How did Kelly Monteith die? Popular comedian cause of death explained

Kelly Monteith

Kelly Monteith, an American Comedian died at the age of 80. Let’s see, how did Kelly Monteith die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Kelly Monteith die?

Kelly Monteith, an American stand-up comedian who rose to fame in Britain in the early 1980s, passed away at the age of 80.

He is claimed to be the first American stand-up comedian to get his own BBC TV show, which aired from 1979 until 1984.

The Anglophlile Channel, a production firm based in Los Angeles, announced Monteith’s passing today.

Marlise Boland, the founder of the Channel tweeted:

Our hearts are broken as we process the sad news of the loss of our dear friend @Kellymonteith

‘Kelly was such an integral part of our lives in so many ways. He was more than a friend, he was family. A great talent in the world of comedy @BBC and worldwide.’

Kelly Monteith cause of death:

Kelly Monteith had two major strokes in February 2021, which greatly reduced his capacity to talk.

Caroline, his ex-wife, spent two months with him in Cedar Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles, gradually assisting him in regaining some speech, and subsequently relocated him into their family home to care for him.

Kelly Monteith cause of death was an illness. Monteith had two strokes that left him with aphasia, so his ex-wife Caroline Alexander started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for his rehabilitation and speech therapy.

The Anglophlile Channel created the YouTube series Brit Flix, in which Monteith and Marlise’s husband Paul analyzed vintage British films, and Kelly Monteith’s BBC Memories, in which he provided comments on the programme that made him famous.

Following his success on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in the 1970s, Monteith landed a short-lived variety show on CBS in 1976 called The Kelly Monteith Show.

But he established his mark in Britain, where he eventually landed his own show following successful cameos on chat shows, most notably Des O’Connor Tonight.

The stand-up and sketch comedy programme Kelly Monteith broke the fourth wall by having Monteith address the audience about the scenes he played.

Who was Kelly Monteith?

Kelly Monteith was born in St. Louis, Missouri, in the United States on October 17, 1942. He was an actor and writer best known for his roles in Kelly Monteith (1979), A Lousy 10 Grand (2004), and Too Hip for the Room (2015). He previously wed a woman named Caroline Alexander and had two children.
Kelly was granted his own programme by the BBC after making successful guest appearances on British discussion shows. He had a 1979 debut and six seasons of broadcasting.
During the run of the series, Kelly earned the Silver Rose for the BBC at the Montreux Television Festival in Switzerland. The nascent Arts and Entertainment Network in the United States aired reruns of the BBC series.
From 1987 to 1988, the gifted comedian served as host of the brief hidden camera TV programme “The Hit Squad” that was broadcast in first-run American syndication.
Kelly wrote, directed, and starred in the low-budget comedy A Lousy 10 Grand in 2004. The Real Geezers of Beverley Hills, Adjacent, a 6-part television series that was made available on Amazon Prime Video, was written by Monteith, who also starred in it.

Tributes to Kelly Monteith:

James L. Neibaur tweeted,
SAD FAREWELL Comedian Kelly Monteith is, sadly, the first celeb passing of 2023. A funny man who made an impact and influenced other comedians. Mr. Monteith was 80. RIP.
Colleen Perry posted,

My heart is heavy with the passing of a dear friend and wonderful guy, Kelly Monteith. Kelly is the man on the far right, here we were celebrating one of Bob’s birthdays.

Kelly was always a part of every birthday celebration of Bob Leininger’s friend group for the 16 years we were together and Kelly lived with us for several years while Bob was oit working on cruise ships for months at a time. He was a huge support to me.

Bennett Arron Official tweeted,

Kelly Monteith has passed away! A few years ago I said in an interview that, along with Morecambe and Wise, Tommy Cooper and my father, he was one of my favorite comedians. He heard about it, got in contact and thanked me. It’s sad that many won’t know of him. #RIPKellyMonteith

Duck Cameron The Conjuror posted,

Another that will not be replaced has left us. Comedian Kelly Monteith was a gentleman and had a body of work that one could only aspire to.

I spent only a few days at a time with him over recent years. Cruising and selfishly it was worth every min. He gave me his time and knowledge. So glad to have had the opportunity.

Daniel McGachey tweeted,

Sad to hear that Kelly Monteith has died. I loved his series on BBC2 back in the ’80s. A clever mix of stand-up, sitcom and sketch show, with Kelly as a very engaging host.


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