Anil Joshiyara died at 69: What was Anil Joshiyara Cause of death

Anil Joshiyara died

Anil Joshiyara died: A Bhiloda MLA, died as a result of a corona in Chennai.

Dr. Anil Joshiyara (MLA Dr. Anil Joshiyara) of Bhiloda has died. Anil Joshiara died of Corona at the age of 69. He was being treated in Chennai.

Anil Joshiyara Cause of Death

Dr. Anil Joshiyara, a Gujarat Congress MLA, was rushed to the hospital after his health deteriorated on January 24. During the new wave of Covid-19, the state has seen a high level of covid positivity among political leaders as well. Dr. Anil Joshiara, a Congress MLA from Bhiloda in the Aravalli district, tested positive for Covid-19 and was undergoing treatment in a private hospital in Ahmedabad.

According to the sources, Joshiyara and his wife tested positive for Covid-19 and were being treated at home. Joshiyara, on the other hand, had been rushed to CIMS hospital in Ahmedabad three days earlier after his health had deteriorated. He is now on a ventilator, and doctors have advised that he was kept under medical observation for at least a week, according to the sources.

Who was Anil Joshiya

Dr. Anil Joshiyara was born on April 24, 1953. He was a native of Chunakhan in Lamul Bhiloda taluka. He received his MBBS in 1979 and his MS in 1983. (General Surgeon) degree from Gujarat University. Dr. Anil Joshiyara served for six years as Superintendent and Surgeon at Bhiloda Civil Hospital. He has been a successful member of the Medical Association for three years at Himmatnagar Civil Hospital and at Bharuch Civil Hospital from 1989 to 1992. He first became an MLA in 1995. Became Minister of State for Health in 1996-97.

Represented Bhiloda Assembly seat for four consecutive terms

He was defeated by the late Upendra Trivedi in the 1998 Assembly elections and served as the Minister of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee from 1998 to 2002. In the subsequent assembly elections of 2002, 2007, 2012, 2017, he has won four consecutive terms from the Congress and is representing the Bhiloda assembly seat.

Anil Joshiya Death Cause

Bhiloda MLA Dr. Anil Joshiara passed away while undergoing treatment for corona in Chennai.

Bhiloda MLA Dr. Anil Joshiyara (MLA Dr. Anil Joshiyara) has passed away. Anil Joshiara has died at the age of 69 from Corona. He was undergoing treatment in Chennai. He died at a private hospital in Gandhinagar at around 1 pm today.

Dr. Anil Joshiara was kept on a ventilator at a hospital in Ahmedabad after contracting corona. He was taken to Chennai by air ambulance for further treatment as he was suffering from more lung problems. Where he was admitted to a private hospital.

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