Hexham knife assault: 15 year-old girl dies after fatally stabbed and 16 year-old seriously injured, What happened? Explained

Hexham knife assault
Police presence at the Hexham knife attack scene

A 15-year-old girl was stabbed and a 16-year-old was seriously injured in a Hexham knife assault. Let’s see what happened in the Hexham neighborhood in detail.

Hexham knife assault:

A 16-year-old boy was critically hurt in a knife attack that left a 15-year-old school girl with life-threatening wounds in a town center stabbing.

Just after 17:10 GMT, the incident occurred in Hexham, Northumberland, in the Priestpopple neighborhood.

A 16-year-old kid has been detained on suspicion of assault, and both teenagers have been transported to the hospital. Police have launched the murder investigation.

Following the incident, a sizable police cordon has been established in Priestpopple, Hexham, Northumberland. The location is still closed to the general public, and visitors are advised to stay away.

What happened in Hexham, Northumberland?

A boy and a girl, ages 15 and 16, were cut with a blade shortly after 5 o’clock, and police officials and ambulance personnel are already on the scene.

A 15-year-old boy has been taken into custody on assault suspicions. He is still being held by the police at this time.

Hexham knife stabbing
Police presence at Hexham stabbing scene

There are many police officers in the Hexham neighborhood, and a section of the roadway has been roped off.

According to Northumbria Police, the victims’ injuries were consistent with being brought on by a bladed object. Police suspect that everyone involved is acquainted with each other.

According to a statement from Northumbria Police: “Emergency personnel arrived at the scene where the boy and girl, ages 15 and 16, had sustained wounds that were consistent with being the result of a bladed object.

They were both taken to hospital with serious injuries, with the girl’s injuries described as life-threatening. Their next of kin are being informed.”

What did the police say?

“An investigation was immediately launched, and a 15-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of assault. He remains in police custody at this time”, according to the police.

“This is clearly a serious incident and a full investigation is underway. “While our investigation is at an early stage, we do believe all those involved are known to each other.

We are determined to find out what has happened and bring anyone involved to justice. There is a high police presence in the area and a cordon in place which will remain this way into the weekend.”

Detective Superintendent Aelf Sampson said: “This is clearly a serious incident, and a full investigation is underway. While our investigation is at an early stage, we do believe all those involved are known to each other.”

The location is still strictly off-limits to the general public, and visitors are advised to stay away.

Police are requesting that anyone with information can contact them through the ‘Tell Us Something’ page or by calling 101 quoting log NP-20230127-0795.’

What was people’s reaction?

Kim McGuinness tweeted,

Absolutely devastating news from Hexham- incidents like this should never happen and are truly shocking. All my thoughts are with the family, friends and loved ones of the victim. Thank you to @northumbriapol for their response to this horrific case.

Janet Purdy tweeted,

Despite the fact that I know it can happen anywhere, I am totally shocked that a 15yr old girl has died following a stabbing incident here in the place I have always called home. #Hexham

Graeme Richardson tweeted,

15 year old stabbed to death in Hexham… that’s our back yard and should never be happening anywhere, let alone close to home #endknifecrime

Julian Christopher tweeted,

Hexham is a quiet, friendly market town in an empty, remote county – equally astonishing and tragic that this happens to kids at my daughters’ school – just unspeakably awful


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