Pig Heart Transplant to Human in Assam: Today’s record, this is the Indian doctor who went to Jail 25 years ago for PIG heart transplantation

pig heart transplant to human in india

Pig heart transplant to human Assam

“Twenty-five years ago, I told the world that every part of a pig could fit into a human body. But no one supported me. This government imprisoned me,” said 71-year-old organ transplant surgeon Dr. Dhaniram Baruah, who stabbed the table in anger.

Following a stroke in 2016, Dr. Taniram Barua was unable to speak clearly. Dalimi Baruah, who has worked with him for many years, understands his vague speech and explains what caused his anger. The reason for this anger is the bitter experiences he has had with his research. who is he? What did he do like that?

Recently a team of American doctors transplanted the heart of a genetically modified pig into a human. The event is being celebrated as the first successful one in the world of surgery. Doctors at the University of Maryland Medical Center say this is the first time in the world that this type of surgery has been performed and that 57-year-old David Bennett, who received the pig’s heart, is currently recovering.

He underwent surgery in 1997 and was imprisoned

pig heart transplant to human David bennet

Dr. Dhaniram Baruah runs the Dhaniram Baruah Heart City and City of Human Genome, a medical institute based in Sonapur, Assam. Genetically modified pig heart transplant to human surgery performed by American doctors is nothing new. He says American doctors have made this achievement based on the same technique they used for pig heart transplant to human surgery many years ago through their research says Assam cardiologist Dr. Dhaniram Baruah.

In his conversation, he said “On January 1, 1997, I transplanted a pig’s heart into the body of a 32 – year – old man. As a result of the successful surgery, the patient survived for 7 days after the heart transplant. But the patient had multiple infections that could not save his life. In fact, the patient had a hole in the lower chamber of the heart, which is called a ventricular septal defect. As a result, the patient developed a variety of infections. “

Pig heart transplant to human in Assam in 1997:

Dr. Dhaniram Baruah performed the surgery at his Cardiology Center in Sonapur in collaboration with Dr. Jonathan Ho Ke-shing, a surgeon from Hong Kong. During the operation, which lasted about 15 hours, Dr. Baruah fitted the pig’s heart and lungs to the patient. But after the patient died, a major controversy arose over this transplant. All were shouting, Pig heart transplant to human done by Assam doctor was a failure.

Following the news of the incident in the local media, the two doctors were arrested under the Cruel Murder and Human Transplant Act, 1994.

Dr. Dhaniram, who studied cardio surgery at the Royal College of Glasgow in Scotland, now recalls the incident, saying,

Today there is talk all over the world about pig heart transplant to human surgery, but at that time I was imprisoned. My company was looted. None of the workers helped me. The case against me is still pending today.

I came to India through Indira Gandhi:

“After studying cardio in Glasgow, I worked in many countries and places, including the UK and Abu Dhabi. I returned to the country at the behest of the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. So far I have found 23 drugs that can be used to treat diseases such as heart disease, HIV, and diabetes. “

He further added that “no heart patient would need to undergo surgery if he was injected with a drug he had discovered.”

The heart medicine I have prepared is in the form of injection so that there is no need to place the pig heart in the human body and the heart patient does not need heart transplant surgery. No other surgery is required. “

However, when asked about the clinical trials of these discovered drugs and the approval of the relevant health institutions, Dr. Dhaniram did not say much about it.

We also made medicine for the corona

pig heart transplant to human assam - Dr Bharua

Dr. Geeta, who has worked closely with Dr. Dhaniram for a long time, said, “These drugs are manufactured after a long period of research and should involve other organizations, including the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), but it is a lengthy process. After that, we will get approval. We have written to the ICMR but we have not been given permission and they have asked us to wait. “

Also, “Dr. Dhaniram has developed an HIV drug in which the patient must be treated for 10 days. The patient is given a daily injection, after which one can lead a normal life without taking the HIV drug. The HIV test report is negative, “said Dr. Geeta, a graduate student at the Baba Atomic Research Center in Mumbai.

Dr. Dhaniram and his team mention the names of many patients at home and abroad and say that after consuming their medicines, they are leading a completely healthy life today.

Deaths from native medicine?

dhaniram baruah pig heart

However, Dr. Baruah’s claims are still being questioned as before.

Jahnabi Goswami, an HIV / AIDS activist from Assam, has blamed the death of four people in the state for taking the HIV treatment of Dr. Dhaniram Baruah.

He added, “I do not want to question Dr. Baruah’s research, but we have repeatedly told him to send your HIV medicine to the World Health Organization and get ICMR approval. But he did not do so. We have insisted on holding, “said Jahnabi Goswami.

A patient who was injected with his HIV in Nauka has died. Economically backward and poor people, especially those who die due to AIDS, do not exaggerate it. This may be due to fears that they may be marginalized in the community. “

Testing under heavy security

Dr. Dhaniram Baruah, based in Sonapur, has no identification board outside the Heart City and City of Human Genome. Situated on a cliff surrounded by four long and high walls, no one can enter this heart institution without the permission of Dr. Dhaniram.

His company raises more than 200 stray dogs. But when asked about dogs, Dr. Dhaniram smiles and says,

“I’m constantly doing research in the medical world, but we have not been given any protection from the government. Now, these dogs are protecting me.”

Source from BBC Tamil

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