5 things a Medical student should know

5 things a medical student should know


As it is rightly said, getting into MBBS is harder but getting through MBBS is the hardest. After so many struggles between day and night, ranks and scores, predictions and expectations, you are finally into a med school. As anticipated life in med school is not smooth but full of challenges, the one who overcomes it the best comes out with flying colors – in fact, a good doctor is not just the one with bookish knowledge but with empirical visions. So here are 5 tips a Medical student should know which may help you get better on your journey.


1. Know your study style


Know your study style


A perfect knowledge base is the strength of every doctor, for which organised study strategy is required. Each person varies in their own aspect so is their study style. Know what’s best for you- be it visual, auditory, kinesthetic or something new, simple trial and error method would tell you what puts you to the best. Never seek someone’s advice for a style, because here you are the only one who can help you out.


2. Discipline is your best friend


Discipline is your best friend


Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want the most, so have wise choices which keeps you growing.

It includes getting adequate sleep, having healthy diet, appropriate study and ofcourse spending quality time for yourself. It is the mantra to a happy and successful life. Discipline is a muscle requiring regular exercise, so keep oriented.


3. Prioritise your free time


Prioritis your free time


Have an idea of what you have to do for a day and set up your goals likely. First and foremost, never be nomophobic and never rely on smartphones for relief – it may keep you entertained but never happy! So do things that keeps you satisfied, try finding your passion and work for it. It can definitely bring smile to your face and colours to your life.


4. Make time for yourself


Make time for yourself


You can never find time for you in a medical college amidst your busy schedule, but make it happen. Go out for a walk, chill out with friends, dance your body out or go see a sunrise. These small things can make Huge differences in your small life. Stay away from everything that distracts you.


5. Efficiency




It is the smart work that matters rather than the hardwork. Efficiency is the intelligent laziness. Get hold of your time and spend it wherever needed. With efficient work you can even make time pause. Find your strengths and weaknesses, and work on your weakness you’ll get stronger and eventually the strongest.

So, med school is not a place to spend 4.5 years of your golden period mugging up books, but a place to live your life because college life makes up the best part of our lives. So make use of this 5 things a Medical student should know, learn live and grow. All the best!!!

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