended parent(s)) under the terms of a surrogacy contract.

Surrogacy in UK

All of Australia, except for the Northern Territory, has legalized surrogacy.

Because there are no surrogacy regulations in the NT, prospective parents must relocate outside of Australia or go abroad to use this service.

Altruistic surrogacy is permitted throughout the rest of Australia. In the ten years leading up to 2021, the number of parents who used a surrogate to have children in England and Wales nearly doubled.

Nowadays, two-thirds of applicants are heterosexual couples, frequently in their 30s or 40s.

The four major UK surrogacy organizations are COTS, Brilliant Beginnings, My Surrogacy Journey, and Surrogacy UK, according to the Department of Health.

Commercial Surrogacy

The surrogate cannot be compensated in exchange for giving up the child or for agreeing to be someone’s surrogate. Commercial surrogacy is not legal in Australia.

“But she can have all of her expenses covered, the intended parents can pay for all of her medical expenses or if she needs to take time off work.”

Commercial surrogacy, which allows intended parents to pay the surrogate mother specifically for carrying the child, is permitted in various nations, including the US.

Surrogacy agreement

When a surrogate decline to deliver the baby to the intended parents, it becomes a legal matter, and a family law judge decides who gets custody of the kid.

Therefore, although it is theoretically true that she has the option to refuse to give up the kid, the judge will ultimately decide what is in the child’s best interests.

However, since a surrogacy arrangement is not binding, the intended parent(s) may decide to back out. The intended parents cannot be forced to take custody of the kid, and the birth parents may then obtain custody of that child.

Qualifying for Surrogacy

Australia has severe laws stating that you cannot simply choose to use a surrogate; you must have a medical or social need.

“A medical explanation could be anything, such as fertility problems, several miscarriages, or cancer treatments. The societal justification is merely a strange way of referring to a gay couple or a lone man.”

In essence, if you or your partner have a uterus, you need a medical justification, and if not, you need a social justification.

States have different rules regarding the intended parents and surrogate parent’s ages, as well as whether or not the surrogate parent has previously given birth.

Why Celebrities Choose Surrogacy to have Child?

Same-sex couples, single parents, and infertility sufferers are just a few of the reasons why celebrities choose surrogacy. By telling their stories, igniting a discussion, and being open about it, these celebrities have made an effort to break the taboo around surrogacy.

It’s  hard to comprehend so many renowned and accomplished women are infertile. They may want to avoid pregnancy and birthing discomforts due to their extremely hectic schedules, the need to keep their appearances, infertility, or other reasons.

Celebrities who’ve used Surrogates

Going after surrogacy! Many famous people have used gestational carriers to deliver their babies.

The Disney Channel alum revealed she and the music producer had welcomed their kid in August 2022, and in the heartwarming Instagram reveal, she praised their “angel surrogate.”

Us said that the Kardashians actress and her ex-boyfriend Tristan Thompson were expecting their second child together, this time through a surrogate, in July 2022.

Laura Benanti, a former Supergirl, and her husband Patrick Brown had their second child, Louisa, through surrogacy in July 2022.

Jamie Chung of Gotham and Bryan Greenberg of One Tree Hill welcomed twin boys via surrogacy in October 2021; this choice was largely influenced by the pressures faced by women working in the entertainment industry.

In April 2022, Anna-Marie Campisi and Mursel Mistanoglu, former cast members of The 90 Day Fiancé, welcomed their son Gokhan via surrogate. During Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the infant was born, and Project Dynamo’s assistance allowed Campisi to enter the nation.

With the aid of her twin sister Cynthia Daniel’s donated egg, Sweet Valley High alums Brittany Daniel and Adam Touni delivered their baby, Hope, via gestational carrier in October 2021.


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