Cesar Bono clarified his status after versions of his death

César Bono clarified his status after versions of his death


The emblematic comic actor Cesar Bono reappeared on social networks to silence the rumors that pointed to his death.

After several days of hospitalization in the Spanish hospital in Mexico City, Cesar Bono is improving his health, as the same actor announced in a tweet, this after the rumor of that the artist was extremely serious or that he had even already died.

With this statement, the emblematic film, theater and television actor threw overboard the versions that indicated a supposed death. This is how the actor wrote it, who became known to the mass public during the 1980s as part of the file film.

“I’m fine, improving. Thank you all for his good comments and concern, ”wrote the actor who is going through a complicated health moment, although his life is not compromised.

The relatives of ”Frankie Rivers” from Neighbors requested blood donation for the actor (Photo: File)

Since last March 4, when the actor had also positioned himself in the trends on social networks, he published a reassuring message for his fans: “ Thank you very much to all my friends in the media, colleagues, and everyone who has been concerned. I am stable and in good health. I am not in danger ”, he wrote then.

Cesar Bono entered the hospital in recent days after a perforation in the duodenum was detected, for this reason, he remained in intensive care, and from that moment, rumors were unleashed but also false messages about his supposed death.

And it is that the false message had transcendence in social networks, causing the reaction of Elías Solorio, producer of the Neighbors series, who responded emphatically, emphasizing that said rumor is false.

Bono’s health worried his followers, especially because of the actor’s health history Photo: Instagram @assislsantos

For his part, Eduardo España, who plays “Germán” in the Televisa series, expressed his concern and reiterated his support for the artist and his family.

The actor opened his trunk of memories to share how they have forged their friendship for approximately 24 years. During the first hours of this Sunday, March 13, the protagonist of  Pastorela published a photograph on Twitter and Instagram where he appears staring at Cesar Bono. In the image, both pose characterized as the characters they play in the successful comedy series Neighbors.

In his post, the comedian added some heartfelt words that hinted at the affection he feels for his colleague, whom he would have met in 1998. He said that since then they have built a strong bond of friendship that has endured over time and shared some activities that they usually do together.

Lalo Spain showed his support for his partner on his Twitter account (Capture: @laloespana/Twitter)

“ I want you to always keep in mind how much I love you, my eternal boy Cesar Bono,  who came into my life in 1998. How much we have laughed, commented on books, talked about the Spanish Civil War, acting, philosophy of life, so many stuff! I adore you,” he wrote.

The tweeters recognized the tender gesture of Eduardo Spain for Cesar Bono and also took advantage of the space to send him messages of encouragement, encouragement, and good wishes for his speedy recovery. Several of the users even shared their favorite movies of the actor such as  Three Very Pointy Boatmen, My Secretary, The Greengrocers,  among many more.

Bono was hospitalized in an emergency during the first week of March after he presented severe pain and vomiting. Who was in charge of confirming the news on networks was his daughter María Rosa Queijeiro, who requested help to find blood donors and, although she did not specify that they were for her father, she did share the requirements that had to be met in accordance with what was specified by the Spanish Hospital.

After about 10 hours since the news broke, Cesar Bono reappeared on his Twitter account to thank the signs of affection.



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