What is the relationship between heart rate and arousal (penile erection)?

What is the relationship between heart rate and penile erection

Heart rate and arousal the connection: Many people take a variety of pills and medications to stimulate long-term sex and sexual desire. Many of these drugs are banned. Medical experts point out that there are also drugs that are harmful to health.

Do I really need drugs to stimulate arousal and increase energy, and what are such side effects and side effects? Excerpt from an interview with obstetrician Jayarani Kamaraj, Let’s see what all she said.

What drugs are used to stimulate arousal?

They take sex pills and drugs just to have sex for a long time and to be interested. Body and mind should generally cooperate for improved sexual intercourse. Thus some drugs may cause fake effects called placebo without causing any changes in the body.

Alcohol is one of the main sources of alcohol in the world today. Sexual desire increases as the feeling of what to do and what not to do decreases while drinking alcohol. This is why many people take alcohol. But when it is too much, sexuality goes down. Energy also decreases.

The next most addictive habit is cocaine. College students in particular take drugs, including cocaine, for sexual intercourse on the weekends. This is a very bad habit.

Can aphrodisiac pills be taken without a doctor’s prescription?

If there is any defect in the body, it is best to consult a doctor and take medication accordingly. People with no disabilities also seek medication to improve their sexual performance. But it is also good to follow the doctor’s advice.

According to statistics, penile erection is a disorder that affects 38 percent of the world’s population. 41% of women have sexual problems. When they come to the doctors for these disorders they will give them medicines for their physical disability and counseling to solve the problems in the psyche. So the solution to the problem is available exclusively. Otherwise, it is wrong to take the same drugs as others.

What are the side effects of taking pills without a doctor’s prescription?

Some approved pills can be purchased in stores without a doctor’s prescription. Viagra for example. It is a well-known fact that this drug enhances sexual performance.

Many people buy and consume a variety of products relying on unauthorized doctors and advertisements. And many buy and use drugs directly in stores. These two often do not cause large-scale side effects. The reason is that they do not cause any change in the body.

How much awareness do people now have of sexual desire and sexual ability?

Ignorance is the cause of sexual dysfunction. At one time it was wrong to masturbate, so the idea that masculinity would be snatched away came from. Now people are aware of it.

Many people think that once they reach the age of 40, there is nothing left to do when the tension subsides. There really is a connection between stiffness and heart. This is a sign of a heart problem. The blood vessel leading to the penis and the blood vessel leading to the heart are directly connected. So if there is a problem in the heart it will be known in the penis. There is more awareness about this nowadays than ever before.

heart rate and arousal

What are the medications prescribed by doctors to improve sexual performance?

Mostly Viagra for men. There are four stages. Health is checked at each stage and medication is prescribed accordingly. Some training methods and medications are recommended for premature ejaculation.

So these are the things you need to know in heart rate and arousal. Hope you follow your doctor’s advice.

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