What was yelled at Osaka at Indian Wells? Why did she cry? Watch Video

What did heckler say to Naomi Osaka? Why did she cry? - Watch Video


On Saturday, a heckler yelled at Naomi Osaka during a tournament in California, causing the tennis start to cry. Let’s see What was yelled at Osaka at Indian Wells and Why did she cry.


What was yelled at Osaka at Indian Wells?

At the Indian Wells Masters in Indian Wells, California, Osaka was competing against Veronika Kudermetova when a heckler said to Naomi Osaka, “Naomi, you suck!”. After the remark was made, the audience booed the heckler.


Naomi asked the umpire her mic

Shortly after the heckler’s remark, Osaka requested the umpire if she may address the crowd via their microphone.

“I only have a few words. I’m not about to curse. I never curse. It’s simply weighing on my heart “Osaka informed the umpire.


Naomi Osaka speech Indian wells

However, the umpire declined her plea, leaving Osaka to wait until after the match to remark on the issue, which she eventually lost to Kudermetova.

“All I want to say is, ‘Thank you.'” As her voice quivered and she appeared to wipe her eyes, Osaka remarked. “I’ve had my fill of crying in front of the camera. I just wanted to convey that, to be honest, I’d been heckled before and it didn’t disturb me.”


Osaka continued, saying that being heckled in Indian Wells, where she had seen footage of Venus and Serena Williams being heckled, “entered into my head and got repeated a lot.”

As her voice cracked, she assured the audience that she was trying not to cry.

“I simply wanted to thank you and congratulate you,” she remarked, motioning to Kudermetova.

Osaka had previously considered taking a break from tennis due to the strains of the sport.

Osaka said last year that she was thinking about taking a vacation from tennis.

“I’ve noticed that when I win, I don’t feel delighted; instead, I feel relieved. And then, when I lose, I’m devastated “In 2021, Osaka stated.

Osaka previously withdrew from the French Open before the second round to take a mental health vacation, having already said that she would not appear in press conferences in Paris.


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