Watch Video: Why did Russian troops kill the Journalist Brent Renaud?

Why did Russian troops kill the American journalist Brent Renaud?


Why did Russian troops kill the American journalist Brent Renaud: The American newspaper The New York Times states that the correspondent Brent Renaud, who was killed near Irpen, did not work in Ukraine on their assignment, but expresses regret over his murder.

“We are deeply saddened by the news of Brent Reno’s death. Brent was a talented photographer and director who had worked with The New York Times before. Although he has collaborated with our publication before (mostly in 2015), he did not have an editorial assignment in Ukraine from any department, ” NYT Deputy Editor-in-Chief Cliff Levy wrote on Twitter.


Why did Russian troops kill the American journalist Brent Renaud?

A 51-year-old reporter was killed by Russian servicemen on March 13 near Irpen.

“Russian bandits killed him in Irpen. They killed brutally – they shot him in the head, ” Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova wrote on Facebook.

“I appeal to international partners – do we have to count the number of victims on your calculator? Help. Take a risk. Take responsibility. It will be impossible to sit on the side. Not on the side anymore, “Venediktova addressed the world community.


As per the reports, Russian troops didn’t stop firing even after knowing he is a reporter. They thought he was lying and was one of the Ukrainian troopers.

A colleague of the murdered Brent Renaud, also a journalist from the United States, was injured. The chief of police of the Kyiv area Andrey Nebytov reported about it on March 13.

Earlier this week, Radio Liberty journalist Marian Kushnir was injured in Baryshivka, east of Kyiv. This happened during his editorial task when an airstrike took place in Baryshivka.


Total Journalists attacked and killed in Ukraine 2022

The Justice for Journalists Foundation (JFJ) has documented at least 35 attacks on journalists in Ukraine since the start of Russia’s full-scale war. Most of the attacks were carried out by Russian forces, some of the attackers have not been identified,

Maria Ordzhonikidze, head of the London-based foundation, told Radio Svoboda on March 13.

“Physical attacks, all of which were committed by Russian troops, include – murders of three journalists

  1. Journalist Victor Dudar died during the fighting near Mykolayiv;
  2. Live cameraman Yevhen Sakun died during a rocket attack in Kyiv;
  3. American Brent Renaud, video journalist, former author of The New York Times, was killed at a checkpoint in Irpen, Kyiv region.

10 assassination attempts

  1. Swiss journalist Guillaume Bricket was injured and also robbed by Russian troops;
  2. Two Czech Voxpot journalists Maida Slamova and Wojciech Bogach came under fire from Russian troops;
  3. Two Danish Ekstra-Bladet correspondents – journalist Stefan Eichert and photographer
  4. Filtenborg Mikkelsen was wounded by gunfire,
  5. Russian troops attacked the British television group Sky News – chief correspondent Stuart Ramsey and four colleagues were returning to Kyiv when they were ambushed. , – it is said in the message.


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