What did Dodgers offer Freddie Freeman? What is Freddie Freeman salary?

What did Dodgers offer Freddie Freeman

What did Dodgers offer Freddie Freeman: Los Angeles Dodgers fans have been waiting over 3 months for the team to make a splash in free agency, and nearly 48 hours after the lockout ended… nothing.

Not exactly nothing, but no signings or trades. Just rumors and a reported new offer to Freddie Freeman. That allegedly occurred on Friday night, but Freeman has yet to make a decision, leaving fans in the dark.

Are the New York Yankees still involved in this? What’s going on with the Atlanta Braves’ bid to keep their captain? Is another team swooping in to add to the confusion?

Because we’ve heard a lot from Max Muncy and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts about how much they’d love to have Freeman on the team! A little extra marketing can’t hurt for the Southern California native, who may be weighing his options and deciding whether or not to leave the organization where he’s spent his entire career.

Los Angeles Dodgers Rumors:

What is the situation with Freddie Freeman?
So, what does all of this mean?! Is the Dodgers’ current offer the best? And Freeman is awaiting a response from the Braves? Or should the Yankees aim higher? Before allowing Freeman to walk, are the Braves ensuring that Oakland Athletics first baseman Matt Olson will be accessible in a trade?

Then there was the latest from MLB insider Jon Heyman, who stated that the Dodgers “at the very least have emerged as a very viable alternative” for Freeman. Wasn’t it always like this? They’re arguably the World Series favorites and have the potential to form one of the most potent offenses in baseball if Freeman takes over at first base and Max Muncy moves to second base.


And, if the Braves are “fine” with potentially acquiring Olson, why hasn’t Freeman made a decision? That leads us to believe the Yankees or another major league team could be involved here… or, at the very least, Freeman is hoping for it.

However, according to MLB insider Jim Bowden, the Braves are “making every effort” to keep Freeman with various new contract. Is Freeman waiting for a Braves counter, and if he doesn’t like it (or it’s clear they’re not willing to go any further), will he defect to Los Angeles?

The Dodgers appear to be hedging their bets with Nelson Cruz as well. The Dodgers are pursuing both Cruz and Freeman at the same time, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic, with the expectation that they can “afford both” and give them sufficient time together in the line-up thanks to the Universal DH.

We realize it’s a lot. However, for the time being, this is where the Dodgers and Freeman stand (in addition to some other outside factors). But hold your head on a swivel because we could have a solution in the next few hours.

What is Freddie Freeman salary?

The 32-year-old has long been linked to the Dodgers and Yankees, and the Rays reportedly made a contract offer prior to the lockout. The Dodgers and Yankees are also believed to have made offers to Freeman since free agency restarted last week with a new bargaining agreement (CBA) in place.

L.A. doesn’t have a pressing need at first base, but signing Freeman would help fill the void left by Corey Seager’s 10-year, $325 million deal with the Texas Rangers.

“I’d love to see Freddie Freeman in a Los Angeles Dodgers uniform.” Who wouldn’t want to? When asked about the Dodgers’ interest in Freeman, manager Dave Roberts responded, “He’s a heck of a ballplayer.”

“He’s put himself in a position to be a free agent, so he’s earned that right, as well as the opportunity to be courted by other teams and determine what’s best for him and his family.” Certainly in the discussion for us, but ultimately it will be his decision.”

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