How did Lorraine Kelly loss her weight? Her Diet plan Revealed

Lorraine Kelly weight loss diet

Lorraine Kelly is a well-known television artist in the UK. She has already given an open statement about her weight gain. Also, she revealed some insight now into how she controls her chocolate cravings to prevent putting on extra weight. Let’s see how Lorraine Kelly loss weight and her weight loss diet plan.


How did Lorraine Kelly lose her weight?

Lorraine Kelly CBE is a British tv host and journalist born on November 30, 1959, in Glasgow’s Gorbals neighborhood. When the energetic anchor, who is 62, discloses her age on social media, she frequently amazes her followers. She is well-known for hosting the GMTV television program, Lorraine. In January 1993, Kelly assisted in launching GMTV. She presented several shows, including the primary morning show with Eamonn Holmes.

Scottish television host Lorraine Kelly is famous for her unique accent and continuously chirpy and joyful attitude. She was one of the early presenters of GMTV (1993) and then went on to present its magazine part during the final forty minutes of the broadcast, known as LK Today.

She currently hosts the early morning talk show Lorraine (2001). In the past, Lorraine worked as a reporter and primary presenter for TVam’s Good Morning Britain (1983), one of the country’s first-morning news shows. Her subsequent casting as a studio presenter for the Eurovision Song Contest was flawless (2004).

In the 2012 Queen’s New Year’s Honours List, she got the OBE (Officer of the Order of the British Empire) for her contributions to charity and the armed forces. At the 2014 British Academy Scotland Awards, she was awarded for Outstanding Contribution to Television.

During the coronavirus lockdown, Lorraine Kelly revealed she went from a size 10 to a size 14 and lost a stone in just 1.5 months. During the peak of the pandemic situation, the 62-year-old TV host Lorraine gained weight as a result of her comfort eating. She celebrated the achievement by posting a photo of herself clutching a congratulations card from Weight Watchers on her Instagram post. Suzy Stirling, a Celebrity Ambassador Coach, joined Lorraine in the selfie and posted pictures of it to her page.

“I feel fantastic! healthy and happier lost over STONE and gaining confidence!” It was captioned by Lorraine. Fans praised Lorraine in the comments section after noticing how much weight she lost.

“Well done, Lorraine. You’re an inspiration. One person remarked, “You can see it! Seriously, Lorraine, you look fantastic xx.”


Lorraine Kelly diet plan

She previously shared details of her weight gain and efforts to lose it. “During the epidemic, I started comfort eating and that was my downfall, comfort eating and being unable to attend my fitness courses. When the lessons ended, I immediately began overeating foods I would normally never consider. 

For example, I yearned for muffins, croissants, and doughnuts.

You know that all these foodstuffs don’t improve your mood at the moment you believe they will.

I have gradually increased from a size 10 to a size 14 over the past few years. When I tried on one of my favorite red gowns and found that I could no longer fit into it, then realized I had put on weight. 

She said that regular exercising, portion control, and avoiding snacking were crucial, along with healthy meals.

“If we have proper great food, we all far more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan, and if exercising is enjoyable, we are less likely to quit.

Lorraine Kelly revealed on her Instagram story that she has lost about 11 pounds with the help of the WW Diet Plan. (weight watchers) to live a healthier life.

healthy breakfast and light lunch are the first meals of Lorraine’s regimen. Lorraine always has a nutritious breakfast like porridge, seasonal fruits, and vegetable soups for her lunch. And light foods for her dinner every day. On the weekend, she used to have a more sumptuous breakfast. she explained that her husband prepares delicious food on Sundays. She described it Good Living as “a tower of a potato scone with bacon and black pudding and a poached egg on top.” According to Lorraine “I’ve discovered the hard way that ridiculous diets will ultimately result in weight gain.

A few tips shared by Lorraine Kelly include making a few dietary and lifestyle changes, as well as 10,000 daily steps, which she achieves by walking her adored dog, Angus.

“Although I tend to eat responsibly throughout the workweek, I can promise that I do not survive entirely on celery sticks. Additionally, Lorraine often attends fitness classes that aid in her maintaining a healthy weight.

“Going to stay fit is fantastic. “However, I feel better mentally as well,” she added.


Reaction to Lorraine Kelly’s weight loss

Health Reviews tweeted,

Lorraine Kelly weight loss: TV icon on how she dropped 2 dress sizes without a ‘daft diet’ LORRAINE KELLY is a Scottish TV presenter best-known for hosting her own daily morning show, Lorraine. Fans of the program will have noticed Lorraine has lost.

Kelly Fans commented,

saying she looked “incredible” as her weight loss journey continues.

Sarah tweeted,

Looks fabulous and just goes to show it’s how you wear it/style it that counts NOT how much it cost !!


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