20 Reasons why Andrew Garfield is the best Spider Man of all time

Reasons why Andrew Garfield is the best spiderman of all time

Andrew Garfield best spider man ever: Most Spider-Man fans have already watched No Way Home by this point. It was a breath of fresh air to watch the former Spider-Men return to action and share the screen.

The debut of the film has reignited the argument over who portrays the Marvel superhero the best. The debate has raged for years, and while the answer is still up for debate, the Spider-Man comics demonstrate which actor better represents the comic-book character.


How did all the 3 Spiderman versions portray Peter Parker?

What did all the 3 spiderman versions do

Each performer should be commended for adding something special to the role. With the sorrowful eyes and “huge burden” resting heavily on his shoulders, Maguire’s performance in the first three Spider-Man films introduced Peter Parker/Spider-Man to the big screen. Maguire has a way of breaking our hearts all of the time, and it’s part of Spider-Man’s mythology.

Holland, on the other hand, portrays Peter as the vivacious adolescent we’ve all been wanting to witness. He’s a 15-year-old with abilities who enjoys assisting others and has ties to the Avengers, so he’s fairly pumped most of the time. There’s very little of the sadness that’s normally connected with Parker’s Spider-Man journey, and we have to agree, that works extremely well.

Garfield, on the other hand, is the only one who has truly brought together all of the elements that make Spider-Man who he is. Garfield’s clear acting chops allow him to fully handle the character’s personal woes and ultimate sacrifices with aplomb. He embodies the boyish enthusiasm, awkwardly crushes big time on the girl, but more importantly, Garfield’s clear acting chops allow him to fully handle the character’s personal woes and ultimate sacrifices with aplomb.


My honest opinion on who is the best?

I’m about to say something that some Spider-Man fans may find controversial, but Andrew Garfield was never an issue in the Amazing Spider-Man films. I’ll tell it once more. Andrew Garfield was never an issue in any of his Spider-Man films. You might be thinking to yourself, “How can that be?” if you’re a fan of the webhead. Outside of Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is undoubtedly the most reviled of the Spider-Man films, and Andrew Garfield was at the center of it.

But what if I told you that Andrew Garfield had nothing to do with it and that he is, in fact, my favorite Spider-Man version to date on the big screen? It’s perfectly fine if you believe I’m insane. I’m completely insane. Insane for Spider-Man. And seeing the new Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer only reminded me of how much I like Andrew Garfield’s performance as Spider-Man. No offense to Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire, but Andrew Garfield will always be my favorite version of the wall-climbing web-slinger and I have 20 reasons why.


Reasons why Andrew Garfield is the best spiderman of all time


1. Garfield has the best comedic timing

Garfield has the best comedic timing

I know that everyone is a Spider-Man expert now, but I didn’t know many people who read comic books when I was a dweeby youngster. Yes, everyone enjoyed watching the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoon series, but I didn’t know many people who, like me, went to the comic book shop every month to pick up new issues of The Maxx or Spider-Man. And one of my favorite aspects of Spider-Man in the comics was how he constantly poked fun of his opponents. Just punching them in the head and tying them to a lamppost wasn’t enough. He had to mock them vocally as well.

Before catching the bad guys, Spider-Man is infamous for making snide remarks and occasionally poorly timed jokes. It’s always been a part of his comedic persona, and it’s one of the reasons we adore the web-slinger. Aside from J.K. Simmons’ colorful performance and Bruce Campbell’s appearances, the Sam Raimi flicks starring Maguire lacked the right amount of comedy. To be sure, it was a missed chance.

We have Garfield, who is a breath of new air, and we instantly begin giggling when we watch him jump into action and utter things like, “Really?” Do you honestly believe I’m a cop? “Is it a cop in a skin-tight red and blue suit?” or “Is that a cop in a skin-tight red and blue suit?” or telling Aunt May that he has a smudge on his face from cleaning the chimney? “Whaaat?” he exclaims when she tells him they don’t have a chimney. He delivers the jokes and one-liners flawlessly, and he appears to be having a great time doing it.


2. Ideal Middle Ground between Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire

Ideal Middle Ground between Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire

As I have stated, I enjoy Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire as Spider-Man. In fact, unlike Batman, I don’t believe Spider-Man has ever had a terrible movie. Tobey Maguire had a youthful appeal about him, but in Spider-Man 2 and 3, he was quite much an adult. And Tom Holland is the most awkward Spider-Man of them all, as well as the youngest and inexperienced.

Both of these Spider-Mans are fantastic. Andrew Garfield, on the other hand, is the ideal middle ground. He’s geeky, but he’s also cool and lots more confident. He’s like Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 3, but without the hip-shaking and table-dancing.

And, like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, he appears to enjoy his role as the web-slinging hero, swinging across the city and marveling at his awesomeness. Andrew Garfield was the best of both worlds, and it’s a shame we never got a film that really reflected his abilities. The first film came close, but the second was much better. What a dreck of a turkey.


3. Most resemblance to Spider Man’s body type in the comics

Most resemblance to Spider Man's body type in the comics

Andrew Garfield is the only Spider-Man with a body type that is comparable to the one in the comics, which may or may not be significant to everyone. When I think of Spider-Man, the first thing that comes to mind is a swimmer’s physique. He isn’t particularly muscular, but he is long and angular. I don’t know how tall Tobey Maguire or Tom Holland is off the top of my head, but neither of them has those characteristics. In fact, Tom Holland appears little in the current Spider-Man films, as if he’s still in high school.

The Amazing Spider-Man movies, on the other hand, made Andrew Garfield look exactly like Spider-Man from the comics.

He looked fantastic as Peter Parker (if a little too cool), and much better after he put on the costume. Again, it wasn’t important to everyone, but I was probably the most involved with Andrew Garfield when it came to immersion, and largely because he looked like the Spider-Man I’ve always imagined when I read the comics.


4. He Developed Web-Shooters of His Own

He Developed Web-Shooters of His Own

Yes, I understand. You may argue that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man made the web flowing as well, so this is a moot argument. But my primary beef with the most recent Spider-Man films is that most of the technology Spider-Man has was given to him by Iron Man. What irritates me about this is that Spider-intelligence Man’s and genius are only hinted at in the current films. And he doesn’t even have to make web-shooters in the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man movies. Once he’s been bitten by the spider, it’s just a part of his DNA. This is an excellent shorthand narrative, but it has always irritated me. No pun intended.

Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man had a beautiful moment when he builds his web-shooters and suit, and I’ve always liked how Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man looked to be the most interested in science, which is a big part of his character. Again, the other two Spider-Men films share that component, but Andrew Garfield’s rendition is the greatest at nailing it.


5. Only Spider-Man started with Gwen Stacy

Only Spider-Man started with Gwen Stacy

Okay, so this is another little detail, but it is significant to me. Only Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man has Gwen Stacy as a romantic lead from the start. Gwen Stacy, played by Emma Stone in the films, is an important element of Spider Man’s And I’m not only referring to her death. I’m referring to her relationship with her father, police captain George Stacy, as well as her status as Peter Parker’s first high school crush.


6. The greatest Spider-Man swings are Garfield’s

The greatest Spider-Man swings are Garfield's

The fact that the swings were a significant improvement over Tobey Maguire’s has been a key feature of The Amazing Spider-Man series. Garfield makes the most of Spider-Man’s powers, whereas Maguire’s swinging seemed rubbery and Holland’s swings were scarcely shown in his movie.

Garfield’s Spider-Man swings in his films are displayed in a POV perspective, allowing the spectator to see what Spider-Man sees, and it’s breathtaking. Not to add that the CGI is far superior to that of prior Spider-Man films.


7. Used his brains to vanquish his enemies

Used his brains to vanquish his enemies

While Holland and Maguire aren’t ignorant, Garfield is the one who has utilized his wits to defeat enemies the most. Before Dr. Connors transformed every one of New York into lizards in The Amazing Spider-Man, he had Gwen Stacy produce a lizard serum treatment. In the sequel, he even produced an overcurrent to defeat Electro.

When the Green Goblin injured himself with his own glider, and Dock Ock drowned his own machine after Spidey had no clue how to stop it from killing the city, Maguire’s Spidey got lucky with his villains. In Holland’s case, Mysterio outsmarted him, revealing his true identity to the rest of the world.

That being said, when it comes to intelligence, Garfield’s hero is unrivaled.


8. Most confident and gregarious of all

Most confident and gregarious of all

Garfield is, without a doubt, the most confident and captivating of the three Spider-Man actors. He was able to convey a level of ease in his persona that neither of the other two could. In a scenario like attempting to talk down Electro in Times Square, staying cool, calm, and collected might be difficult.


9. Good at mixing goofy with seriousness

Good at mixing goofy with seriousness

Garfield is also the greatest at being awkwardly goofy, which comes in handy when Peter is attempting to navigate his romance with Gwen. The important word here is “charming,” since Garfield, more than his counterparts, emanates charisma and adds minute details to the character – his looks or minor movements – that make the role distinctly his and eternally watchable.

But, as is typical in the Spider-Man universe, things go wrong for Peter when his Uncle Ben is killed, and the novelty of being a superhero begins to wear off. Garfield masterfully handles the shift in emotions, lending depth to the web-suffering heads without being as pathetic and mopey as Maguire. Garfield’s portrayal is understated, and his Spider-Man’s quieter moments, which are full of genuine emotion, are sad.


10. Perfect Supporting characters to work with

Perfect Supporting characters to work with

Throughout all of the Spider-Man films, there have been some outstanding supporting performances, but Garfield appears to shine the brightest with his co-stars in The Amazing Spider-Man. The excellent veterans, starting with Sally Field and Martin Sheen as Aunt May and Uncle Ben, bring even more depths to their legendary characters, and Garfield benefits from their skill, especially Field as May. Captain George Stacy is played by Denis Leary, and Norman Osborn is played by Chris Cooper.

We also have some great villains, like Dane DeHaan’s sinister and petulant Harry Osborn, Rhys Ifans’ earnest Dr. Curt Connors, who transforms into the cold-hearted Lizard, and Jamie Foxx’s Electro. He’s a little over-the-top, but he’s still more interesting than the three villains in Spider-Man 3 (though we have to give it to the finest Spider-Man bad guy of all time, Spider-Man 2’s Doc Ock, portrayed by Alfred Molina). Then there’s Emma Stone, who we’ll talk about a little bit later.


11. Had a Strong bond with Aunt May

Had a Strong bond with Aunt May

Garfield’s friendship with Field results in the best interactions between Peter and Aunt May out of all of them. When he went on to portray Spider-Man, he was a relative unknown (his most well-known job at the time was The Social Network), but it’s clear that he stepped up his game to work with the Oscar winner.

When Peter begs his aunt to tell him the truth about his biological father, Richard Parker, she delivers a moving speech about how Richard wasn’t a good parent and left Peter on their doorstep, a “small kid whose whole world was flipped upside down with no explanation.” She knows something about Richard, but she refuses to tell Peter because he is her “boy,” and she will not harm him. “I’m your boy, you’re enough,” Garfield says, and we’re speechless.

The strength of the two actors’ emotions is evident, and they will always be a cut above the rest.

Despite Field’s subsequent complaints about having to portray Aunt May in a smaller role, it’s clear that she and Garfield were a perfect match.


12. Excellent at portraying a Teenager

Excellent at portraying a Teenager

Yes, Tom Holland has perhaps become the finest actor to play Peter Parker as a teen, owing to the fact that he was one himself when he directed Spider-Man: Homecoming. From the young energy to the uncomfortable pauses to the very nerdy blog about his Civil War experience, Holland has it all.

Garfield, on the other hand, does an excellent job depicting the inner life of a high school kid – and because he is a little older, he uses his acting expertise to make it feel real. His Peter is arrogant and egotistical at times, but also a nerdy and silent outsider who wants to fit in but feels alienated most of the time. Who hasn’t gone through something similar in high school?

“I was really young — 25, 26 — and I felt very young,” the actor told Variety of the part. I’d only done a few films, but I was in the correct frame of mind. I felt compelled to do it, and I knew it was the correct decision.” We feel the same way.


13. Always loveable Spider-Man

Always loveable Spider-Man

Garfield, more than his contemporaries, physically suits the Spider-Man character, despite all the subtlety and charm. To begin with, the actor stands taller than both Maguire and Holland. Spider Man’s Peter is reported as being roughly 5′ 10″ tall, which is precisely the same height as Garfield. Peter’s gawky, gangly figure is well-suited to his beanpole frame.

Garfield, of course, got in shape so that his trim abs would come through when he put on the Spider-Man outfit, apparently following a strict training and nutrition plan.” I really wanted to make something tactile that was true and sincere and inspired by the many artists over the years,” he previously told the L.A. Times. I’ve always been fascinated by and enamored by his body.

While this doesn’t necessarily set Garfield apart from the other two actors – both of them have gotten into incredible shape — the fact that he already looks the part without exercising adds to his credibility.


14. All the Suitable Spider-Man Fight patterns

All the Suitable Spider-Man Fight patterns

When it came to techniques, the youngster researched how to fight and move like Spider-Man, which included intently examining the spider itself.

“What would having spider DNA forming a proportion of your blood — what would that do?” he told the L.A. Times when asked how he went about it. So I researched spiders and attempted to include as much of what I learned as possible.” He went on to claim that spiders are also extremely sensitive to the environment surrounding them, such as wind, and that he expected his spidey senses to react similarly. “I find the quiet and lightness of a spider to be incredibly intriguing to explore as well.”

The stunt coordinators and special effects crew deserve credit, but when Peter is battling Lizard at his high school and hopping about the room, Garfield’s serious attention to detail and effort shines through.


15. Peter’s Intellectual Properties are Highlighted

Peter's Intellectual Properties are Highlighted

Then there’s Peter’s intelligence. All three of them — Maguire, Holland, and Garfield – demonstrate the character’s sharp intelligence to differing degrees. However, one of the major flaws in Raimi’s version is that Spider-Man can naturally spin webs from his wrists rather than using web-shooters, as he does in the comics. Holland, on the other hand, is a member of the high school academic decathlon team and makes his own web-shooters, although his suit is finally custom-made by Tony Stark.

Only Garfield’s Peter follows the standard plot, and we watch how he invents various inventions, such as his web-shooters and his suit. He also goes a step further in presenting a more scientific Parker, particularly in the first Amazing Spider-Man film, as he assists Dr. Curt Connors in formulating the equation for regenerating lost limbs. Naturally, this backfires, and Connors turns into a homicidal amphibian, but still… Garfield does the finest job of showcasing Peter’s brains.


16. Off Camera, Plays Spider-Man For Kids

Off Camera, Plays Spider-Man For Kids

It’s not uncommon for a superhero actor to assume the costume for young fans when the situation calls for it, but Garfield took it quite seriously while he was in the role. It’s probably because he remembers how fascinated he was with the character as a youngster, and why wouldn’t he want to express that same passion now?

In 2013, while filming in New York City, Garfield took a break from the set to play basketball with some youngsters in full costume. In 2014, he performed the same thing at a London charity event called Kids’ City. Later, he joined the youngsters inside for a pizza party, first in costume, then without it, and simply being himself. Still cool. We’d want to give a shout-out to Tom Holland, who just visited a children’s hospital and did the same thing.


17. Sexiest Peter Parker Look Ever

Sexiest Peter Parker Look Ever

Scoff if you want to, but Garfield is downright attractive as Spider-Man. The actor has a way of making us swoon right away. With side looks and adorable smiles as he runs his hands through his hair, there’s teen Peter, attempting to be too cool for school. There’s Peter as the newbie Spider-Man, bumbling yet adorable behind the mask with his humor. Then there’s Peter, who plays a geeky scientist with glasses and solves equations – yep, he’s sexy in that role.

The sensitive, wounded Peter, of course, catches our hearts, but what about Peter in love? Day-um. “Easy, bug boy,” she says when he bends in to kiss Gwen, but she won’t allow him, and he keeps trying nonetheless, muttering, “Yes. Yes.” in her neck — just stop it. We’re totally sucked in.


18. Mad Chemistry with Gwen Stacy

Mad Chemistry with Gwen Stacy

In a nutshell, here it is. We like Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man because he and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy have some of the finest on-screen chemistry we’ve ever seen. None of the other two actors have come close thus far. Naturally, the fact that Garfield and Stone began dating while filming the original Amazing Spider-Man helped, but there had to be a spark before they fell in love in real life.

While both films have flaws, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in particular, anytime the two actors are onscreen, everything comes to life. They have a natural back-and-forth, playful banter that never feels forced. We’re a quite sure half of their conversation is made up on the spot. It’s truly incredible to witness, and we’re a little sad their real-life romance ended.


19. Garfield made Peter’s Journey Completely Understandable

Garfield made Peter's Journey Completely Understandable

While Maguire goes too far and Holland doesn’t go far enough, Garfield appears to grasp the meaning of those famous words, “with great power comes great responsibility.” As previously said, Garfield can ratchet up the melancholy when things start to go wrong for Spidey, and no sequence in any of the Spider-Man films thus far is more devastating than Gwen’s death. The horrible thing is when he almost rescues her. His web reaches her just in time, but not fast enough to prevent her body from colliding with the earth. Garfield’s heartbreaking understanding that she’s dead tears your heart out.

Despite all of this, Garfield’s Peter pulls himself up and carries on, knowing that he must continue to be the hero in order to honor those he has lost. His Spider-Man matures far more than Maguire’s (it’s still too early to speak about Holland’s hero). We witness Peter grow from a nerdy adolescent to a responsible adult in Garfield’s hands, although with some scars from the tragedy.


20. He Is, In Fact, The Bext Actor

He Is, In Fact, The Bext Actor

In the end, it all boils down to this: Garfield is a fantastic actor. As previously said, he was a relative newcomer to the big screen when he took on the Spider-Man role, but he carried with him expertise from films like The Social Network and Never Let Me Go. His thorough preparation for the role, his enthusiasm, his commitment, his genuine bonds with his co-stars, and his charm all originate from an actor who loves his profession and wants to offer Spider-Man fans the real deal.

Garfield has maintained those attributes into his post-Spidey work, earning an Oscar nomination for his harrowing portrayal in Mel Gibson’s WWII thriller Hacksaw Ridge in 2016, as well as quietly putting up another fantastic performance in Martin Scorsese’s Silence.



So there you have it: 20 reasons why Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is still my favorite. What are your thoughts on the matter? In the poll below, please tell me what you think. Make sure to check back here frequently for updates on forthcoming Marvel films including future Spider-Man movies.


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