Teenager raised as a boy, becomes pregnant (PMDS syndrome pregnancy)

mikey chanel pregnancy, PMDS Syndrome pregnancy


Mikey Chanel, that’s his name, No ‘her’ name.

The teenager was born and raised as a boy at Boston, Massachusetts. When he was in his mother’s womb, everyone including the doctors expected a girl, but they were left amazed, when the baby was born with a male external genitalia!

And to the surprise he is now pregnant (PMDS Syndrome Pregnancy)😱.

You may be totally confused!! I know lemme explain….


PMDS Syndrome pregnancy


Mikey has a medical condition called PMDS (Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome), which is nothing but existence of Müllerian duct in males even after birth.

Müllerian duct is the structure from which female reproductive organs originate. Usually in males they regress during fetal development,due to the presence of an Anti Müllerian Hormone (AMH), produced by the testes.

In conditions like PMDS, this AMH becomes mutated /is absent, as a result this müllerian duct fails to regress. When this happens, the individual develops female reproductive system in addition to the existing male external genitalia.

So a male with PMDS may have uterus, uterine tubes as well as ductus deferens along with male external genitalia.

This is the reason why Mikey have both parts of the gender. With functional uterus and uterine tubes (fallopian tubes), she now decided to get pregnant via assisted reproductive method. In order to maintain the pregnancy she has been taking estrogen therapy as well. She is currently 4 months pregnant and is eagerly waiting for her little one..!!🤗.


Check out Full details of PMDS here

Check out Mikey Chanel here




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4 months ago

It’s a her not a him so please respect their pronoun

4 months ago
Reply to  Jessica

We deeply apologize for the problem that have incautiously. Creeped into our feed and asks for absolvation of the particular group .
If it wounded their feelings.We intentionally do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings .
As a matter of fact ,the pronoun was used as it was considered as the gender of the person before the symptom was diagnosed.

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