Vancouver Recording Engineer Olivia Quan dies at 25

How did Olivia Quan die? Vancouver Engineer Cause of death Explained

Recording engineer Olivia Quan, who worked with City and Colour, Hey Ocean!, and others, has passed away. She was 25.


What happened to Olivia Quan?

Quan passed away on July 1st, earlier this month. Monarch Studios, where she has been employed since 2016, broke the news on their Instagram page. The business stated in a memorial post that “this young woman’s potential and the accomplishments she had already made at the age of only 25 are simply extraordinary.” Attending the Juno Awards this year with three projects nominated is only a little taste of Olivia’s huge achievements to come.

It is with great sadness that we share our dear friend and engineer Olivia Quan has passed away.

Olivia was a huge part of our family at Monarch and the loss of her immense talent, energy, and generosity will be felt by the enormous community of people that had the opportunity to collaborate and learn with her.

The potential of this young woman and the accomplishments she had already achieved at the age of only 25 is truly remarkable. Attending the Juno awards this year with 3 projects nominated gives only a small hint of the great success that was in Olivia’s future.

We thank you for your support during this impossibly difficult time and ask that you take a moment to remember Olivia, and if you like, share a memory you have of her.

An event to honor and celebrate Olivia is being planned, and more details will be shared when they are available.

May her soul rest peacefully and her spirit live on in all of our hearts.

Olivia Sonia Quan – Dec 22, 1996 – July 1, 2022


How did Olivia Quan die?

There are no further details on how and where did Olivia Quan die.


Olivia Quan Cause of death

The cause of death has not been revealed. The Monarch post states that memorial event is being organized. As soon as we receive further details and have obtained the necessary consent from the family to disclose the cause of death, we will update this page.


Olivia Quan Career

On her website, Olivia Quan provides a list of her chosen discography, which includes credits for her work as an engineer, producer, and mixer. She has committed her career to merging analog and digital platforms to create music. She began her career in audio as an intern at Monarch Studios, where she also fell in love with the recording process. The rest is history. She contributed to the records of artists such as City and Colour, Leisure Club, David Ward, Hey Ocean!, Desirée Dawson, Mathew V, Amanda Sum, Luca Fogale, Sam Lynch, and others.


Tributes to Olivia Quan

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Said the Whale, who had collaborated with Quan on multiple occasions, described her passing as a “devastating loss from the Vancouver music community” in an Instagram story.

Kitt music official said She touched so much of my music and videos – such a talented and gorgeous human being. And always the best boots 💕. All my love to your family and friends, Olivia. You are so, so missed.

Michaela Slinger said I’m absolutely devastated. Olivia was one of my very first friends in the industry when I had no clue about anything. She had me over to her place at Monarch to talk shop and was such a consistent supporter for me. I thought she was the absolute coolest and inspired me to no end being my age and crafting a life in music for herself. The projects she’s worked on speak volumes about her talent and craft—some of the country’s best and brightest. Sending so much love to her family, Monarch’s family, and everyone in our music community trying to process this unfillable loss. Xo

Kimmortal said, I last saw Olivia in passing outside monarch studios when I was recording there last summer.

I’ve always noted her because many of my good friends have created masterpieces with her and she was one of this city’s few women of color holding space in the booth.

Though I’ve never worked closely alongside Olivia, I know that artist-engineer/producer relationship. I know that it takes someone special to feel and hear your song with you before it even exists and then to support its birth out into the world. I could see people trusted Olivia because she dedicated herself to the art of making a record, pulling songs out of artists with a mix of adamant belief, curiosity, and skill.

I am thinking of that grieving rn. Pray for her spirit as she transitions. She exists in the immortal tracks she brought to life and in the hearts of those who knew her.

Jill Barber said I took that photo of Olivia looking so sparkly and gorgeous on the Juno red carpet. She was so cool, talented, and full of promise and it was a pleasure to see her enjoying herself at this industry event where she had really earned her place. Terrible, tragic loss for her family, friends, and the music community.



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4 thoughts on “Vancouver Recording Engineer Olivia Quan dies at 25”

  1. Posting unfounded “rumours” for how this young lovely gifted human died when there is literally nothing out there to corroborate is so insensitive and heartless. Why would you do that?

    • Olivia died of a stroke, as confirmed within a week of her death. Monarch stated that all their staff had received two doses of the COVID-19 shots as of December 7, 2021, meaning she was at least “double-jabbed.”

      25 year olds do not die of strokes. It is insulting for Monarch to describe her passing as being of “natural causes.”


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