How did Tom Owen die ? Last of the summer wine actor cause of death explained

How did Tom Owen die ? Last of the summer wine actor cause of death explained

Tom Owen, who played Tom Simmonite in the last of the summer wine considered as UK’s longest-running series has passed away. Let’s see how Tom Owen dies and his cause of death in detail.


How did Tom Owen Die?

The actor also starred in The Bill and Upstairs Downstairs has passed away peacefully at the age of 73.

In a statement announcing his passing, Tom’s family said: “He passed away peacefully and is survived by his two children, James and William, and ex-wife, Mary.”

The renowned actor is well recognised for his ten-year starring role as Tom Simmonite in the well-liked and popular BBC sitcom from 2000.


Tom Owen Career

Tom began his protracted acting career after graduating from college. He was able to get his first work as an assistant stage manager at Leatherhead Theatre in Surrey because of his father.

He obtained a comparable position at the Westminster Theatre a year later.

After four years in the television industry, he returned to Sidmouth Repertory Theatre in Devon, where he worked and directed.

After his father, Bill Owen, was known for playing Compo Simmonite before passing away in 1999, Tom’s debut on the show continued a family tradition. Tom appeared as his long-lost son.

With Michael York in Great Expectations, David Hemmings in Unman, Wittering, and Zigo, and Kirk Douglas in the television movie Queenie, Owen made several appearances.

He has also appeared on The Bill, The Onedin Line, and Upstairs Downstairs on television. He starred in the 2018 motion picture The Bromley Boys as well.

With his ex-wife Mary Bernadette Therese Moylan, whom he wed in 1978, Tom has two sons: James and William.

In 2010, he commented, “It was a really weird experience, losing a parent, and then being cast as his fictional son,” in an interview with MailOnline. But I simply ignored my emotions. It was a fantastic job that paid well.

Tom was never close to his “talented but odd” father, according to his own admission.

Tom remarked, “I know this will sound strange. But in retrospect, it appears that we were just two men who happened to be father and son. Between us, there was no true connection.


Tom Owen cause of death

As per the statement from his family, Tom Owen died peacefully at his home.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Tom Owen cause of death will be added soon.


Tom Owen’s Statements on Tom Simmonite

He previously recalled the call from Alan Bell, the show’s producer, as occurring “two or three days after Dad had passed away,” in 2000.

“Obviously my mind was on other things, like organizing the funeral, and it hadn’t occurred to me at all that I would be approached to play Compo’s long-lost son.”

Tom added: “Alan suggested the idea to me and I thought about it for two seconds before saying yes.”

Tom continued by saying that it was ‘very odd’ taking on the role after the death of his father.

“It was emotional, but very early on I decided the only way I could tackle it was by being a professional,” he explained.

“I was very aware of how wary the other cast members might be of me. They had all been through a traumatic shock when Dad died. They had known him for all those years as well.

“Dad loved the show and I think he would be very proud that it is going to continue, and in a way, it’s continuing in his memory. I think he would be very happy that I’ve taken his place.”


Tributes pouring in for Tom Owen

Kate Plantin CDG said,

Heartbreaking news that my dear friend the wonderful actor Tom Owen has passed away. Thank you for the wonderful friendship, love, laughs, and adventures we shared. You will be greatly missed. Forever in my heart RIP dearest Tom.

Tom Watson said,

Deeply sad to see that Tom Owen has died. I worked with Tom when he was a key figure in Arts for Labour. He was generous, thoughtful, and kind. His many friends in the Labour movement will miss him, as will the residents of Holmfirth.

Britt Warg said,

Very sad to hear that #TomOwen has passed away. Met him back in 2008, when I did a flood-survey at his home with my flood barrier. Kept in touch after that, mainly to talk about #LOTSW and his lovely Dad, whom I loved. RIP Tom.

Carry On Mark said,

Sad to hear we’ve lost the brilliant Bill Treacher, Arthur Fowler in EastEnders of course, one of my favourite soap characters. And Tom Owen, quote an underrated Comedy actor. Watched Last of the Summer Wine the other day & was thinking he was one of the few still with us. RIP



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