Teenager raised as a boy, becomes pregnant (PMDS syndrome pregnancy)

Mikey Chanel, that’s his name, No ‘her’ name.

The teenager was born and raised as a boy at Boston, Massachusetts. When he was in his mother’s womb, everyone including the doctors expected a girl, but they were left amazed when the baby was born with male external genitalia!

And to the surprise, he is now pregnant (PMDS Syndrome Pregnancy)😱.

You may be totally confused!! I know lemme explain…

PMDS Syndrome pregnancy

Mikey has a medical condition called PMDS (Persistent Müllerian Duct Syndrome), which is nothing but the existence of Müllerian duct in males even after birth.

Müllerian duct is the structure from which female reproductive organs originate. Usually, in males, they regress during fetal development, due to the presence of an Anti Müllerian Hormone (AMH), produced by the testes.

In conditions like PMDS, this AMH becomes mutated /is absent, as a result, this müllerian duct fails to regress. When this happens, the individual develops a female reproductive system in addition to the existing male external genitalia.

So a male with PMDS may have a closed vagina, uterusuterine tubes as well as ductus deferens along with male external genitalia. But no mention of ovaries, so no. This is the reason why Mikey has both parts of the gender.

How was Mikey Chanel diagnosed with PMDS Syndrome

Mikey had a nagging suspicion that something was wrong with him. Women’s clothes and accessories have always attracted his curiosity since he was a youngster. He came out as gay at the age of 13. However, he eventually realized that he was most likely transgender and that he needed to legally alter his gender.

He just discovered the truth by accident when he was 18 years old. The young man went in for a normal medical checkup and told doctors he was feeling odd sensations after peeing and having sex. After that, he was sent for a urinary tract ultrasound. Affected doctors informed Mikey that he had a feminine pair of genitals hidden from sight.

“At first, I thought it for a joke. This is something I had no idea happened. Have you ever heard someone say, “Haha, where is your hidden camera?” Then they projected the womb onto the screen for me to see… I never had the feeling of being a male. I was a bit effeminate and didn’t go through “boyish puberty.” I just have a few strands of facial hair. Chanel adds, “And there was always a feminine body – with hips and buttocks.”

Müllerian duct syndrome, or persistent Müllerian duct syndrome, was diagnosed.

Mikey’s doctors advised her to have a hysterectomy — a surgery to remove the uterus – as soon as possible. People who have this condition are more likely to develop cancerous tumors. By eliminating the uterus, this danger is significantly minimized. At the same time, it was discovered that Mikey is infertile as a male, but his ovaries are healthy.

I was in shock for a few weeks before realizing that I couldn’t have a baby if I couldn’t handle it myself – and that I needed to do so as quickly as possible. I’ve always wanted to be a parent. I used to play with dolls a lot when I was little, and I always wanted children. So, now or never, I’m going to attempt to get pregnant, ”

With functional uterus and uterine tubes (fallopian tubes), she now decided to get pregnant (PMDS Syndrome pregnancy) via the assisted reproductive method. Chanel underwent a number of techniques, including ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), which involves injecting sperm directly into an egg.

Mikey has no vaginal entrance, therefore three fertilized eggs were inserted into his fallopian tubes through his stomach. In order to maintain the pregnancy, she has been taking estrogen therapy as well. She is currently 4 months pregnant and is eagerly waiting for her little one..!!🤗.

What happened to Mikey Chanel 2021

So, when Mickey Chanel announced his pregnancy to the public in November, he was 4 months pregnant. It means that the Artificial Insemination procedure had to be completed by July 2020. We know the average pregnancy lasts 9 months, so he may have given birth in April 2021. However, it has been 3 ½ months and no updated information regarding the Mickey Chanel pregnancy case has been released. Also, she just deleted her Instagram and YouTube accounts, so you won’t be able to view her profile using the below URL.

So there might be two reasons why the truth about Mickey Chanel’s pregnancy isn’t being revealed.

  • It’s possible that his delivery became critical, and the baby died even before it was delivered, or that
  • the baby died due to preterm birth, low birth weight, or birth abnormalities.

But there’s still a chance Mickey opted to keep his baby off the internet for the sake of the baby’s future. Who knows…

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    • We deeply apologize for the problem that have incautiously. Creeped into our feed and asks for absolvation of the particular group .
      If it wounded their feelings.We intentionally do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings .
      As a matter of fact ,the pronoun was used as it was considered as the gender of the person before the symptom was diagnosed.

  1. i find the lack of followup on this subject suspect. still male bodies dont have the hormone paths or chemical triggers that properly handle every aspect of pregnancy. having a similar problem but socially disgusted i seem to be as an existence for discussing ai.

    you could get pregnant with the right channels but giving birth or activating such paths might also be absent chemical pathways in a human male body or misdiagnosed being. this being said estrogen alone is but one chemical. many exist that trigger similar contributions. afterall didnt oxytocin progress a pregnancy to occur or force it into being. it can speed up a female system to give birth in hours. if a body exists internally and was made did the body know to signal its removal normally?

    i have many questions as this situation. i seem to have the ducts and impreganated process as well but the body seems to not process the removal or desire to contract unfortanately…. is an example of what im saying.

    its seems still pmds has the facility but, like any lab does it have the little scientists. one must thus answer how much work it would take to properly activate or repair such a facility to work if say you dont have the body that creates a certain hormone or chemical that limits what the pregnancy might truly create. maybe pmds body made (explitive).

    curiosity tends to make this a hot topic. still ive seen many people who use air to bump their stomach to look the part then dissappear the topic to make transpersons seem pregnant who are famous but arent pregnant. some chemical cists or cancers also can develop in a pmds system by trying the pregnancy process as well. it could have lead to death too since its so woven into your body. but such thoughts remain hypothetical.

    my innate talent is looking at ai creation through cellular life rather than machinery, somehting i seem to be pretty good at considering. but i did this because i had intense innate biogenetic disorders that helped me gain complete control over my own body. this made my seeming pmds in myself seemingly follow a separate path via prana like observances. but even i am unsure what is inside me. though i will strongarm the government to look it over as i go into the hospital treatment tommorow. im still a rando here not looking for coverage. my ideas however may show more of my thoughts on pmds pregnancy.

    still kicking children is felt and cooing chidren noises still emanate from my gut.

    • I don’t know much about PMDS and as you said getting pregnant is easy may be but making a environment to developing a infant inside in a PMDS teen would be a big challenge..!

      I don’t know how this case gets viral though…

      Anyways Whats your innate biogenetic disorder? What the treatment said?

  2. Red Flag: “….three fertilized eggs were inserted into his fallopian tubes…” Healthy pregnancy is a fertilized egg in the UTERUS! Fertilized egg in the fallopian tube is unhealthy and called an Ectopic Pregnancy. It is not a viable pregnancy. So according to the original article they created 3 Ectopic Pregnancies? WTF? I say this was all a fraud/hoax!


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