Who is Joseph Arcidiacono? Suspect in Ted Cruz incident charged

Joseph Arcidiacono

Authorities have detained a man who is accused of hitting Texas Senator Ted Cruz with a hard seltzer can during the Houston Astros parade on Monday. Let’s see Who Joseph Arcidiacono is and about the Ted Cruz incident in detail.


Who is Joseph Arcidiacono?

The man who allegedly hurled an alcoholic beverage at Sen. Ted Cruz, a Republican, during the Houston Astros’ World Series victory parade on Monday has been detained by Texas police.

Joseph Halm Arcidiacono, 33, is charged with aggravated assault. Cruz was allegedly hit with a can while sitting in a car and waved at the crowd celebrating the Astros’ World Series triumph over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information about Joseph Halm Arcidiacono will be added soon.


Houston Police released suspect Profile

Houston Police wrote about the incident on Twitter and after charging Joseph Halm Arcidiacona with aggravated assault, they released the assaulter’s photo.


What happened to Ted Cruz?

Around 4:45 pm on Monday, the Houston Police Twitter account said, “HPD made one arrest during today’s victory parade.”

“A male, 33, threw a beer can at U.S. Senator Ted Cruz as the Senator was on a float in the 2400 block of Smith St. The beer can struck the Senator in the chest/neck area.”

According to HPD, Cruz didn’t need medical attention.


Video Proof

A can almost hit the senator, and a close person tried to block it, as shown in a video posted on Twitter.

Cruz appears to deflect the flying can away from him in the video of the event, and then members of his group point towards the individual they think threw the can.


Fine $40,000

Arcidiacono was given a $40,000 bond by the judge, but the public defender argued for a $100 bond because she questioned the validity of the accusation since she didn’t think the cans met the criteria for being a lethal weapon.

She noted a 2003 Texas criminal appeals case that mandated a dangerous weapon must have more than merely a potential for killing or seriously harming someone.

Arcidiacono was around 20 feet away from Cruz, according to the lawyer, and the officer’s statements in the case don’t satisfy those conditions.


Restrictions to Arcidiacono

Arcidiacono will still be subject to a number of bail requirements, such as abstaining from coming within a distance of 1000 feet of Cruz’s workplace or residence, wearing a GPS tracking device, not threatening the senator, and abstaining from using drugs, alcohol, or firearms.

Cruz received jeers while riding on the back of a Humvee, despite there being reunion and joy along the march route. The cans were thrown when he was inside the car.


Texas Penal Code

According to the Texas Penal Code, aggravated assault occurs when the victim is significantly hurt or the accused assailant “uses or exhibits a lethal weapon during the conduct of the assault.”

A second-degree offense carries a sentence of 2 to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Cruz would appear to be a “public servant” according to the language in the statute, therefore Arcidiacono might be charged with a first-degree crime, which carries the same fine but a 99-year prison sentence.


Arcidiacono’s statement in the court

Arcidiacono was charged with the felony count, according to court documents ABC13 received late Monday.

According to court records, the first can miss Cruz, and the second can also miss the senator’s face but struck him on the forearm.

The suspect reportedly stated after being arrested that was read out in court, saying “I know I’m an idiot. I’m sorry.”


Ted Cruz tweets

Following the news of Arcidiacono’s arrest, Cruz revealed in a tweet that the object was not a beer can but rather a well-known type of hard seltzer.

“As always I’m thankful to the Houston Police and Capitol Police for their quick action. I’m also thankful that the clown who threw his White Claw had a noodle for an arm,” On Monday afternoon, Cruz tweeted.


NBC Reporter tweets

Cruz was not well received by most of the crowd, as local NBC station, KPRC reporter Chancellor Johnson had noticed earlier in the day.

Around 3:00 p.m. on Monday, Johnson tweeted, “Ted Cruz pulled off what I thought was impossible — getting booed at a championship parade.”



Cruz may have been the only one targeted, but other lawmakers also took part in the parade celebrations.

On the Humvee with the senator were U.S. Representatives Sylvia Garcia and Lizzie Fletcher. Ahead of Cruz came Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and behind him was U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee.

Arcidiacono is anticipated to return to court on Wednesday.


Public Comment on the incident

People made comments on Twitter replying to Houston Police tweets.

Kgespino tweeted,

“where can I donate money to bail him out??”

Daniel tweeted,

“The hero we didn’t know we needed.”

henry tweeted,

“So you support violence when it’s against someone you don’t like. Regardless of you and I not like him doesn’t make it okay.”

HK tweeted,

“It’s a shame…Hateful People with no decency and basic manners don’t deserve to be a part of society irrespective of political leanings. Throwing a beer for ur political belief at a dad at a husband who was at the #Astros celebration parade is awful. Go Fight Elections. Punish him😡”

male manipulator literature enthusiast tweeted,

“Free him.”



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